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returntothepit >> discuss >> Clouds Taste Satanic - Evil Eye (2019) by Clouds Taste Satanic on May 7,2019 12:48pm
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toggletoggle post by Clouds Taste Satanic at May 7,2019 12:48pm

toggletoggle post by LOL TRUMP SUPPORTERS AND ANTIFA ARE TRASH at May 7,2019 10:33pm
Get this try hard bullshit outa here.

SUS what the fuck man.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at May 8,2019 11:02pm
was not me. i haven't posted in awhile, and again, i am not the bandcamp troll. got sick back in april, missed a bunch of work, shows i had purchased tickets to, community events i wanted to go to, and apparently a lot of internet forum shit.

just recently got around to perusing the forum in sort of regularity and clicking on tunes and whatnot.

i missed the dungeon siege i had purchased tickets to and missed the suffering hour gig. is what it is.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at May 8,2019 11:03pm edited May 8,2019 11:08pm
i haven't even clicked on the link to this band yet- just commented based upon thinking "SUS" was me i guess.

toggletoggle post by SAd can‘t hold a convo on stuff you aren‘t progr... im mallc0re ... at May 9,2019 2:33pm
Sorry to hear you were sick, the dungeon siege was sad. It was like a rave in the 90s for new wave dark synth battle jacket wearers.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at May 9,2019 6:18pm
i just need to know... did mortiis have the ears going

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 10,2019 7:10am
Face cover no ears. There is fb drama about Hillarie’s review too

toggletoggle post by susurrate at May 10,2019 12:37pm
the ghost cult thing? read the review; all the embedded photos were dead links.

toggletoggle post by bandcamp troll at May 10,2019 1:12pm
I can prove that I'm not susrarete. By completely mispelling their username.

Also this band is pretty good. Not sure the hate on this.

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