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returntothepit >> discuss >> New England Hardcore and Metal fest 2004 day 1 the recap by the_reverend on Apr 30,2004 1:54pm
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Apr 30, 2004 the Palladium - first stage (Worcester, MA)
all_that_remains - 2004-04-30
All That Remains(71)
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arch_enemy - 2004-04-30
Arch Enemy(83)
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as_i_lay_dying - 2004-04-30
As I Lay Dying(51)
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a_perfect_murder - 2004-04-30
A Perfect Murder(25)
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burnt_by_the_sun - 2004-04-30
Burnt By The Sun(27)
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byzantine - 2004-04-30
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crematorium - 2004-04-30
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every_time_i_die - 2004-04-30
Every Time I Die(37)
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found_dead_hanging - 2004-04-30
Found Dead Hanging(54)
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god_forbid - 2004-04-30
God Forbid(50)
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killswitch_engage - 2004-04-30
Killswitch Engage(63)
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machine_head - 2004-04-30
Machine Head(58)
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mercury_switch - 2004-04-30
Mercury Switch(26)
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nora - 2004-04-30
flash animated slider show
randomshots - 2004-04-30
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soilent_green - 2004-04-30
Soilent Green(55)
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the_black_dahlia_murder - 2004-04-30
The Black Dahlia Murder(67)
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the_red_chord - 2004-04-30
The Red Chord(60)
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Apr 30, 2004 the Palladium - second stage (Worcester, MA)
cattle_decapitation - 2004-04-30
Cattle Decapitation(44)
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enforsaken - 2004-04-30
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from_a_second_story_window - 2004-04-30
From A Second Story Window(54)
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full_blown_chaos - 2004-04-30
Full Blown Chaos(37)
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most_precious_blood - 2004-04-30
Most Precious Blood(84)
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psyopus - 2004-04-30
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the_judas_cradle - 2004-04-30
The Judas Cradle(47)
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with_honor - 2004-04-30
With Honor(50)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 30,2004 1:54pm
go ahead and talk about it when you get back home.

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Apr 30,2004 2:15pm
is it sold out?? i am such a lazy fuck i never got tickets. todays lineup sucks. maybe i should go get a ticket for tomorrow.

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Apr 30,2004 2:21pm
Go to O'Briens tonight, fuck the PaGayDium and that corporate HC fest.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Apr 30,2004 2:21pm
so yea, i'm going. but i'll be late.

toggletoggle post by JonahBloodbath   at Apr 30,2004 11:25pm
Today was pretty meh, I had to leave early. Burnt by the sun were awesome, most precious blood were awesome..

toggletoggle post by i_am_not_me   at Apr 30,2004 11:42pm
I, as well, had to leave early. But at least it was on a high note...God Forbid put on a pretty damn good performance.

Would've been nice to catch Arch Enemy, though.

toggletoggle post by boobtoucher  at May 1,2004 1:45am
it would've been cool if the network was on the bill!! haha i'm an asshole...I really wanted to go but have to work, work, work....need new guitar and shit. This is the first metalfest i've missed in 3 years!


toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 1,2004 2:31am
I'm back... working on pictures...

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at May 1,2004 2:56am
i'm back with rev and carina, and i'm not working on pictures.

i couldn't get a photo pass.... ahh well, i didn't have to pay $60 at least.

rev's feet stink.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at May 1,2004 3:14am
my throat hurts

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at May 1,2004 3:25am
i have allergies!

toggletoggle post by TheGreatSpaldino   at May 1,2004 3:38am
lick his toes while he is sleeping

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 1,2004 4:05am
my feet don't stink...
that's my dick hole.

I had a ton of computer issues. they are worked out and pictures are uploading.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 1,2004 6:00am

first stage

mercury switch: I was very surprised to find out that they were playing on the main stage RIGHT when I walked in the door. I think I was the only one that was singing along with these fellows and that was a bad thing... cause I had their songs stuck in my head for the whole night. I'm still humming them.

crematorium: even though I tried to convince carina that they were calling it quits, I guess that rumor isn't true. they shouted out scott lee. I guess after the tour they are on, they are going home and recording a new cd. the old CD is just that, old. it's been out for like 2 years now.

a perfect murder: looking a lot older than I remember, they played an energetic set with lots of jumping. carina picked out the french canuck accents they were sporting (there hoser, eh).

byzantine: where were they in that "meshuggah" convo? they are so friendly and their music is really accessible to almost all tastes, from south rock to metalica-ish to meshuggah-ish. great stuff and the cd is mildly addictive.

found dead hanging: crazy... like always, but seriously, on the main stage... it was out of control.. they sprayed water all over the place... and bma artist bleeding take #3... the guitarist cut his arm up with a knife. this was their 3rd metalfest and they have a new split with agoraphobic nosebleed coming out sometime soon. of course... (referencing my thoughts during fassw) the guitar player goes off into the audience while playing. I got up to snap shots of it. I heard someone yelling my name, I continue snapping instead of looking and the Guitar in the pit throws his guitar and it hit someone in the pit. at that same moment, I get hit in the underarm by the mic. I guess the singer was swinging it above my head and when I stood up *bam*. the person yelling my name was carina to warn me of the twirling blades above my head.

burnt by the sun: I always forget how grovey the new cd is. and then I see them live and some songs are like walking into the 70's. they played some old songs which rocked.

nora: sorry, I took pictures of the drummer... while you were sining the song "no one takes pictures of the drummer".

black dahlia murder: excellent, excellent work. these guys are amazing in what they do. after all the recent band termoil with the line-up changing and changing back and now touring touring touring... they haven't hard time for new songs to work it's way into the mix (if they exsit at all). I would love to hear the new tracks that are going to come out of these guys. they will be with vital remants on may 8th in providence.

soilent green: ben faust is the man. he is 100% the man to get up on stage and make the audiencemake sense of the music going on behind him.

all that remains: Phil (singer) was in the crowd a boat load of times but I always seemed to miss his time spent there getting people to sing along. I think they only played the new cd, but I was singing along with the ones I knew.

the red chord: mna, only 5 songs... damn... first time seeing them with the new bass and drummer. to be honest, it was way too echoey in there to hear if they fit in. I did notice that guy didn't really sing some of the lyrics... oh well, I still sung along. they never cease to amazing me just how they can grab everyone into screaming along with the lyrics. antman? a new song? excellent! though I think the chorus was "circle-pit" oer and over. yes, a circle pit there sure was. and a fine one at that. lots of people surfing all over the place.

as i lay dying: don't have their cd? do yourself a favor and go buy it. this just like the live perforance. anyhow, they played like usually. it was the "typical" line up and they ended it with forever (awesome song). I heard some old guy got beat up in the pits too. and was that yet another new guitar player? I must have missed someone.. no time right now to go back and look it up from old pictures.

everytime i die: played a new song and sent it out to bdm's ratboy.

god forbid: way too many photographers at this point. I had to fight to get space and move around where I wanted to go.
crowd surfers+ photographers = not good.
they played two tracks there were/will be available on MTV soon. good for them. they had some guy come in and do guest vocals, but I didn't know who it was. for the last break down, they post, counted to 4 and then BAAAANNNNNGGGG it was went ape shizzle. the security was spraying down the crowd with water.

to lynne and bf: this is where a set of 20-ish, 12-ish, and 50-ish ladies walked but dressed a little trampy. and I said 'past, present and future of skank' im so creative some times.

machine head: what the hell... they took FOREVER to set up. like 20 minutes more. I admit the diamond shapped MH disign was made of 2 full stacks, but come on... that took sooo damn long.
they were the other band that "chappelled" it. the singer kept saying some things about toast and drinking and stuff... but it all sounded a little incencire.... like he was just saying it to make people like him or something. they went on to some 8-minute lament on death that made me was to kill myself. at this point I should mention I had a huge headache. I also don't like MH. the inger kept mentioning some about new england and pissed....if he claimed that new england was wicked pissed?

arch enemy: this is basically the same list as all the other times. rusted angel pointed out that they finished the end of that old song they never finish live. glamous and rock stars as always, but I'm looking forward to some new tracks from these guys. though, they have been touring so damn much!

kill switch engage: they started 45 minutes late... girling them something like 25 minutes to play. oh well, the drummmer looked like he wanted to be any where put that show at that moment. similar tricks again... howard cliams he's going to kick adam's ass for something yet again. (he was wearing a wrestler's mask this time). they definitely have fun with this. I'm glad they have such a huge sense of humor and can laugh at almost anything and just have fun on stage, letting loose.

second stage

pysopus: as always, mind bending. I saw the lead singer of found dead hanging leave, shaking his head in puzzled amazement. One thing though, to those who've never seen them before, they usually sound even better. I think the sound guy was asleep at the wheel cause arpman's guitar wasn't in-your-face like it normally is. check them out on the 21 (boston) and 22 (ri). oh, black market activities band bleeding take 1.

from a second story window: the original singer is back folks. no more Guy or that person that filled in. his voice, like a girl scream one minute, brutal the next. black market activities band bleeding take 2... it seems like through derek's (guitar) typical spasms, the singer, thinking he was scorpio in mortal combat, clocked him over the head with the mic. he then bled a bunch. I though to myself "man, if I got hit with a mic, it would be game over." (see found dead hanging review). the singer also mixed in a little bit of li'l john from the chappelle show as he sung.

the judas cradle: Am I getting these with one one else? weren't they suppose to play metalfest 2 years ago... but broke up? I thought they were suppose to be the "new future" of hardcore back then. well, if it was or wasn't them, they tore it up last night. I would definitely go see them again.

enforsaken: soooo many technically dificulties tied them up for so long. it seemed like forever for them to come on. when they finally did, they were melodic as hell. what's up with these mid-west bands tha just spring up out of the corn and play swedish-like melodic metal.

with honor: as always with them in mass, the crowd loved them. I didn't get to see the last soog in there short set... but it was pretty awesome. all positive and people rolling over each other.

cattle decapitation: wetest performanceof the night. the singer kept letting loose water everywhere. I thought at any moment he was going to vomit on me. and I think that was good thing. the music? well, they played to serve man.. so what more do you want?

full blown chaos: by this point upstairs, the temprature was some where around unbareable. I think if the moist was any higher, we would have been drinking the air.

most precious blood: another band that I don't think could ever not play a good show. they were absolutely awesome. I'm so addicted to their new cd, the first "true" mpb cd. can't wait to see them again. they had mass's own steve austin come out on stage and sing with them too. oh and the drummer needs some replacing. the old one quit... sadly.

then the second stage stopped at 6 something PM.

toggletoggle post by theundergroundscene   at May 1,2004 8:35am
Jesus Christ do you sleep???? You're going to be a ray of sunshine today!!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 1,2004 11:00am
I'm up, showered and ready to go.

toggletoggle post by chistopher at May 1,2004 11:23am
I'm such a sell out, I went to APC last nite instead of Metal Fest. Well I'm going today, can't wait for Between The Buried ane Me

toggletoggle post by DeOdiumMortis  at May 1,2004 1:21pm
the_reverend said:
kill switch engage: they started 45 minutes late... girling them something like 25 minutes to play.

toggletoggle post by Dave Maggot at May 1,2004 1:47pm
i hope all of you are having fun....bastards!

toggletoggle post by dyingmuse   at May 1,2004 3:39pm
this show sounds like a waste of time and money. gayness

toggletoggle post by jake at May 1,2004 4:17pm
i really can't understand why mercury switch would be on this fest, nevermind being on main stage.

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at May 1,2004 6:11pm
mercury switch is fucking awesome

toggletoggle post by Sinistas   at May 1,2004 7:21pm
I went to APC instead and had a great time. Woot.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at May 1,2004 10:50pm
a perfect circle was great last night. i should have gone home satisfied from that and worked today, instead of sleeping in my truck last night and waiting all day for evergrey to play a set that never happened. they were the only band i wanted to see. what an abortion of a weekend. fuck metalfest. what an awful excuse for entertainment. if i see another male wearing a pink shirt or pink pants this weekend, he's getting my sledgehammer in the eyes.

toggletoggle post by joe_shmo at May 2,2004 12:39am
dreadkill said:
a perfect circle was great last night. i should have gone home satisfied from that and worked today, instead of sleeping in my truck last night and waiting all day for evergrey to play a set that never happened. they were the only band i wanted to see. what an abortion of a weekend. fuck metalfest. what an awful excuse for entertainment. if i see another male wearing a pink shirt or pink pants this weekend, he's getting my sledgehammer in the eyes.

Makes me glad I missed the first day.

toggletoggle post by Kalopsia   at May 2,2004 12:52am
wow am i so glad i went to last year's fest and not this year's. i got to spend my saturday fuckin jamming with DEHUMANIZED!

toggletoggle post by theundergroundscene   at May 2,2004 1:06am
You can't blame the venue for the fact that A. they lost power and B. Everygrey has an idiot busdriver that got them lost. They had absolutely no control over either...

Today was a loooooooong day, but I had a good time all things considered....

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at May 2,2004 10:54am
theundergroundscene said:
You can't blame the venue for the fact that A. they lost power and B. Everygrey has an idiot busdriver that got them lost. They had absolutely no control over either...

Today was a loooooooong day, but I had a good time all things considered....

the palladium loses power too often to not take blame this time. maybe i can't blame them for the bus problems i had heard about, but they really need to do something about the power. they've lost power at so many shows i have gone to there. i guess that's what happens when you only want to see a couple of bands at metalfest. maybe next year the lineup will be better so i won't get pissed if i miss a band i want to see. oh well, at least a perfect circle was good friday night. can't complain about that.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at May 2,2004 4:21pm
the power went out at the devin townsend show upstairs last year too.

and Arch Enemy finally finished off "Bridge of Destiny" they usually tease you as they get up to the outro where they both do a hammer on and then go into another song... I bet enough people complained so now they played the entire song! sick!

machine head: fuckin blah blah boring.

killswitch engage: pretty cool, though I don't understand why one of the guitar players has a $3000 framus head, and has an assload of rack gear below it.

toggletoggle post by anonymous at May 5,2004 1:45pm
did anyone see the band ed gein, did they even show up or play? there a fuckin awsome grindcore band

toggletoggle post by cory ayers at May 18,2004 2:00pm
i suck a lot of dick !!!!!
yah rock on.

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