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   le Reporte - the Palladium (Worcester, MA) [officially approved] [views 195211]

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Subject: NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL announced - April 17-19
Posted by: by on Nov 28,2014 12:24am
Worcester, Massachusetts-based concert promotions company, MassConcerts, is pleased to announce the dates for the seventeenth annual NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL at The Palladium in Worcest...(read more)

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Jan 2, 2013 - Palladium sold to mass concerts [ replies-discuss]
Dec 12, 2011 - New England MetalFest 2012 #14 line up posted [ replies-discuss]
Dec 12, 2011 - New England MetalFest 2012 #14 line up posted [ replies-discuss]
Oct 27, 2010 - Tell NEHMF what bands you want to play next year [ replies-discuss]

Mass Pike to exit 10 (290 east)
Follow to Exit 16 (Central Street)
Take Left off exit
Follow Central St. about 1/4 mile
We are on left hand side on the corner of Main and Central.
The address is 261 Main Street.

Take 495 to 290 West
Follow to Exit 16 (Central Street)
Take a right off the exit
Follow Central St. about 1/4 mile
We are on left hand side on the corner of Main and Central.
The address is 261 Main Street.
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:Jan 27,2007 2:02am - post by XjirrahX
In Shepherds Arms is trying to set up a tour and we were wondering if you would be able to help us out. If so contact us at

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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Jul 18, 2008: bury_your_dead, cavalera_conspiracy, dillinger_escape_plan, randomshots, throwdown
Jul 11, 2008: at_the_gates, darkest_hour, municipal_waste, randomshots, toxic_holocaust
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Mar 29, 2008: chapter_50, eyes_sewn_shut, nile, one_bullet_solution, one_in_vain, randomshots, suicide_silence, the_faceless, till_we_die, unexpect, warbringer
Mar 15, 2008: hypersolid, randomshots, soilwork, throwdown, war_of_ages
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Nov 16, 2007: behemoth, beneath_the_massacre, gojira, job_for_a_cowboy, randomshots
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Oct 26, 2007: every_time_i_die, maylene_and_the_sons_of_disaster, poison_the_well, randomshots, underoath
Oct 20, 2007: nightwish, paradise_lost, randomshots
Oct 13, 2007: daath, dark_funeral, lordi, mushroomhead, naglfar, randomshots, type_o_negative, unexpect
Sep 29, 2007: blessthefall, escape_the_fate, frozen, love_hate_hero, once_beloved, randomshots, sonata_arctica, the_agonist
Sep 27, 2007: boys_like_girls, doomriders, municipal_waste, randomshots, skeleton_witch, toxic_holocaust
Sep 26, 2007: despised_icon, randomshots, see_you_next_tuesday, suicide_silence, winds_of_plague
Sep 21, 2007: arch_enemy, machine_head, randomshots, sanctity, thy_will_be_done
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Jul 6, 2007: as_blood_runs_black, beneath_the_massacre, cattle_decapitation, cephalic_carnage, decapitated, in_dire_need, ion_dissonance, necrophagist, randomshots, the_faceless, zircon
Jun 2, 2007: all_shall_perish, despised_icon, genghis_tron, randomshots, the_red_chord, through_the_eyes_of_the_dead
Mar 30, 2007: down, randomshots
Dec 16, 2006: amon_amarth, children_of_bodom, gojira, randomshots, sanctity
Dec 9, 2006: in_flames, lacuna_coil, randomshots, seemless, the_sword
Dec 1, 2006: blind_guardian, leaves_eyes, randomshots
Nov 5, 2006: celtic_frost, frozen, goatwhore, randomshots
Oct 14, 2006: bad_ash, december_aeternalis, gwar, hotblack, mongrel, municipal_waste, randomshots, the_acacia_strain, the_red_chord
Sep 30, 2006: animosity, bleeding_through, randomshots, terror, through_the_eyes_of_the_dead, unearth
Sep 9, 2006: converge, mastodon, the_bronx
Sep 1, 2006: despised_icon, evergreen_terrace, first_blood, hatebreed, maylene_and_the_sons_of_disaster, napalm_death, randomshots, the_black_dahlia_murder, throwdown, zao
Aug 12, 2006: it_dies_today, leeway, poison_the_well, shadows_fall, suffocation, vision_of_disorder
Jun 16, 2006: ministry, pitbull_daycare, revolting_cocks
Jun 8, 2006: frozen, overcast, since_the_flood, the_acacia_strain
Apr 30, 2006: 3, a_love_ends_suicide, bloodlined_calligraphy, born_victim, bronx_casket_company, burn_in_silence, byzantine, cannae, cellador, daughters, doomriders, dragonforce, folly, gamma_ray, goat_horn, hypersolid, inked_in_blood, into_eternity, kid_deposit_triumph, light_this_city, mercury_switch, phoenix_mourning, protest_the_hero, randomshots, sanctity, the_miles_between, torn_asunder, withered, wolf, xdeathstarx, xlooking_forwardx, yakuza
Apr 29, 2006: 100_demons, arch_enemy, at_all_cost, caliban, chimaira, colin_of_arabia, damnation_ad, death_threat, embrace_the_end, exodus, first_blood, full_blown_chaos, god_forbid, hate_eternal, immolation, into_the_moat, ion_dissonance, on_broken_wings, overcast, randomshots, righteous_jams, scars_of_tomorrow, shoot_to_kill, since_the_flood, skinless, spitfire, suffocation, sworn_enemy, terror, the_human_abstract, the_jonbenet, turmoil
Apr 28, 2006: alarum, arsis, a_life_once_lost, between_the_buried_and_me, cephalic_carnage, dead_to_fall, demiricous, ed_gein, from_a_second_story_window, haste_the_day, if_hope_dies, lacuna_coil, ligeia, necrophagist, nodes_of_ranvier, randomshots, ringworm, scarlet, still_remains, suicide_silence, the_absence, the_acacia_strain, the_black_dahlia_murder, the_red_chord, through_the_eyes_of_the_dead, today_i_wait
Apr 27, 2006: december_aeternalis, frozen, herod, kid_deposit_triumph, phoenix_mourning, randomshots, the_human_abstract
Apr 8, 2006: behemoth, despised_icon, krisiun, morbid_angel, randomshots
Mar 10, 2006: between_the_buried_and_me, bleeding_through, every_time_i_die, haste_the_day, randomshots
Feb 18, 2006: devildriver, in_flames, randomshots, trivium, zao
Feb 4, 2006: decapitated, hypocrisy, nile, raging_speedhorn, randomshots, soilent_green, with_passion
Dec 17, 2005: burn_my_remains, cannae, incantation, porphyria, randomshots, rumpelstiltskin_grinder, skulltoboggan, vital_remains
Nov 9, 2005: darkane, fear_factory, randomshots, soilwork, strapping_young_lad
Oct 30, 2005: fireball_ministry, nevermore, opeth, randomshots
Oct 9, 2005: atrocity, god_dethroned, god_forbid, hell_within, leaves_eyes, manntis, meshuggah, mnemic, randomshots, the_acacia_strain, the_esoteric, the_haunted
Oct 8, 2005: a_dozen_furies, devildriver, early_man, gwar, mensrea, randomshots, the_deadites, turbonegro, zombie_apocalypse
Sep 24, 2005: between_the_buried_and_me, cephalic_carnage, into_the_moat, randomshots, the_black_dahlia_murder
Sep 13, 2005: beyond_the_embrace, therion
Sep 10, 2005: big_d_and_the_kids_table, cant_face_the_falling, days_away, dead_hearts, ducky_boys, fear_nuttin_band, folly, gone_by_day_light, hero_pattern, ligeia, lost_city_angels, loves_true_bluish_light, love_drug, of_blessings_and_burdens, patent_pending, piebald, prozac, randomshots, righteous_jams, roxy, rydells, sound_the_alarm, stretch_arm_strong, the_anchor_line, the_banner, the_goodwill, the_juliana_theory, the_left_overs, the_miles_between, with_honor
Sep 9, 2005: anti_love, a_loss_for_words, bane, chuck_brunswick, cky, daughters, death_before_dishonor, divide_the_day, every_time_i_die, fireball_ministry, frequency_needs_a_mate, haste_the_day, high_on_fire, randomshots, sadaharu, seemless, silent_drive, the_chariot, the_knives, the_red_chord, this_is_hell
Sep 3, 2005: cannae, dead_to_fall, napalm_death, obituary, randomshots, torn_asunder
Jul 30, 2005: burn_my_remains, death_without_weeping, feed_us_fetus, ira, perpetual_winter, porphyria, raising_kubrick, randomshots, torn_asunder
Jul 26, 2005: between_the_buried_and_me, from_a_second_story_window, randomshots, the_acacia_strain, the_red_chord
Jun 18, 2005: hate_eternal, incantation, into_eternity, krisiun, randomshots
Jun 11, 2005: anoxia, death_without_weeping, dehumanized, internal_suffering, malignancy, porphyria, randomshots, teratism
May 11, 2005: cult_of_luna, death_by_stereo, mastodon
Apr 24, 2005: 3_inches_of_blood, behemoth, between_the_buried_and_me, cannae, cephalic_carnage, dark_tranquillity, dead_to_fall, demiricous, evergreen_terrace, from_a_second_story_window, gizmachi, hell_within, howling_syn, hypocrisy, internal_bleeding, into_the_moat, king_diamond, mnemic, nile, noctuary, origin, paria, randomshots, soilwork, the_black_dahlia_murder, the_red_death
Apr 23, 2005: a_life_once_lost, bleeding_through, blood_has_been_shed, bury_your_dead, caliban, chimaira, cryptopsy, darkest_hour, full_blown_chaos, glass_casket, god_forbid, ice_pick, if_hope_dies, it_dies_today, misery_signals, most_precious_blood, randomshots, reflux, remembering_never, sonata_arctica, strapping_young_lad, terror, the_acacia_strain, the_agony_scene, the_killing, the_red_chord, trivium, twelve_tribes, walls_of_jericho
Apr 22, 2005: all_that_remains, as_i_lay_dying, catastrophic, haste_the_day, hatebreed, invocation_of_nehek, ion_dissonance, kylesa, nora, obituary, premonitions_of_war, randomshots, scurvy, since_the_flood, the_esoteric, the_minor_times, throwdown, unearth, winter_solstice, with_honor
Apr 5, 2005: kreator, pro-pain, randomshots, the_autumn_offering, vader
Feb 26, 2005: burn_in_silence, morbid_angel, randomshots, soulfly
Feb 18, 2005: behemoth, cattle_decapitation, devil_inside, misery_index, randomshots, suffocation
Dec 28, 2004: 100_demons, agnostic_front, candiria, full_blown_chaos, god_forbid, hatebreed, scurvy, subzero, the_autumn_offering, the_risk_taken, the_wrong_side
Nov 24, 2004: blistered_earth, damage_plan, death_before_dishonor, invocation_of_nehek, randomshots, shadows_fall, since_the_flood, the_haunted, the_hostage_heart
Nov 19, 2004: cannibal_corpse, kataklysm, macabre, napalm_death, randomshots
Nov 13, 2004: jager_freaks, killswitch_engage, mastodon, q, randomshots, slayer
Nov 6, 2004: arch_enemy, bleeding_through, cradle_of_filth, himsa, randomshots
Oct 15, 2004: children_of_bodom, fear_factory, lamb_of_god, randomshots
Oct 3, 2004: dillinger_escape_plan, drowningman, every_time_i_die, misery_signals, randomshots, zao
Sep 24, 2004: randomshots, remembering_never, since_the_flood, terror, the_black_dahlia_murder, unearth
Sep 17, 2004: big_collapse, bury_your_dead, catch_22, dont_look_down, emanuel, evergreen_terrace, fear_before_the_march_of_flames, fear_nuttin_band, fu_s, hidden_in_plain_view, high_tigers, it_dies_today, last_of_the_famous, liars_academy, lola_ray, norma_jean, randomshots, river_city_rebels, scatter_the_ashes, scurvy, the_early_november, the_hope_conspiracy, throwdown
Sep 16, 2004: crisis, randomshots, soulfly, the_acacia_strain, twelve_tribes
Aug 1, 2004: beloved, between_the_buried_and_me, glass_casket, ligeia, walls_of_jericho
Jul 2, 2004: all_that_remains, a_thousand_falling_skies, black_my_heart, randomshots, seemless, unearth
Jun 26, 2004: bury_your_dead, the_acacia_strain, the_breathing_process, the_hostage_heart, what_weapons_bring_war
May 30, 2004: anterrabae, atreyu, eighteen_visions, from_autumn_to_ashes
May 23, 2004: 100_demons, blacklisted, black_my_heart, blood_for_blood, cannae, cheech, colin_of_arabia, death_before_dishonor, death_threat, diecast, lost_city_angels, punishment, randomshots, righteous_jams, these_lies
May 1, 2004: 100_demons, between_the_buried_and_me, bleeding_through, bury_your_dead, cannae, children_of_bodom, comeback_kid, diecast, embrace_today, evergreen_terrace, glass_casket, iced_earth, kataklysm, love_is_red, martyr_ad, misery_index, misery_signals, pig_destroyer, randomshots, scarlet, scar_culture, since_the_flood, terror, the_autumn_offering, through_the_discipline, throwdown, to_the_grave, twelve_tribes, walls_of_jericho, what_weapons_bring_war, zao
Apr 30, 2004: all_that_remains, arch_enemy, as_i_lay_dying, a_perfect_murder, burnt_by_the_sun, byzantine, cattle_decapitation, crematorium, enforsaken, every_time_i_die, found_dead_hanging, from_a_second_story_window, full_blown_chaos, god_forbid, killswitch_engage, machine_head, mercury_switch, most_precious_blood, nora, psyopus, randomshots, soilent_green, the_black_dahlia_murder, the_judas_cradle, the_red_chord, with_honor
Apr 17, 2004: morbid_angel, premonitions_of_war, randomshots, satyricon, suffocation
Apr 15, 2004: brazil, coheed_and_cambria, funeral_for_a_friend, rainer_maria, randomshots, sparta
Apr 6, 2004: a_life_once_lost, bleeding_through, death_by_stereo, himsa
Mar 5, 2004: cannibal_corpse, exhumed, hypocrisy, vile
Mar 4, 2004: blood_has_been_shed, full_blown_chaos, god_forbid, walls_of_jericho
Feb 28, 2004: devildriver, moonspell, opeth, randomshots
Jan 29, 2004: dillinger_escape_plan, orthrelm, the_locust, your_enemys_friends
Jan 3, 2004: 100_demons, most_precious_blood, randomshots, throwdown, walls_of_jericho, with_honor
Dec 13, 2003: children_of_bodom, dimmu_borgir, hypocrisy, nevermore, randomshots
Nov 7, 2003: anal_cunt, devildriver, morbid_angel, randomshots, super_joint_ritual
Oct 31, 2003: killswitch_engage, lamb_of_god, randomshots, shadows_fall, unearth
Oct 25, 2003: amon_amarth, goatwhore, kreator, nile, vader
Oct 17, 2003: arch_enemy, dry_kill_logic, hatebreed, randomshots, slayer
Oct 7, 2003: daughters, give_up_the_ghost, the_bled, the_hope_conspiracy
Sep 28, 2003: blistered_earth, cathedral, randomshots, samael, strapping_young_lad
Sep 18, 2003: dillinger_escape_plan, eighteen_visions, further_seems_forever, poison_the_well
Sep 12, 2003: all_that_remains, bane_of_existence, blistered_earth, havoc_hate, overkill
Aug 29, 2003: arch_enemy, evergrey, hate_eternal, randomshots, the_black_dahlia_murder
Aug 23, 2003: atreyu, darkest_hour, god_forbid, underoath
Aug 9, 2003: burnt_by_the_sun, lick_golden_sky, soilent_green, the_acacia_strain
Jul 27, 2003: bane, barrit, hatebreed, most_precious_blood, randomshots, ringworm, the_hope_conspiracy, what_feeds_the_fire, with_honor
Jul 26, 2003: a_life_once_lost, bane, converge, silent_drive, thursday, velocity_engine
Jul 17, 2003: dance_disaster_movement, daughters, these_arms_are_snakes, the_blood_brothers
Jul 16, 2003: kill_me_tomorrow, les_georges_leningrad, sinking_body, the_chinese_stars, the_locust
Jun 28, 2003: chimaira, in_flames, randomshots, soilwork, unearth
May 29, 2003: crematorium, goatwhore, grave, immolation
May 17, 2003: 100_demons, atreyu, beyond_the_sixth_seal, bleeding_through, blood_has_been_shed, caliban, cephalic_carnage, chimaira, converge, crematorium, darkest_hour, dysrhythmia, eighteen_visions, eviscerate, goatwhore, harikari, haste, hate_eternal, himsa, kataklysm, lamb_of_god, mastodon, meshuggah, misery_index, pig_destroyer, randomshots, shai_hulud, speed_kill_hate, strapping_young_lad, suffocation, super_joint_ritual, the_haunted, the_red_chord, traumacide, unearth, uphill_battle, wasteform
May 16, 2003: a_life_once_lost, beyond_the_embrace, bongzilla, cannae, diecast, found_dead_hanging, grimlock, held_under, killswitch_engage, lacuna_coil, locked_in_a_vacancy, most_precious_blood, nevermore, noctuary, nora, novembers_doom, on_broken_wings, opeth, premonitions_of_war, randomshots, scarlet, shadows_fall, the_acacia_strain, the_takeover, with_honor
Feb 7, 2003: dark_tranquillity, napalm_death, nile, strapping_young_lad, the_berzerker
Jan 31, 2003: between_the_buried_and_me, misery_signals, premonitions_of_war, sky_cutting_stars, the_red_chord, undying
Jan 18, 2003: beyond_the_embrace, opeth, paradise_lost, tapping_the_vein
Nov 7, 2002: immolation, origin, scar_culture, the_berzerker, vader
Oct 30, 2002: arch_enemy, deadeyesunder, god_forbid, sworn_enemy
Sep 24, 2002: dasai, dillinger_escape_plan, the_icarus_line, the_red_chord
Sep 15, 2002: american_nightmare, andrew_wk, bleeding_through, boy_sets_fire, bury_your_dead, christiansen, damoan, dasai, dont_look_down, dot_flash_line, from_autumn_to_ashes, glassjaw, haste, injected, in_pieces, light_is_the_language, my_chemical_romance, on_broken_wings, puritys_failure, reach_the_sky, scissorfight, senses_fail, there_were_wires, the_break, the_hope_conspiracy, the_juliana_theory, the_june_spirit, the_kid_eternal, the_unseen, the_used, the_youth_ahead, unearth, vendetta_red, waltham
Aug 17, 2002: in_flames, slayer, soulfly
Aug 3, 2002: arch_enemy, hate_eternal, nile, origin
May 24, 2002: hypocrisy, killswitch_engage, scar_culture, single_bullet_theory, soilwork
May 18, 2002: 36_crazyfists, catastrophic, chimaira, havoc_hate, hotwire, immortal, manowar, the_red_chord, the_year_of_our_lord
May 2, 2002: all_that_remains, darkest_hour, deadeyesunder, emmanual7, eviscerate, the_crown
Apr 6, 2002: a_life_once_lost, bane_of_existence, bloodaudio, blood_has_been_shed, burnt_by_the_sun, crematorium, deadeyesunder, deceased, deeds_of_flesh, disavowed, eighteen_visions, god_forbid, in_flames, lamb_of_god, light_is_the_language, mastodon, misery_index, nile, overcast, pessimist, pig_destroyer, poison_the_well, |postman syndrome#, scar_culture, |severe torture#, shai_hulud, skycamefalling, soilwork, suicide_note, throwdown
Apr 5, 2002: all_that_remains, arch_enemy, averse_sefira, a_thousand_falling_skies, barium, brand_new_sin, cannae, cannibal_corpse, dark_funeral, dasai, devilmaycare, every_time_i_die, flatlined, found_dead_hanging, from_autumn_to_ashes, incantation, kataklysm, killswitch_engage, most_precious_blood, novembers_doom, pissingrazors, rain_fell_within, today_is_the_day, traumacide
Mar 2, 2002: disarray, goatwhore, god_forbid, gwar
Feb 26, 2002: cryptopsy, diabolic, dimmu_borgir, krisiun
Dec 13, 2001: exhumed, morbid_angel, zyklon
Oct 5, 2001: all_that_remains, candiria, darkest_hour, god_forbid, lamb_of_god, six_feet_under, unearth
Jul 21, 2001: cradle_of_filth, god_forbid, killswitch_engage, nile
Jun 17, 2001: acephallus, beyond_the_sixth_seal, mayhem, vital_remains
May 27, 2001: bane_of_existence, burial, eternal_suffering, gorguts, marduk, withered_earth
Apr 14, 2001: all_that_remains, amorphis, averse_sefira, burial, cannae, diecast, dying_breed, dying_fetus, enter_self, exhumed, god_forbid, haste, meshuggah, noctuary, novembers_doom, opeth, randomshots, shadows_fall, skinless, stampin_ground, withered_earth
Apr 13, 2001: 100_demons, blood_has_been_shed, burnt_by_the_sun, cannibal_corpse, catastrophic, dimmu_borgir, godbelow, internal_bleeding, lamb_of_god, monstrosity, pessimist, the_haunted, the_year_of_our_lord, unearth, vital_remains, walls_of_jericho
Jan 12, 2001: 100_demons, all_out_war, blistered_earth, diecast, dying_fetus, eternal_suffering
Dec 9, 2000: dmg, dying_fetus, eternal_suffering, goratory, randomshots, skinless, vital_remains
Nov 24, 2000: burnitdown, in_flames, nevermore, shadows_fall
Nov 22, 2000: impaled, incantation, nile
Oct 27, 2000: crowd, deeds_of_flesh, dying_fetus, vader
Aug 19, 2000: cannibal_corpse, |dead thing#, krisiun, nile, randomshots, stile_man, the_crown
Aug 1, 2000: |crowd surfer#, exhumed, mayhem, skinless
Jun 9, 2000: Burial, dismember, kataklysm, krisiun, shadows_fall
May 6, 2000: all_that_remains, amorphis, burial, catheter, compost_pile, dillinger_escape_plan, flesh_grind, god_forbid, immolation, internal_bleeding, Kovenant, malignancy, moonspell, pyrexia, rain_fell_within, shadows_fall, shango, skinless, the_year_of_our_lord, torn_asunder, unearth
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