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returntothepit >> discuss >> Hell Fest day two - the recap by the_reverend on Jul 25,2004 12:31am
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Jul 24, 2004 Hellfest - Dinosaur Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
dead_to_fall - 2004-07-24
Dead To Fall(58)
flash animated slider show
donnybrook - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
figure_four - 2004-07-24
Figure Four(68)
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i_killed_the_prom_queen - 2004-07-24
I Killed The Prom Queen(30)
flash animated slider show
malice_aforethought - 2004-07-24
Malice Aforethought(32)
flash animated slider show
misery_index - 2004-07-24
Misery Index(42)
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only_crime - 2004-07-24
Only Crime(16)
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randomshots - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
reflux - 2004-07-24
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the_judas_cradle - 2004-07-24
The Judas Cradle(33)
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the_minor_times - 2004-07-24
The Minor Times(21)
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undying - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
xdeathstarx - 2004-07-24
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Jul 24, 2004 Hellfest - Hopeless Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
agnostic_front - 2004-07-24
Agnostic Front(57)
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avail - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
bane - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
bury_your_dead - 2004-07-24
Bury Your Dead(62)
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caliban - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
killswitch_engage - 2004-07-24
Killswitch Engage(74)
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martyr_ad - 2004-07-24
Martyr Ad(22)
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mest - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
no_hollywood_ending - 2004-07-24
No Hollywood Ending(47)
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odd_project - 2004-07-24
Odd Project(25)
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randomshots - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
stretch_arm_strong - 2004-07-24
Stretch Arm Strong(63)
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the_hope_conspiracy - 2004-07-24
The Hope Conspiracy(67)
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until_the_end - 2004-07-24
Until The End(45)
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Jul 24, 2004 Hellfest - Hot Topic Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
beloved - 2004-07-24
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between_the_buried_and_me - 2004-07-24
Between The Buried And Me(28)
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blacklisted - 2004-07-24
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comeback_kid - 2004-07-24
Comeback Kid(48)
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dri - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
drive_without - 2004-07-24
Drive Without(18)
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drowningman - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
embrace_today - 2004-07-24
Embrace Today(51)
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for_love_of - 2004-07-24
For Love Of(58)
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horse_the_band - 2004-07-24
Horse The Band(33)
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let_it_die - 2004-07-24
Let It Die(26)
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nothing_left_to_mourn - 2004-07-24
Nothing Left To Mourn(23)
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no_redeeming_social_value - 2004-07-24
No Redeeming Social Value(18)
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prayer_for_cleansing - 2004-07-24
Prayer For Cleansing(25)
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world_inferno_friendship_society - 2004-07-24
World Inferno Friendship Society(26)
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Jul 24, 2004 Hellfest - Trustkill Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
andrew_wk - 2004-07-24
Andrew Wk(102)
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evergreen_terrace - 2004-07-24
Evergreen Terrace(50)
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e_town_concrete - 2004-07-24
E Town Concrete(48)
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love_is_red - 2004-07-24
Love Is Red(39)
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nora - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
randomshots - 2004-07-24
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roses_are_red - 2004-07-24
Roses Are Red(39)
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scars_of_tomorrow - 2004-07-24
Scars Of Tomorrow(48)
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shattered_realm - 2004-07-24
Shattered Realm(40)
flash animated slider show
the_banner - 2004-07-24
The Banner(68)
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the_killing - 2004-07-24
The Killing(38)
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underoath - 2004-07-24
flash animated slider show
zao - 2004-07-24
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 25,2004 12:31am
ok, I'm back.. working on the pictures.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 25,2004 3:24am
pictures are basically all up.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Jul 25,2004 4:43am
wow it took you almost 3 full hours to upload all those pictures. goddamn u are nuts rev.

toggletoggle post by Jay TUS at Jul 25,2004 7:32am
Beloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best-band-ever-after-Sevendust.... shut up.

toggletoggle post by tbone_r  at Jul 25,2004 9:15am
how was caliban? i wanna see them so bad

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 25,2004 10:49am
Hopeless Stage
odd project: I guess these guys were the radio takeover band. maybe there were more than one. one of their lyrics sounded like "shake it like a polariod picture"

no hollywood ending: the singer thought he was in slapshot and smashed his head a bunch of times with the mic. the band kind of reminded me of underoath over all. at the end of the set, the singer got up on the speakers and jumped off into the crowd. I wanted the keyboardist's synth.

bury your dead: it never ceases to amazing me how kids (even in NJ) know their songs (even unreleased ones) and do the "doodoodoodoo" computer noise thing right at the right time. I missed an awesome back flip off the stage. All the kids on the stage at the end clicked off slim's guitar.

martyr ad: lot of kids into this band.

until the end: such a tough band. I didn't really expect that.

the hope conspiracy: the singer fell into the stage right off.

stretch arm strong: more posi stuff from them.

caliban: their set was ok. I've seen them 3 times and this was definitely the sloppiest. it was awesome to sing along to the older tracks though. actually, any kid that got the mic during the clean singing should be shot. I was standing next to the PA and their voices sounded like mutilated cats.

avail: that weird guy jumping around more than the band on stage that sung with them bitched about hot topic. it was funny cause they mentioned seeing dri on the hot topic stage.some good old school here.

bane: another band that I don't like the music of, but live they have such a great show.

agnostic front: damn, they've been around for 25 years? that's older than 80% of the audience. their set was pretty good and yes, I did notice that not a lot of people got on stage for them. I'd say 1/4 what bane had.

mest: people were booing them a lot. yes they were sucky green day punk. carina and I were the only 2 photographers on stage. I don't even think they filmed them. at some point, there was a game of duck duck goose in the crowd.

killswitch engage: basically the same as always. adam comes out and does dumb things and then the band plays. this time they started with song "don't fear the reaper" that 70's ditty and adam running all over the stage banging a cow bell. basically in the first song, howard smacked adam in the face with his mic.. he continued to bleed for the rest of the set. 30 minutes into the set, they anounced that it was joel's (guitar) birthday so they sung happy birthday to him and then chucked a cake into the audience.

Hot Topic Stage
drive without: they were emo-ish stuff so I didn't stay there too long.

let it die: from detroit and sounded a bit like STF.

horse the band: holy shit! taking ironic fashion core to all new levels. the keyboardist had the same keyboard as the guy in no hollywood ending.

blacklisted: bury your dead was on the other stage.. not good for the attendence on this stage, but there were still plenty of people.

comeback kid: again, partly during BYD's and martyr ad's sets. though there were still tons of kids here.

no redeeming social value: eh, trashy skate-punk stuff. I wasn't really into it and they were in prison suits like typo did on their last tour.

embrace today: good stuff again. I thought it was weird that the singer was wearing an unearth shirt. I think their set was pretty good.

dri: they looked REALLY REALLY out of place and akward on that stage. they should have been on one of the main stages between avail and agnostic front... just my opinion.

between the buried and me: I ran in to sing along with one of their new songs. I don't remember the name of it.

nothing left to mourn: damn! I thought I was going to be hearing some emo band again on thei stage, but they weren't at all. this was tough-hardcore. surprised the crap out of me.

beloved: they were good, but not amazing.. sorry jay. I think I really need to heard their cds to figure them out.

world inferno friendship society: um.. what? this was the oddest ball of the whole show. they had a 4 piece horns section, dual drumming, accordian player and some of the slickest suits ever. I wasn't really into it so after checking it out, I moved on.

prayer for cleansing: (reunion show) after what everyone told me about them, I expected the second coming of christ, but they weren't quite that good. I guess I would have had to listen to them before to really get down with them.

for love of: (reunion show) another tough hard core band. great crowd response. the whole place opened right up. I think it was during this set that some stuff went down in the corner. I sort of walked passed it all taking any evidence with me.

drowningman: (reunion show) after seeing their set, I remembered that I never liked any of their cds. I know they were all influencial and all to so many bands, but I just can't get into them. I also don't know how many originals members are in the band.

toggletoggle post by Abbath at Jul 25,2004 10:59am
"mest: people were booing them a lot. yes they were sucky green day punk. carina and I were the only 2 photographers on stage. I don't even think they filmed them. at some point, there was a game of duck duck goose in the crowd."

that's when you and your band should just kill your self ahahhahaha duck duck goose! amazing

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 25,2004 11:24am
Trustkill Stage
the killing: a NJ band. the sampler player/back up singer was funny cause he kept switching SD cards while they played. they remind me a little bit of the network.

scars of tomorrow: from the numerous times I've seen these guys, this was a typical set.

roses are red: sounded a bit like old FATA. the odd thing about them is that their singer used a distoration pedal for his vocals. I don't see many people doing this.

love is red: the singer gave a unity speech about the weekend. said it didn't matter if you were there to see Fear Factory or the ataris, but it's great that you are here with people who care for you. I was amazing how many people knew their music and could sing along with it.

the banner: I've been waiting to see these guys for so long. I really liked the cd I got last year... but I thought they were foreign. who would have thought they were from NJ. Anyhow, their set was full of inflatable pool toys. funny stuff. lot's of kids grabbing dolphins or whatever and diving off into the crowds.

shattered realm: to all the mallmetal kids that think that BYD is if toughest band on the planet, they are wrong. BYD is one of the toughest bands, but shattered realm is the toughest band you will ever see. every time I see them I both enjoy myself and crap my pants. though they didn't have the same singer so it wasn't quite the same.

evergreen terrace: they did a smashing pumpkins cover that everyone sung a long to. why is it I only know their songs when they are covers?

blood for blood: they just got back from europe and were all jet lagged so they cancelled.

nora: good set, lots of people singing along with them.. I think that carina told the drummer that she takes a lot of the pictures of the drummer.. heh.

zao: damn, their new stuff is full of a lot more straight stoner riffs.

underoath: second time seeing them with the new singer. he's pretty good. the voice is getting there. I walked off before the sun still sleep unfortunately. that's my (and everyone else's) favorite song of theirs.

e-town concrete: the best thing I heard what that they are "good musicians" and "fun to watch" but the rapping stuff.. geezz... it's like madball, they start rapping like a nu-metal band and I can't take it at all.

andrew wk: this is the music that metal head want to get drunk and party too. the stage was 100% crowded until security started throwing people off the stage. the difference between AWK is that when AWK asks for a circle pit, the crowd listens and a huge circle pit opens up. also, during basically the whole set, when you crowd surf or stage dive, you stay up and either end up back on the stage or falling into the circle pit. I don't know what it is since his music isn't good, but live it's a totally different story. he's just on stage having an awesome time and it translates into the crowd. at one point, there was a girl ontop of the crowd flashing, but then she got taken out by someone stage diving on her. during this set, everyone was throwing bottles... especially at rich hell (which I was fine with cause he's an asshole for calling my girlfriend "tits". thanks dick). rich was pushing and kicking kids off the stage when they were trying to sing along with AWK. someone behind him was holding up a bottle for people to hit him. he got hit so much that he moved to the back of the stage.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 25,2004 11:24am
damn, I got through 3 stages.. only one more. I will write it later after the show.

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Jul 25,2004 11:24am
were kids moshing it up to world inferno?


toggletoggle post by Jay TUS at Jul 25,2004 11:48am
I hate you Aaron!!!! Beloved owns your face.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Jul 25,2004 8:49pm edited Jul 25,2004 8:56pm
"this goes out to those who thought shit was sweet.
E.T.C. E-town Concrete and yo,
niggas wanna be down with me?
word is born we takin over son guarenteed"

e-town is awesome

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at Jul 25,2004 8:58pm
yea from i heard from carina rich hell is a fucking douchebag and a half, and a gigantic poser for changing his last name to Hell

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jul 26,2004 1:22am
heh yes

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 26,2004 1:28pm
DROWNINGMAN WAS NOT A REUNION SHOW. They blew that place up-- you are apparently a douche with no musical taste.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jul 26,2004 2:47pm

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 26,2004 7:48pm
You never mentioned the dinasaur stage and especially DTF!!!!

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 26,2004 7:48pm
You never mentioned the dinasaur stage and especially DTF!!!!

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 28,2004 7:13pm
actually drowningman sucks dick and deep down wants to be ETID.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 28,2004 7:53pm
I still have to reviewlet that show....
I'll do it tonight or tomorrow.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Jul 28,2004 9:44pm
It was really amazing. I did like 9hours to go there, and I enjoy it.

toggletoggle post by bangbang at Jul 29,2004 12:37am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 30,2004 3:37pm
Dinosaur Stage
reflux- a lot of tapping on the bass. sort of reminded me of the pysopus bassplayer in some parts.

donny brook- they were added cause to the grave (aka the takeover) broke up. they were really good. I put them some where between back of tha neck and blood for blood. I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more if I knew their songs.

undying- what can you say about undying that a million people haven't already... the new singer's a girl and has a great voice. she was doing the sound check and did a nice accapella growl.

only crime- I didn't really care for the vocals so I didn't stay long.

the judas cradle- ok, so this was when they really played. I thought the singer was in another band the day before. they were good, but I need to hear their cd.

malice aforethought- metalcore with a lot of the western mass sound to it.

figure four- I've often seen them mentioned in the same breath as shattered realm. it was definitely a different sound and crowd. I heard the guitar player loves her ferret.

misery index- one of the only death-metal bands that played. nice to have a break from all hardcore.

I killed the prom queen- someone said they were from australia. I didnt' hear an accent at all. they were added cause they were part of the package with day of contempt, I think.

the minor times- I was expecting emo-core from the name, but they were metalcore.

xdeathstarx- 4 singers? that was a bit excessive seeing as they all sort of took turns screaming and all had the same tone.

dead to fall- they sound better and better. I'm sad that I didn't get to hear their last song (probably gates of hell) cause I had to run off. I'm really looking forward to the new cd.

toggletoggle post by xdeathstarx at Aug 30,2004 8:01pm
I respect anyone's opinion, but don't you think our vocals would sould like playing a really loud slide whistle over the music if our voices all had different tone?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Aug 30,2004 8:04pm
barber shop quartet?
I actually just got the cd sent to me from dan, too.

toggletoggle post by aus_LJ at Sep 4,2004 10:34am
prom queen are from Australia, for adelaide. they fucking ripped when i saw em in june and you guys should consider your selves lucky to see em

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Sep 26,2004 8:36am
bout time i saw an australian band at metalfest. prom queen was a good band to get up there. Day of contempt also rule the australian scene.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Sep 26,2004 8:37am
hellfest my bad. thinking diff things at once.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Sep 26,2004 8:56am
next year possibly try austrlias parkway drive. they fucking kill it!

toggletoggle post by dave... at Sep 30,2004 1:39pm
i saw I killed the Prom Queen twice in the time they were here. Hopefully more people will know the cd if they Come back. I thought they were amazing and put on a crazy live show (more Energy than most metalcore bands.)

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Oct 9,2004 1:03am
IKTPQ are ace
if you're looking for more good aussie bands check out love like.. electrocution if you haven't already

toggletoggle post by kane at Dec 5,2005 6:03am
yeah parkway drive kill it, seen em so many times, better than most bands in this 'scene'. when they play 'smoke em if you got' the pit is just pure insanity.

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