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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1293 playlist up with 54457 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2022-02-07GristleMaking It All Go AwayCold Blue SkyMetal Blade
2. 2022-01-24Power TripAcidArmageddon Blues
3. 2021-09-27Power TripThe Evil BeatArmageddon Blues
4. 2021-09-13Knocked LooseGuided by the MoonA Different Shade of Blue
5. 2021-08-30Knocked LooseForget Your Name (feat. Keith Buckley)A Different Shade of Blue
6. 2021-06-14EntombedVenomWolverine Blues
7. 2021-06-14Knocked LooseForget Your Name (feat. Keith Buckley)A Different Shade of Blue
8. 2021-01-11EntombedDemonWolverine Blues
9. 2020-09-07X JapanWeek EndBlue Blood
10. 2020-07-27EnchantOasis[1995] - A Blueprint Of The World
11. 2020-05-04ExtolIn ReversalBlueprintCentury Media Records
12. 2020-01-06Knocked LooseA Serpent's Touch (feat. Emma Boster)A Different Shade of Blue
13. 2020-01-06Avant GardeI Must Be DreamingThe Blue Demo
14. 2019-11-18Knocked LooseForget Your Name (feat. Keith Buckley)A Different Shade of Blue
15. 2019-04-22Hope Conspiracy, TheTruth and PurposeCold BlueEqual Vision
16. 2018-06-25DeceasedMorbid Shape in BlackBlueprints for MadnessRelapse Records
17. 2018-01-15Hope Conspiracy, TheBled Across the WireCold BlueEqual Vision
18. 2017-09-25ProstitutionThe BoatEgyptian BlueSelf-Released
19. 2017-05-29EntombedFull Of HellWolverine Bluesearache
20. 2016-09-05KyussGreen MachineBlues for the Red SunDali
21. 2016-07-11Power TripThe Evil BeatArmageddon Blues
22. 2016-07-11ScissorfightRiot On The Village GreenAmerican Cloven Hoof Blues
23. 2016-04-11Crisix05 Psycho Crisix WorldFrom Blue to BlackListenable Records
24. 2015-08-03Oceans Of SlumberThe Wanderer (Emperor)Bluecenturymedia
25. 2015-01-26SireniaA Blizzard Is StormingPerils Of The Deep Bluenuclearblast
26. 2014-12-15ScissorfightNew Hampshire's Alright If You Like To FightAmerican Cloven Hoof Bluestortuga
27. 2014-05-19EnchantAt Death's DoorA Blueprint Of The World
28. 2014-03-17PowertripArmageddon BluesArmageddon Blues
29. 2014-02-03MessengerThe Perpetual Glow Of A Setting SunIllusory Bluessvart
30. 2013-11-25AnacondasThe WitchesSub Contra Bluesprosthetic
31. 2013-04-08PursonSailor's Wife's LamentThe Circle And The Blue Doormetalblade
32. 2012-12-17Black MassThe Long WalkBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
33. 2012-09-10Reason To FightRevoltBlue Collar Prideamerican_pride
34. 2012-09-03BaronessA Horse Called GolGothaBlue Recordrelapse
35. 2012-07-23PowertripAcidArmageddon Blues
36. 2012-07-23DeceasedMind Vampiresthe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
37. 2012-04-30GraveyardNo Good, Mr. HoldenHisingen Blues
38. 2012-01-23Reason To FightBlue Collar PrideBlue Collar Prideamerican_pride
39. 2012-01-09PowertripArmageddon BluesArmageddon Blues
40. 2011-10-03PowertripArmageddon BluesArmageddon Blues
41. 2011-10-03Lewd ActsNowhere To GoBlack Eye Bluesdeathwishinc
42. 2011-09-12Kyuss50 Million Year tripBlues For The Red Sundali
43. 2011-02-07BaronessA Horse Called GolGothaBlue Recordrelapse
44. 2010-11-15DeceasedThe Creek Of The Deadthe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
45. 2010-09-13DeceasedThe Creek Of The Deadthe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
46. 2010-04-12DeceasedMind Vampiresthe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
47. 2010-01-11ExtolThe Things I FoundThe Blueprint Divescenturymedia
48. 2009-12-28BaronessA Horse Called GolGothaBlue Recordrelapse
49. 2009-11-23Lewd ActsWide Black EyesBlack Eye Bluesdeathwishinc
50. 2009-11-23BaronessThe Sweetest CurseBlue Recordrelapse
51. 2009-11-09BaronessA Horse Called GolGothaBlue Recordrelapse
52. 2009-10-26BaronessSwollen and HaloBlue Recordrelapse
53. 2009-10-19BaronessA Horse Called GolGothaBlue Recordrelapse
54. 2009-10-12Alice In ChainsCheck My BrainBlack Gives Way To Bluevirgin
55. 2009-09-14Lewd ActsNightcrawlersBlack Eye Bluesdeathwishinc
56. 2009-08-03Embryonic CryptopathiaGangrene BizarreSplit 7"EC/Blue Holocaustself-released
57. 2009-07-06Black MassPeople Die EverydayBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
58. 2009-06-22Black MassPeople Die EverydayBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
59. 2009-06-08Violent PlaygroundPoverty SucksThrashin Bluesbig_chief
60. 2009-05-04the Hope ConspiracyBled Across the WireCold Blueevr
61. 2009-03-09Black MassPeople Die EverydayBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
62. 2009-03-02Black MassThe Long WalkBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
63. 2009-02-23Black MassAt Peace With WarBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
64. 2009-02-09Black MassPeople Die EverydayBlueprints to Extinctionno_god
65. 2009-01-05Sheer TerrorWallsOld, New, Borrowed, + Blueblackout
66. 2008-12-22the Hope ConspiracyBled Across the WireCold Blueevr
67. 2008-11-17Embryonic Cryptopathia#3Split 7"EC/Blue Holocaustself-released
68. 2008-09-15PsychomanthiumTree of WoeBlueprint for Murderno_joke
69. 2008-09-08Psychomanthium40 daysBlueprint for Murderno_joke
70. 2008-02-18DeceasedInto the Bizarrethe Blueprints for Madnessrelapse
71. 2008-01-21the Destiny ProgramWelcome OverboardSubversive Blueprint: the 12-Point Program to Self Revolutionnuclearblast
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