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Subject: new Aiden cd streaming
Posted by: by on Aug 16,2007 8:37pm

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Dec 4, 2006 - Taste of Chaos 2007 dates and bands [ replies-discuss]
Dec 19, 2004 - Metalupdate news 12/18/04 [ replies-discuss]
Dec 16, 2004 - Victory Records signs aiden and The Audition [ replies-discuss]
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July 2003red means cancelled
21 MonIRON FUCKING MAIDEN, Dio, motorhead. go or you will die. Worcester Centrum Centre +
22 TueIron Maiden, Motorhead, Ronnie James Dio Meadows Music Centre - (Hartford, CT) +
November 2003red means cancelled
April 2005red means cancelled
May 2005red means cancelled
July 2005red means cancelled
August 2005red means cancelled
September 2005red means cancelled
February 2006red means cancelled
19 SunAiden Ontario +
March 2006red means cancelled
19 SunAiden Ontario +
October 2006red means cancelled
November 2006red means cancelled
July 2007red means cancelled
14 SatSanctuary - Iron Maiden Tribute @ The_Underscore The Underscore - 1733 1st Ave (Bet 89th & 90th) +
February 2008red means cancelled
March 2008red means cancelled
May 2008red means cancelled
16 Fribeast over boston IRON MAIDEN TRIBUTE, in harms way, from the shadows-$7-18+ [comments:1] Goodtimes Emporium (Somerville, MA)
21 Wediron maiden [link] Verizon Wireless (San Antonio, TX) +
22 Thuiron maiden [link] Woodlands (Houston, TX) +
25 SunIron Maiden Journal Pavilion (Albuquerque, NM) +
26 MonIron Maiden Cricket Pavilion (Phoenix, AZ) +
28 WedIron Maiden Concord (Concord, CA) +
30 FriIron Maiden Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, CA) +
31 SatIron Maiden Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Los Angeles, CA) +
June 2008red means cancelled
02 MonIron Maiden White River Amphitheatre (Seattle, WA) +
03 Tueiron maiden [link] General Motors Place (Vancouver, BC) +
05 Thuiron maiden [link] Pengrowth Saddledome (Calgary, AB) +
06 Friiron maiden [link] Brandt Center (Regina, SK) +
08 Suniron maiden [link] MTS Centre (Winnipeg, MB) +
09 Moniron maiden [link] Xcel Energy Center (Saint Paul, MN) +
11 Wediron maiden [link] Allstate Arena (Rosemont, IL) +
12 Thuiron maiden [link] Blossom Music Center (Cleveland, OH) +
14 Satiron maiden [link] DTE Energy Music Theatre (Clarkston, MI) +
15 Suniron maiden [link] Wachovia Center (Philadelphia, PA) +
17 TueCANCELLED: iron maiden [link] TD Banknorth Garden (Boston, MA) +
18 Wediron maiden [link] Colisée Pepsi (Quebec City, QC) +
20 Friiron maiden [link] Bell Centre (Montreal, QC) +
 iron maiden [link] Tweeter Center/Great Woods (Mansfield, MA) +
July 2008red means cancelled
August 2009red means cancelled
November 2009red means cancelled
December 2009red means cancelled
January 2010red means cancelled
February 2010red means cancelled
March 2010red means cancelled
April 2010red means cancelled
May 2010red means cancelled
July 2010red means cancelled
October 2010red means cancelled
November 2010red means cancelled
February 2011red means cancelled
March 2011red means cancelled
25 FriChin Strap, Supernaut (The Black Sabbath Experience), Run to the Hills (Official Iron Maiden Tribute)-0-21+ Limelight Lounge (above The Tap) !03 washington st , Haverhill, MA +
April 2011red means cancelled
May 2011red means cancelled
October 2011red means cancelled
March 2012red means cancelled
June 2012red means cancelled
July 2012red means cancelled
October 2012red means cancelled
March 2013red means cancelled
May 2013red means cancelled
10 FriMaiden New England, Whiskey Kill, Chin Strap-$7-21+ 738 mass ave, Cantab Lounge +
August 2013red means cancelled
November 2013red means cancelled
December 2013red means cancelled
31 TueMaiden New England-Free-21+ Mission Cantina 1039 Beacon Street +
January 2014red means cancelled
May 2014red means cancelled
October 2014red means cancelled
November 2014red means cancelled
January 2015red means cancelled
July 2015red means cancelled
May 2016red means cancelled
January 2017red means cancelled
October 2017red means cancelled
March 2018red means cancelled
July 2018red means cancelled
January 2019red means cancelled
12 SatSwarm of Eyes, Maiden New England, Shadows Bleed Red, and The Negans Bonefish Harry's Lynn 45 Lewis Street, Lynn, Massachusetts 01902 +
April 2019red means cancelled
January 2020red means cancelled
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Picture Comments:
:May 15,2007 12:47pm - post by Jen
Aiden fucking rocks!!
:Nov 12,2006 7:23pm - post by Kacey
OMFG i cant wait until december 10 when aiden rock brisbane for an amazing show!! Damn aiden are amazing and everyone should worship them.
:Jul 26,2006 9:18pm - post by anonymous
aiden is amazing
check out that's with 9 aiden's its a pretty cool site
:May 28,2006 12:51am - post by blah.
aiden rocks.
thats all you noobs need to know.
:May 25,2006 3:38pm - post by Marlen+<3's+Aiden
Hey is it true ur goin 2 b on warped tour in the Nassau Colloseum NY???? if u r then iam FUCKIN goin mayb i'll get 2 c u guyz and hopefully i get 2 talk 2 u again!! take care guyz <3<3<3<3<3
:Apr 26,2006 9:32pm - post by rae
can't wait to see you guys at the warped tour in Washinton!
:Apr 24,2006 9:30am - post by age+eleven
Hey, Iset my friends on fire too
:Mar 26,2006 6:38pm - post by Megan+R.
Aiden rocks. I love you guys. Jake W. I gave your brother a $25.00 tip at the show. It was March 25th, 2006 at Saratoga Winners!!!
:Mar 26,2006 6:37pm - post by AidenRocks
Aiden rocks. I love you guys. Jake W. I gave your brother a $25.00 tip at the show. It was March 25th, 2006 at Saratoga Winners!!!
:Mar 16,2006 11:48am - post by lynn
aiden is the best band i just can't wait to see you guys live at the avalon you guys rock
:Mar 10,2006 5:28pm - post by MARLEN+LUVz+AIDEN+
HEY guyz!!! i freakin miss u so much... i remembe that great rock concert u did here in NY wit hawthorne height, silverstein, and Bayside, u guys were the best especially cuz u let me take piz wit u and signed my when r u coming bac 2 NY or better in NJ....??? BYE LUV U GUYZ SOOO FREAKIN MUCH
:Mar 7,2006 9:33am - post by mainer+gone+board
ur pics rok my sox
:Mar 7,2006 8:25am - post by Hello+world
sry jk Aiden is the best band that will ever live to see the dark
:Mar 7,2006 8:24am - post by hello+world
ur ubsest
:Feb 24,2006 4:17am - post by jessie+lvoes+joe+and+aiden
omg aiden is the best band in the world ive introduced it 2 all mi friends and they hav fallen inlove with it they betta cum 2 austarlia or ill die they r literally the best bad eve
:Feb 12,2006 8:41pm - post by fiona
i love aiden they are awesome and they need to come to australia mainly adelaide
:Feb 10,2006 4:58am - post by holly
aiden rock hard!!!!
:Feb 1,2006 9:03pm - post by cosshatchedortrait
does the band aiden actually see this
:Feb 1,2006 8:51pm - post by cosshatchedortrait
i love yall yall are amzing to bad yall cant come to louisiana like a sorta like katrina help out thing lol
:Jan 26,2006 12:39pm - post by juls4lifeox
i love your band
:Jan 19,2006 9:10am - post by Gem4Gerard
cool pics luv aiden best punk band in da world part from MCR
:Jan 10,2006 10:55pm - post by drummer
i luv aiden. hooever doesn't sucks balls.
:Jan 10,2006 10:53pm - post by awesome101
These pictures r awesome!hooever took them iz a pro.
:Dec 18,2005 2:44pm - post by gemma
really good pics!!!
:Dec 17,2005 5:21pm - post by FaLlout016boy
yo!!!!!!yo guys are really god!!!!!!!!your one of my favorite bands!!!!!!love u guys!!!!!

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September 29,2005 the Living Room (Providence, RI)
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