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Nov 25, 2023 @ American Legion (Waltham, MA) with Adrienne, Back Of Tha Neck, Balmora, Buried Dreams, Climb, Hate Still Burns, In Remembrance, Jackal, On Broken Wings, Opposition, Randomshots, Risk,
Nov 17, 2023 @ Roadrunner (Boston, MA) with Botch, Cave In, Converge, Randomshots,
Nov 16, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with End, Full Of Hell, Inter Arma, Wake,
Nov 12, 2023 @ Alchemy (Providence, RI) with Dropdead, Grip Bite, Life Abuse, Tomb Envy, Woundman,
Nov 11, 2023 @ Flight Coffee (Dover, NH) with Awfully Pretty, Fed Ash, Gasket, Half/Cross, Randomshots,
Nov 9, 2023 @ The Button Factory Stage - WSCA (Portsmouth, NH) with Polarview, Randomshots, Roxy2, Xo,


Oct 28, 2023 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA) with Killing Time, Leeway, Randomshots, Sam Black Church, Scissorfight,
Oct 21, 2023 @ the Space (Portland, Me) with Birdie, Couch Slut, Oxbow,
Oct 20, 2023 @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA) with Exciter, Face First, Randomshots, Seax, Shadowland, Tower,
Oct 15, 2023 @ Wally's Pub (Hampton, NH) with Entheos, High Command, Randomshots, Revocation, Unearth,


Sep 30, 2023 @ Flight Coffee (Dover, NH) with Blast Sheild, Depresion Tropical, Drogato, RĂ¼e,
Sep 28, 2023 @ Wally's Pub (Hampton, NH) with Soul Blind, Viqueen,
Sep 16, 2023 @ Century Media Stage - the Palladium (Worcester, MA) with 200 Stab Wounds, Crown Magnetar, Enterprise Earth, Gates To Hell, Hazing Over, Jesus Piece, Judiciary, Momentum, Ringworm, Swollen Teeth, Tribal Gaze,
Sep 16, 2023 @ Metal Blade Stage - the Palladium (Worcester, MA) with Chelsea Grin, Darkest Hour, Fit For An Autopsy, Lamb Of God, Paleface, Shadows Fall, The Black Dahlia Murder, Vein,
Sep 16, 2023 @ Nuclear Blast Stage - the Palladium (Worcester, MA) with Despised Icon, Dying Fetus, Etown Concrete, Frozen Soul, Fuming Mouth, Hatebreed, Randomshots, Terror, Undeath,
Sep 15, 2023 @ The Palladium (Worcester, MA) with Make Them Suffer, Northlane, Parkway Drive, Randomshots, The Amity Affliction,
Sep 9, 2023 @ Bridge Nine Records (Beverly, MA) with H2o, Incendiary Device, Randomshots,
Sep 2, 2023 @ Flight Coffee (Dover, NH) with Fraud, Jivebomb, Peace Test, Youth In Asia,


Aug 3, 2023 @ Jewel Music Venue (Manchester, NH) with Analepsy, Cognitive, Necroticgorebeast, Randomshots, Smothered Sun, Stillborn Condition, Supplication, Wormhole,


Jul 28, 2023 @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA) with Black Sorcery, I, Destroyer, Malleus, Randomshots, Skumstrike,
Jul 23, 2023 @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA) with Abaroth, Morne, Panopticon, Randomshots,
Jul 15, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Blanks 77, Death Before Dishonor, Lenny Lashleys Gang Of One, Randomshots, The Massacred, The Unseen, Violent Society,
Jul 7, 2023 @ The Beeracks (East Haven, CT) with Ambitions, Brothers In Arms, Cruel Hand, Hard Feelings, Lift, Randomshots,
Jul 6, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Diabolus, Final Gasp, Fraud, New Lows, Rejekts,
Jul 5, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Climb, Fools Game, Hard Target, Jackal, Outta Pocket, Randomshots,
Jul 5, 2023 @ Sonia (Cambridge, MA) with Atheist, Cynic, Poh Hock,


Jun 18, 2023 @ Roadrunner (Boston, MA) with Bane, Bracewar, Colin Of Arabia, Killing Time, Randomshots, Stick To Your Guns, The Suicide File,
Jun 10, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Cave In, Gozu, Randomshots, YOB,
Jun 9, 2023 @ Bridge Nine Records (Beverly, MA) with American Nightmare, Randomshots,
Jun 8, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with American Nightmare, Fuming Mouth, The Fus,
Jun 4, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Jarhead Fertilizer, Sanguisugabogg, Stabbed,
Jun 4, 2023 @ Sonia (Cambridge, MA) with Devourment, Extermination Disembowelment, Ingested, Organectomy, Randomshots, Vomit Forth,


May 28, 2023 @ Angels Rock Bar (Baltimore, MD) with Ninth Realm, Sonja, Tower,
May 28, 2023 @ Harbor Stage - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD) with Goatwhore, High On Fire, Internal Bleeding, Jivebomb, Misery Index, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer,
May 28, 2023 @ Hell Stage - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD) with Cloud Rat, Demiser, Hulder, Innoculation, Inter Arma, Jesus Piece, Sadistic Ritual, Spectral Wound, Undeath, Vomit Forth,
May 27, 2023 @ Angels Rock Bar (Baltimore, MD) with Castle Freak, Restless Spirit, Tombs,
May 27, 2023 @ Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD) with Randomshots,
May 27, 2023 @ Harbor Stage - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD) with Cannibal Corpse, Cephalic Carnage, Dying Fetus, Escueala Grind, Sanguisugabogg, Visceral Disgorge,
May 27, 2023 @ Hell Stage - Baltimore Soundstage (Baltimore, MD) with Acid Witch, Black Tusk, Cemetery Piss, Cloak, Deadguy, Deceased, Dwaves, Jarhead Fertilizer, Necrofier, Outer Heaven,
May 26, 2023 @ Baltimore Sound Stage (Baltimore, MD) with Bastard Cross, Candlemass, Devil Master, Kontusion, Total Maniac, Warhorse, Withered,
May 24, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Candlemass, Final Gasp, Morne,
May 5, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Blood Incantation, Immolation, Ingrown, Obituary, Randomshots,


Apr 28, 2023 @ The Sinclair (Cambridge, MA) with Have A Nice Life, Randomshots, Sinaloa, There Were Wires,
Apr 16, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Eyehategod, Goatwhore, Hell, Randomshots,
Apr 14, 2023 @ Geno's (Portland, ME) with Cadaverette, Eyehategod, Goatwhore, Randomshots, Viqueen,
Apr 13, 2023 @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA) with Cerebral Rot, Dead Congregation, Desolate, Mourned, Randomshots,
Apr 7, 2023 @ Peabody VFW Post 1011 (Peabody, MA) with Broken Record, Catharsis, Faim, New Forms, The Promised End,


Mar 31, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with American War Machine, Earth Crisis, Face First, One King Down, Randomshots,
Mar 30, 2023 @ Sonia (Cambridge, MA) with Decrepit Birth, Krisiun, Vader,
Mar 25, 2023 @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA) with Ancient Death, Burt Bacharach, Funeral Thirst, Sentient Horror, Vivisect,
Mar 11, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Crown Of Thornz, Fools Game, Neighborhood Shit, Randomshots, Risk, Slapshot,
Mar 10, 2023 @ Sonia (Cambridge, MA) with Cinderblock, Conservative Military Image, Randomshots, Stars And Stripes, The Prowlers,
Mar 3, 2023 @ Riverhill Grange (Concord, NH) with Colin Of Arabia, Randomshots, Street Power, Tfr, Tossed Aside,


Feb 25, 2023 @ Badlands VFW (Brockton, MA) with Angel Dust, Black Beach, Drug Church, Fiddlehead, Fleshwater, Randomshots, Seltzers,
Feb 24, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Gorilla Biscuits, Randomshots, Restraining Order, Truth Cult, Vantage Point, Wild Side, Wreckage,
Feb 22, 2023 @ Middle East (Cambridge, MA) with Fire From The Gods, Greyhaven, Norma Jean,
Feb 18, 2023 @ Tribe Dream Arena (Brighton, MA) with Ankle Biter, Broken Vow, Bullet Proof Backpack, Burning Lord, Peace Test, Pummel, Slug, Strange Joy, Vantage Point,


Jan 15, 2023 @ Sonia (Cambridge, MA) with Buried Dreams, Death Before Dishonor, End It, Randomshots, Raw Brigade, Risk, The Chisel,
Jan 14, 2023 @ Riverhill Grange (Concord, NH) with Born Cursed, Heavy Weight, Tino Valpa,
Jan 7, 2023 @ Ralph's (Worcester, MA) with Burning Wind, Final Gasp, Fuming Mouth, High Command, Innocent, Randomshots,

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