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Mon, 01 Sep 2003
Directions to AS220
No matter how much you read, you won't understand AS220 until you've stepped inside the door.

Directions to 115 Empire Street

From the North
RT 95 south to Exit 21 (Atwells Ave); At the top of the ramp take your first left; Go Left at 2nd light (after Holiday Inn) and go straight through 2 lights; AS220 is on Left after 2nd light.

From the South
RT 95 north to Exit 21 (Broadway); At the top of the ramp go Right Go through 3 lights; AS220 is on left after 3rd light.

From the West
Take RT 6 to downtown Providence. After exiting, you will pass the Westin Hotel on your right. Take a right, and then another right on Sabin Street. Follow Sabin past the Convention Center until you must take a left onto Empire; follow Empire through two lights, AS220 is on the left after 2nd light.

From the East
RT 195 West to RT 95 North; RT 95 North to Exit 21 (Broadway); At the top of the ramp go right; Go through 3 lights; AS220 is on left after 3rd light.

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Picture Comments:
:Mar 18,2007 5:45pm - post by Brianjc87
The band Inhale/exhale (Solid State/ Tooth and Nail Records) is tourning and
will be in the area April 18th and 19th. I am trying to find a place that will
host this all ages event. The event will include "Inhale/exhale"
(, my band "auburn" ( and a
couple of other bands that I will decide after we find a place that will host

I look foward to your reply,
thank you and have a nice day.
Brian Colantonio

:Jan 27,2007 1:59am - post by XjirrahX
In Shepherds Arms is trying to set up a tour and we were wondering if you would be able to help us out. If so contact us at

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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