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this is the collection of all the playlists that I've typed in.
the first show was on September 2 1996.
It will take a while to get there
So far, there are 1225 playlist up with 52090 songs played going back to 0000-00-00


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1. 2021-09-06ScourFlamesBlack
2. 2021-03-22ScourFlamesBlack
3. 2020-03-09MardukPerish in FlamesPlague AngelRegain Records
4. 2019-05-27Aeon WindsThe Path of Devouring FlamesPoslední vlci
5. 2019-03-04IntegrityBeneath Black Flames VVe Ride (2015)Integrity/Power Trip
6. 2019-03-04NephasthFlames TriumphImmortal Unholy TriumphWorld War III (American Music Corp)
7. 2019-02-11BEWITCHERSide A - Too Fast For The FlamesToo Fast for the Flames 7" EPShadow Kingdom Records
8. 2018-12-31Dark AngelPerish In FlamesDarkness Descendscombat
9. 2018-10-29ZEALOT CULTRepent In FlamesSpiritual SicknessBlood Harvest Records
10. 2018-10-22Godless RisingThrough the Flames of RageTrumpet of TriumphMoribund Records
11. 2018-09-17Chthonic03-Flames upon the WeepingBattlefields of AsuraSpinefarm Records
12. 2018-08-20IntegrityFlames of the ImmortalSplit - Integrity & KriegRelapse Records
13. 2017-09-04Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking the Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
14. 2017-08-28Earth CrisisFirestorm / Forged In The FlamesFirestorm
15. 2017-02-20BewitchedBorn Of FlamesDiabolical Desecration [Expanded]
16. 2016-12-26Earth CrisisFirestorm / Forged In The FlamesFirestormvictory
17. 2016-10-24RuinousFrom_Flames_of_Malice_BornGraves of Ceaseless DeathDark Descent Records
18. 2016-09-12INQUISITION06 The Flames of Infinite Blackness Before CreationBloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial ZenithSeason Of Mist
19. 2016-09-05Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking the Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
20. 2016-04-25Unhuman DiseaseHoly Flames of PerditionDe Templi Autem Veteris SerpentisMoribund Records
21. 2016-04-18SacrificeFlames Of ArmageddonForward to Terminationmetalblade
22. 2015-12-27CARACH ANGREN08 The Witch Perished in FlamesThis is No Fairy TaleSeason of Mist
23. 2015-09-07Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking The Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
24. 2014-09-22Gloomy GrimSeptember - Invoking The Flames (Burn, Burn, Burn)Under the Spell of the Unlightanticulture
25. 2014-04-14ImpietyIron Flames of hateSkullfucking Armageddondrakkar
26. 2013-11-11Dark AngelParish In Flames/Darkness DescendsVarious Artist - Ultimate Revege 2combat
27. 2013-09-30Rye CoalitionBaby Puts Out Old FlamesRye Coalition/Karp splittoubleman_unlimited
28. 2013-09-23The Atlas CollapseUnite The World Through FlamesEpself-released
29. 2013-08-12DeicideStanding in the FlamesInsineratehymnroadrunner
30. 2012-12-24Aura NoirFed To The FlamesOut To Die
31. 2012-12-17SacrificeFlames Of ArmageddonForward to Terminationmetalblade
32. 2012-12-03The Atlas CollapseUnite The World Through FlamesEpself-released
33. 2012-11-12Upon Crimson WingsFlames Of Eternityself-titledself-released
34. 2012-10-22CreptusFlames Of DesecrationThe Vile VortexPain Gore Death Productions
35. 2012-07-23Rye CoalitionBaby Puts Out FlamesRye Coalition/Karp splittoubleman_unlimited
36. 2011-06-20Skeleton WitchBaptized In FlamesBeyond the Permafrostprosthetic
37. 2011-05-16AbarothInvocation of the Ethereal FlamesSplit - Abaroth/Khandself-released
38. 2011-05-02AbarothInvocation of the Ethereal FlamesSplit - Abaroth/Khandself-released
39. 2011-04-11Darkest HourThe World Engulfed In FlamesThe Human Romancee1_music
40. 2010-06-21SacrificeFlames Of ArmageddonForward to Terminationmetalblade
41. 2010-06-07Godless RisingThrough The Flames Of RageTrumpet Of Triumphmoribund
42. 2009-09-28OdenwrathDeath In Flamesthe RavencultRavenpath
43. 2008-06-16Smouldering In ForgottenLegions Into Black FlamesLegions Into Black Flamesold_cemetery
44. 2007-12-03Skeleton WitchBaptized in FlamesBeyond the Permafrostprosthetic
45. 2007-10-01Skeleton WitchBaptized in FlamesBeyond the Permafrostprosthetic
46. 2007-01-01severe torturerest in flames
47. 2006-08-28Dragonforcethrough the fire and flames
48. 2006-06-05impietyiconflames of hate
49. 2006-05-15deicidestanding in the flamesInsineratehymnroadrunner
50. 2006-05-01Dragonforcethrough the fire and the flames
51. 2006-04-24Pyogenesisthrough the flames
52. 2006-02-13Old Man\'s Childthe flames of deciet
53. 2005-10-24weltmachtin freezing flames
54. 2005-10-17Old Man\'s Childthe flames of deceit
55. 2005-10-17vaderreborn in flames
56. 2005-03-14Mardukperish in flames
57. 2005-03-07Mardukperish in flames
58. 2004-12-27burialdisfigured in flames
59. 2004-10-18Crowpathlike flies to flamesRed On Chromewillowtip
60. 2003-08-19ImpietyIconflames of Hate
61. 2003-08-19sorcerythe throne of the bastard christ cast into the flames
62. 2003-07-15PyogenesisThrough the Flames
63. 2003-05-20GraveBehld the Flames
64. 2002-10-08ImpietyIconflames of Hate
65. 2002-09-03Severe Torturerest in Flames
66. 2002-07-17VomitoryRedeemed in Flames
67. 2002-06-25VomitoryRedeemed in Flames
68. 2002-05-21VomitoryRedeemd in Flames
69. 2002-05-14VomitoryRedeemed in flames
70. 2002-01-01NephasthFlames Triumph
71. 2001-11-20NephasthFlames Triumph
72. 2000-08-14DeicideStanding in the FlamesInsineratehymnroadrunner
73. 2000-07-03BurialDisfigured in Flames
74. 2000-03-27ImpietyIron Flames of hate
75. 1999-09-06Dark AngelPerish in Flames/ Darkness Descends
76. 1999-05-31PyogenesisThrough the Flames
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