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returntothepit >> discuss >> Anybody plays Death Metal? by Razor Jack on Dec 28,2011 10:39am
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toggletoggle post by Razor Jack at Dec 28,2011 10:39am
I'd probably have to move back to Europe to find like minded musicians but figured its worth a shot. I am a songwriter/guitarist looking for a drummer, another guitarist, or even a vocalist that know how to write and play death metal. This can be a project that will start from the ground up, and hopefully overtime evolve into a full time band. There might even be a band around that's just looking for a guitarist, who knows? I've got several original songs, so I can send some samples for anybody that might be interested. I'm NOT looking for brutal slam death, overly technical death, or any ____core. I don't have a problem with these styles but there's already plenty of bands like these around. My style is along the lines of Decapitated, Blood Red Throne, Exhumed, Bloodbath, Carcass, Morbid Angel, etc. Basically straight up new/old school Death Metal. If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, shoot me an email at

toggletoggle post by Alexecutioner at Dec 28,2011 10:43am
sounds awesome, hopefully not a troll. this area could use some more death metal

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Dec 28,2011 10:50am

toggletoggle post by Alx_Casket  at Dec 28,2011 11:18am
dress code?

toggletoggle post by Mark R forgot password at Dec 28,2011 11:20am
Any way you can post the samples online or do you prefer to send them by e-mail?

toggletoggle post by Razor Jack at Dec 28,2011 12:56pm
I live in Ashland right now so anywhere between Worcester and Boston would be ideal, but I can drive further if its worth it. I don't wanna post stuff online with a stupid drum machine, so I prefer to just send a few tracks to whoever is seriously interested. Pass this along if you know somebody!

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Dec 28,2011 1:08pm

toggletoggle post by Blessed_Offal at Dec 28,2011 1:10pm
I hope it's super generic and boring. That's what the world needs.

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Dec 28,2011 1:11pm
I wish every band sounded like Luciferion

toggletoggle post by Hungtableed at Dec 30,2011 1:55pm
Email sent from - I am very interested in this, I seriously need to be playing music again.

toggletoggle post by Ghoulash at Dec 30,2011 3:45pm
if it sounds anything like any of those bands, i'll be at every show.

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Dec 30,2011 3:52pm
I heard his stuff, AWESOME. need a drummer asap

toggletoggle post by PaulNLI at Dec 30,2011 3:53pm
OP is Dave Suzuki

toggletoggle post by DestroyYouAlot  at Dec 30,2011 3:59pm edited Dec 30,2011 3:59pm
I kinda wanna hear this.

toggletoggle post by Razor Jack at Jan 23,2012 11:10am
I received a good amount of replies so far, which honestly kinda surprised me. The one department that I haven't had much luck is drums. Somebody should really step up for this.

toggletoggle post by Mark_R at Jan 23,2012 11:20am
Have you tried posting on drum-centric sites like

toggletoggle post by Razor Jack at Jan 23,2012 11:32am
Never even heard of that site, but it def can't hurt. Thanks.

Also "Hungtableed" - I don't think I ever got an email from you.

toggletoggle post by i_am_not_me   at Jan 23,2012 2:20pm
Definitely want to hear whatever results from this.

toggletoggle post by Mark_R at Jan 23,2012 2:33pm
me too

toggletoggle post by Razor Jack at Oct 20,2015 11:50am
Man, I can't believe its been over 3 years, but I finally managed to find the right drummer, and the right guitarist/vocalist for the job. We are also finally up to speed and getting ready to record a debut full length in 2016. The only thing missing is a bassist! We are probably going to record bass ourselves, but once the album is done and the band goes live, someone is going to have to step up to the plate. Not gonna lie, the material is very demanding, and will take a good amount of time and effort for anybody to learn. If you know someone who has serious chops, and isn't a flake, please have them shoot me an email to (We practice in Brighton btw).

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