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returntothepit >> discuss >> feb 20 2004 - Drifters Sucks show by the_reverend on Feb 20,2004 6:01pm
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Feb 20, 2004 Club Drifter's (Nashua, NH)
dump - 2004-02-20
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randomshots - 2004-02-20
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the_hostage_heart - 2004-02-20
The Hostage Heart(37)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 20,2004 6:01pm edited Feb 20,2004 10:26pm
I'm heading there now.
the hostage heart is playing.
I'm not sure who else.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 20,2004 10:30pm
I'm back.
pictures are up

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 20,2004 10:44pm edited Feb 20,2004 11:22pm
some blindside cd: horrible... horrible music...

the hostage heart: back from their accident. they sounded really really good. I was sort of scrambling around, but the new song sounded great.

dump: I think that was their name. it was a bunch of the 603 kids. they got to play 2 songs before the show was shut down. I'm not exactly sure about it... it was comeback kid style hardcore, but I don't think doug's vocals go well with that. he's got a killer grind voice, but with hardcore, he just sounded drunk.

ok so, the 603 band was playing and then christian (owner of drifters) came running in and turned off music and stormed off in a huff, saying "THE POLICE HAVE BEEN CALLED". He wasn't joking either. he did call them. about 20 police were at that show kicking people out. And for what? cause there was a fight I guess. Maybe if he knew how to run a club, he would know to have some sort of security there. I don't like that natehostage got punched in the face, but you kick out the people that fought and let the show continue. I doubt I will ever pay to get back in that club again.

toggletoggle post by DeOdiumMortis  at Feb 20,2004 10:47pm
Heheheh, the title of the thread mysteriously got longer...

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 20,2004 11:22pm
I added to the review too...

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 20,2004 11:28pm
I feel bad for darken the sky and that splitkit...
they were there, but didn't get to play.

toggletoggle post by Wee...Bink!  at Feb 21,2004 12:00am
Christian has always been gay, ive been there 3 times that he has called the cops on someone. Jesus hates you Christian.

toggletoggle post by luke   at Feb 21,2004 2:48am
i'm bummed that i missed this show. i really wanted to be there. is it the same owner running drifters that has been for a real long time now?

toggletoggle post by Dimmu Burger at Feb 21,2004 3:32am
That show was so lame, I drove 2 hours to see darken the sky and there were so many kids there , the show was destined to be such a great one, but the owner handled it so bad, fuck driving to that place again and wasting 8 bucks , at least i saw the hostage heart...

toggletoggle post by retzam at Feb 21,2004 3:56am
Mmmmm... burger...

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Feb 21,2004 4:34am
when is the new ownership taken over i keep hearing that dickface aka christian fucking sold the place

toggletoggle post by anonymous at Feb 21,2004 8:44am
he sold it to aaron(sp?) i think hes in spillkit

toggletoggle post by cody  at Feb 21,2004 9:14am
im sorry to everyone who came to the show and paid 8 bucks to see 1 and a half bands. christian obviously handled things as gay as posible and hes going to regret it when no every goes there again.

i know its definately not much but, darken the sky will have free sodas at our next show. so once again im sorry for all the bullshit

see you in the pit

toggletoggle post by mikehostageheart   at Feb 21,2004 10:32am
we (the hostage heart) talked to aaron, who set the show up, and christian after everyone left last night. plans for a free show are in the works, and it's probably going to happen on March 7th. i know a lot of kids don't want to go back to drifters now, but the lineup is probably going to be spillkit, the hostage heart and darken the sky. like i said, it'll be free. christian is a nice guy, i think he just got a little overwhelmed last night. yay for no security....

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Feb 21,2004 10:47am edited Feb 21,2004 10:47am
funny how you guys just now realize how gay drifters is. I've never even been there, but if you knew cafe eclipse before it was closed then you would know what I'm talking about.

I am damn suprised christian even let Doug, DJ, DJ, and Dylan even get through the door, let alone with musical instruments. Christian has kicked them out of cafe eclipse other times, years back. It was probably planned that they get themselves kicked out once again... though they probably didn't think christian wouldn't let the rest of the bands continue to play. They hate christian just as much as everybody if not more. So I hope none of you guys bother going there while christian owns it.

He'll never be able to run a successful club if he continues to be so picky about who plays there, screening lyrics for profanity, and satan. Bands shouldn't have to censor themselves to play in a club.

A long time ago Christian almost booked NILE at C.E. and Zao was supposed to be on part of the tour as an opener, I guess when nile found out that zao was a christian band they kicked them off. Christian told me he was going to not let Nile play anyways because of their lyrics. Gay.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 21,2004 11:09am
"what I got you gotta make me hug and kiss you"
you know what simpons I'm talking about there.

toggletoggle post by redundent  at Feb 21,2004 11:18am
Yea listen to cody guys, free soda at the next DTS show which is Friday, Feb 27th at the Concord Boys and Girls Club. We will rock out extra hard just for you guys who came to the show and got ripped off, well at least I will

toggletoggle post by phantos   at Feb 21,2004 12:21pm
I don;t get all the police cars in the random shots section...
what was... was Carina driving one or aomething. heh.

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Feb 21,2004 12:23pm
funny funny ...

but it was because the owner called the cops and stopped the our photographer snapped pics of all that action

toggletoggle post by XchristopherX at Feb 22,2004 12:45am
if you dont want to get hit, dont stand up front. and if you dont like it, fuck you. i agree that the show should have kept going. but i had a ton of fun either way. sorry darken the sky, that sucks for you guys. you are more than welcome down here anytime. <3 XchristopherX and the Hostage Heart.

toggletoggle post by theundergroundscene   at Feb 22,2004 11:51am
I went to see Poison The Well in Providence last night and this band called Murder By Death played and they were fucking amazing. There's a chick in the band that plays the cello. Wait, this has nothing to do with this show! I suck.

toggletoggle post by theundergroundscene   at Feb 22,2004 11:52am
Wait I lied, the show was in Hartford.

toggletoggle post by mikehostageheart   at Feb 22,2004 1:29pm
our drummer geoff loves murder by death. he went to that show, too. like you said, nothing to do with this thread, but still...

toggletoggle post by jonnyms   at Feb 22,2004 3:58pm
hey guys, i heard about your shiz at drifters. that blows man. you guys should take it easy on christian, i mean yeah he doesn't handle that stuff well, and having no security, and your two little kids runnin around and running a club isn't the best combination. but christian has always been good to us in Mercury,feel i would be shitty friend if i didn't back em up. so say what you feel and everything, and i do sympatize. its sucks that DTS and SK never made the stage. but hopefully things will work out with a show later. just my 2bits


toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Feb 22,2004 5:16pm
I will admit that I like WHAT christian is doing...
just not the how.

if I had the funds, I would start an all ages club in portsmouth, nh... I wish I was around for the demise of the elvis room and could have bought them out. oh well.

on a note related back to this thread, darken the sky needs to get a show out of NH... like one at fat cat's or out in western mass. I think next VFW show, they should play.

toggletoggle post by Darken the Ry at Feb 22,2004 8:37pm
Ya rev. I agree, I love NH and everything but i think a show in another freakin state could be kinda fun for us, heh sorry to all the kids who came out and didnt get refunded...even though it isnt our fault we will make it up to you guys at our next show (concord,nh) much love to neverfall and the hostage heart, at least we got to hang out for a bit

toggletoggle post by xsilenteyesx at Feb 23,2004 1:49am
yes, friday sucked. why christian shut the whole place down i don't know. in my opinion it was needless, but the reason the whole thing happened was because some fucktard couldn't keep his temper under control. i also think that from now on the scene kids should keep an eye out for assholes like the and take em out before they have a chance to shut the whole place down again. cody, my appologies to you for not getting to play. i will be there in the pit supporting Darken the Sky this friday tho. concord boys and girls club, 6:00pm. be there or be square.

toggletoggle post by mikehostageheart   at Feb 23,2004 9:06am
the whole reason christian got pissed was because he knew those kids were there to cause problems, and he was assured by thehostagenate that nothing would happen. nate had talked to dj about telling kids to take it easy, and i guess nothing was said, even after nate talked to him again while they were playing. i'm not defending christian shutting the show down, he just thought things were getting out of control, and he already had a bad impression of the second band so that didn't help.

i'll talk to nate and see about getting darken the sky on a club marque show in worcester sometime soon.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Feb 23,2004 9:30am
wtf, refusing bands to play in his clubs that do not have similar morals and values as him is supergay (JESUS). He's always been this way and I'm sure he'll always be this way. I'm glad the bombshelter is around now because they will let anyone play there, their only problem is they need to promote the metal shows they host. I think it's funny as hell that doug, dj, derrick, and dylan (quad D's) actually made it into another one of christians venue's. As soon as I saw the pics I knew at least their show got cut short. heh.

toggletoggle post by notorious d.u.m.p. at Feb 23,2004 3:12pm
things to address:

the band is called "the notorious d.u.m.p." and can't be held responsible for the actions and attitudes of the kids in the crowd.
doug sounded drunk because he was; we all should've sounded drunk. the band's a house band that gets together once a week to drink and play really simple, stupid music and write really funny, fun lyrics. it's more something to do than artistic expression. if you try and suck an ounce of the latter from notorious, you're missing the point entirely and you should go home and mosh in your bedroom in your bury your dead hoodie, taking yourself completely serious. have fun, get drunk, get punched.
that christian guy is a serious broseph who books brodeo's every week that get broed out 1/2 of the time. he's a wimpy yeah dude disguised as a devout christian who mistreats his kids, the bands he books, and the kids who come to his shows. all of the little miscreants that have a hard-on for change and go to metalcore shows every weekend should combine interests and boycott drifters. get something done, mortals.
and keep listening to the notorious d.u.m.p.

march 33rd w/
english dogs
joe strummer and the mescaleros
the band
the jam
the skatalites
prince buster
rudementary peni
aus rotten
code 13
pist n broke
the pist
eddie heart
van halen
king krimson

@ the tsongas arena

toggletoggle post by Snoop at Feb 24,2004 12:26am
Listen up you cracker ass honkies all i have to say is this, niggas who talk shit, get dealt with real quick.

toggletoggle post by George   at Feb 24,2004 4:59am
come play grind doug. my band needs a singer. god damnit, i love that kids vocals.

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