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Subject: The Living Room in Providence - Closed?
Posted by: by on Oct 21,2008 12:00pm
I know Degenerate Booking's Skarhead show there got cancelled last minute and now I'm hearing all over that it's been closed. Foreclosed on? Confirm/deny?

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From 95 North/South:

Take Exit 22 (In Rhode Island), marked "Downtown/Hartford".
Head toward Hartford, Routes 6 & 10. You will go around a curve.
Follow the curve to the sign marked "Pleasant Valley Parkway".
This will take you off the highway.
From there you will see Dunkin Donuts up on your left, and Burger King on your right.
Go through two sets of lights.
Take a left at Dunkin Donuts.
The Living Room is located directly behind Dunkin Donuts.

Parking is available anywhere except in the Dunkin Donuts lot; they will ticket and/or tow your car.

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