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Subject: new Aiden cd streaming
Posted by: by on Aug 16,2007 8:37pm

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Dec 4, 2006 - Taste of Chaos 2007 dates and bands [ replies-discuss]
Dec 19, 2004 - Metalupdate news 12/18/04 [ replies-discuss]
Dec 16, 2004 - Victory Records signs aiden and The Audition [ replies-discuss]
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Picture Comments:
:May 15,2007 12:47pm - post by Jen
Aiden fucking rocks!!
:Nov 12,2006 7:23pm - post by Kacey
OMFG i cant wait until december 10 when aiden rock brisbane for an amazing show!! Damn aiden are amazing and everyone should worship them.
:Jul 26,2006 9:18pm - post by anonymous
aiden is amazing
check out that's with 9 aiden's its a pretty cool site
:May 28,2006 12:51am - post by blah.
aiden rocks.
thats all you noobs need to know.
:May 25,2006 3:38pm - post by Marlen+<3's+Aiden
Hey is it true ur goin 2 b on warped tour in the Nassau Colloseum NY???? if u r then iam FUCKIN goin mayb i'll get 2 c u guyz and hopefully i get 2 talk 2 u again!! take care guyz <3<3<3<3<3
:Apr 26,2006 9:32pm - post by rae
can't wait to see you guys at the warped tour in Washinton!
:Apr 24,2006 9:30am - post by age+eleven
Hey, Iset my friends on fire too
:Mar 26,2006 6:38pm - post by Megan+R.
Aiden rocks. I love you guys. Jake W. I gave your brother a $25.00 tip at the show. It was March 25th, 2006 at Saratoga Winners!!!
:Mar 26,2006 6:37pm - post by AidenRocks
Aiden rocks. I love you guys. Jake W. I gave your brother a $25.00 tip at the show. It was March 25th, 2006 at Saratoga Winners!!!
:Mar 16,2006 11:48am - post by lynn
aiden is the best band i just can't wait to see you guys live at the avalon you guys rock
:Mar 10,2006 5:28pm - post by MARLEN+LUVz+AIDEN+
HEY guyz!!! i freakin miss u so much... i remembe that great rock concert u did here in NY wit hawthorne height, silverstein, and Bayside, u guys were the best especially cuz u let me take piz wit u and signed my when r u coming bac 2 NY or better in NJ....??? BYE LUV U GUYZ SOOO FREAKIN MUCH
:Mar 7,2006 9:33am - post by mainer+gone+board
ur pics rok my sox
:Mar 7,2006 8:25am - post by Hello+world
sry jk Aiden is the best band that will ever live to see the dark
:Mar 7,2006 8:24am - post by hello+world
ur ubsest
:Feb 24,2006 4:17am - post by jessie+lvoes+joe+and+aiden
omg aiden is the best band in the world ive introduced it 2 all mi friends and they hav fallen inlove with it they betta cum 2 austarlia or ill die they r literally the best bad eve
:Feb 12,2006 8:41pm - post by fiona
i love aiden they are awesome and they need to come to australia mainly adelaide
:Feb 10,2006 4:58am - post by holly
aiden rock hard!!!!
:Feb 1,2006 9:03pm - post by cosshatchedortrait
does the band aiden actually see this
:Feb 1,2006 8:51pm - post by cosshatchedortrait
i love yall yall are amzing to bad yall cant come to louisiana like a sorta like katrina help out thing lol
:Jan 26,2006 12:39pm - post by juls4lifeox
i love your band
:Jan 19,2006 9:10am - post by Gem4Gerard
cool pics luv aiden best punk band in da world part from MCR
:Jan 10,2006 10:55pm - post by drummer
i luv aiden. hooever doesn't sucks balls.
:Jan 10,2006 10:53pm - post by awesome101
These pictures r awesome!hooever took them iz a pro.
:Dec 18,2005 2:44pm - post by gemma
really good pics!!!
:Dec 17,2005 5:21pm - post by FaLlout016boy
yo!!!!!!yo guys are really god!!!!!!!!your one of my favorite bands!!!!!!love u guys!!!!!

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September 29,2005 the Living Room (Providence, RI)
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