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Hellfest - Dinosaur Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
100 Demons, Calico System, Ed Gein, Full Blown Chaos, Nag Hamadi, Oval Portrait, Randomshots, Saving Throw, Starting To Wonder, The Dead Season, Through The Discipline, Time In Maltia, Walk The Line, With Honor [discuss/review]
Hellfest - Hopeless Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
All Else Failed, As I Lay Dying, Every Time I Die, Found Dead Hanging, Halifax, Misfits, Norma Jean, Sick Of It All, Terror, The Akas, The Juliana Theory, The Red Chord, Unearth [discuss/review]
Hellfest - Hot Topic Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
Adelphi, All That Remains, Anterrabae, Broke Neck, Burnt By The Sun, Day Of Contempt, Engineer, Ensign, Glass Eater, Hawthorne Heights, Pig Destroyer, Premonitions Of War, Randomshots, Sycamore Dreams, Today Is The Day, Your Enemys Friends [discuss/review]
Hellfest - Trustkill Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
Champion, Draw Blood, Folly, Himsa, Mastodon, Randomshots, Remembering Never, Shadows Fall, Spitalfield, Strike Anywhere, Suffocation, The Ataris [discuss/review](1477 pictures) Add To All Your Pages!
(Jul 24, 2004 -- Jul 25, 2004 -- the other days of this festival)

[picture stats]

100 Demons (44 pics)
Adelphi (10 pics)
All Else Failed (33 pics)
All That Remains (31 pics)
Anterrabae (34 pics)
As I Lay Dying (31 pics)
Broke Neck (20 pics)
Burnt By The Sun (22 pics)
Calico System (12 pics)
Champion (29 pics)
Day Of Contempt (24 pics)
Draw Blood (24 pics)
Ed Gein (16 pics)
Engineer (30 pics)
Ensign (11 pics)
Every Time I Die (31 pics)
Folly (33 pics)
Found Dead Hanging (42 pics)
Full Blown Chaos (28 pics)
Glass Eater (6 pics)
Halifax (18 pics)
Hawthorne Heights (13 pics)
Himsa (26 pics)
Mastodon (24 pics)
Misfits (19 pics)
Nag Hamadi (21 pics)
Norma Jean (67 pics)
Oval Portrait (25 pics)
Pig Destroyer (42 pics)
Premonitions Of War (28 pics)
Randomshots (1 pics)
Randomshots (1 pics)
Randomshots (2 pics)
Remembering Never (32 pics)
Saving Throw (17 pics)
Shadows Fall (68 pics)
Sick Of It All (53 pics)
Spitalfield (18 pics)
Starting To Wonder (17 pics)
Strike Anywhere (33 pics)
Suffocation (57 pics)
Sycamore Dreams (14 pics)
Terror (25 pics)
The Akas (10 pics)
The Ataris (26 pics)
The Dead Season (17 pics)
The Juliana Theory (2 pics)
The Red Chord (63 pics)
Through The Discipline (33 pics)
Time In Maltia (19 pics)
Today Is The Day (39 pics)
Unearth (46 pics)
Walk The Line (18 pics)
With Honor (45 pics)
Your Enemys Friends (27 pics)

These pictures copyright Feel free to use these pictures on your social media. Just tag the RTTP accounts on whatever platform. Please, email and ask if you want to use them some place other than on social media. Better Quality, Larger Resolution, and No Tag version are available. I might even be able to do prints.
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