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Hellfest - Dinosaur Stage (Elizabeth, NJ) Hellfest 2004
Dead To Fall, Donnybrook, Figure Four, I Killed The Prom Queen, Malice Aforethought, Misery Index, Only Crime, Randomshots, Reflux, The Judas Cradle, The Minor Times, Undying, Xdeathstarx [discuss/review]
Hellfest - Hopeless Stage (Elizabeth, NJ) Hellfest 2004
Agnostic Front, Avail, Bane, Bury Your Dead, Caliban, Killswitch Engage, Martyr Ad, Mest, No Hollywood Ending, Odd Project, Randomshots, Stretch Arm Strong, The Hope Conspiracy, Until The End [discuss/review]
Hellfest - Hot Topic Stage (Elizabeth, NJ) Hellfest 2004
Beloved, Between The Buried And Me, Blacklisted, Comeback Kid, Dri, Drive Without, Drowningman, Embrace Today, For Love Of, Horse The Band, Let It Die, Nothing Left To Mourn, No Redeeming Social Value, Prayer For Cleansing, World Inferno Friendship Society [discuss/review]
Hellfest - Trustkill Stage (Elizabeth, NJ) Hellfest 2004
Andrew Wk, Evergreen Terrace, E Town Concrete, Love Is Red, Nora, Randomshots, Roses Are Red, Scars Of Tomorrow, Shattered Realm, The Banner, The Killing, Underoath, Zao [discuss/review](2222 pictures) Add To All Your Pages!
(Jul 23, 2004 -- Jul 25, 2004 -- the other days of this festival)

[picture stats]

Agnostic Front (57 pics)
Andrew Wk (102 pics)
Avail (60 pics)
Bane (44 pics)
Beloved (31 pics)
Between The Buried And Me (28 pics)
Blacklisted (23 pics)
Bury Your Dead (62 pics)
Caliban (47 pics)
Comeback Kid (48 pics)
Dead To Fall (58 pics)
Donnybrook (30 pics)
Dri (21 pics)
Drive Without (18 pics)
Drowningman (67 pics)
E Town Concrete (48 pics)
Embrace Today (51 pics)
Evergreen Terrace (50 pics)
Figure Four (68 pics)
For Love Of (58 pics)
Horse The Band (33 pics)
I Killed The Prom Queen (30 pics)
Killswitch Engage (74 pics)
Let It Die (26 pics)
Love Is Red (39 pics)
Malice Aforethought (32 pics)
Martyr Ad (22 pics)
Mest (33 pics)
Misery Index (42 pics)
No Hollywood Ending (47 pics)
No Redeeming Social Value (18 pics)
Nora (52 pics)
Nothing Left To Mourn (23 pics)
Odd Project (25 pics)
Only Crime (16 pics)
Prayer For Cleansing (25 pics)
Randomshots (1 pics)
Randomshots (1 pics)
Randomshots (2 pics)
Reflux (23 pics)
Roses Are Red (39 pics)
Scars Of Tomorrow (48 pics)
Shattered Realm (40 pics)
Stretch Arm Strong (63 pics)
The Banner (68 pics)
The Hope Conspiracy (67 pics)
The Judas Cradle (33 pics)
The Killing (38 pics)
The Minor Times (21 pics)
Underoath (70 pics)
Undying (46 pics)
Until The End (45 pics)
World Inferno Friendship Society (26 pics)
Xdeathstarx (38 pics)
Zao (45 pics)

These pictures copyright 2004 Feel free to use these pictures on your social media. Just tag the RTTP accounts on whatever platform. Please, email and ask if you want to use them some place other than on social media. Better Quality, Larger Resolution, and No Tag version are available. I might even be able to do prints.
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