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returntothepit >> discuss >> Haveheart tonight in amherst by the_reverend on Dec 26,2007 7:09pm
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Dec 26, 2007 Mercy House (Amherst, MA)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 26,2007 7:09pm
This is my first trip out to this venue. The only issue was the fact that there was no parking anywhere near this place. Im not sure where the people go to pray, but they must be all fit and hoof it 2-3 blocks from where i parked, some supermaret or pizzaria or something. If you come down here, give yourself more than the -30 minute lee way that i gave myself. Also, the road from rt 2 are awesome. Nothing spells out western mass to me like windy, hilly roads. The place is pretty packed too. The door guy said about 200 kids. That is like rediculous on a night like this. Oh, the "only issue" is sort of a lie. I cant blame any one, but for some reason, shuffle on my iPod failed misserable and kept sitting out the same Boris and Godflesh songs that i tyically skip.

talk is cheap: this was the band hat influenced my decision to come to the show at all. When someone outside said the second band was on, my heart sort of sunk. I thought i had missed them. Most of the members of the bad i have seen either in other bands or just at cabot st/fat cat's/waterfront tavern shows. Most of the audeince from the WT cause these kids are youngsters. I ran in and cause the last 3 songs they did. The second to last had me dodging peole running at the stage and trying to wiggle my way assassin's creed style through all the girls with cameras. I guess people knew that 2nd to last song.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 26,2007 7:40pm
foundations: from the lost city of atlanta. They drove all night straight from atlanta to this show. Hm.. Guess i cant complain about the 2 1/2 hrs... But i think i can still complain about the iPod and it's shuffle's lack of shufflingness. They started off sounding like integrity, but that was mostly just their first song. The singer kept asking for everyone to move up, but there was still that damn fu horseshoe for most of the set. Some girl in the back put out their record. Not sure any of the details about that. It was important enough for them to mention so it's important enough for me to mention. They didnt have too much movement until the last song.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 26,2007 8:18pm
sluts: i believe this band's fullname includes the words "full chest tattoo" in it as all the female population and 1/2 the male poulation of this part of the country exhibit this specific sort of plumage. What a bizarre species study. they are from boston so maybe that's why. The singer looks like the singer of STK if he started to get jacked. He was wearing a tragedy shirt which is the only shirt that a band could wear and immediately be good. Hell, if devildriver's singer wore a tragedy shirt, they would all of a sudden be good. RobinG, read me and book these guys. They were so very good. A little bit of hoepcon and bands related to that who actual want to make music in their hardcore and not just all 2-stepping or mosh parts. There was only one 1 minute part of their set that was danceable at all. The rest just had people standing there. There was also something that reminded me of the recently reunited pain, but im not sure why.

At this point, the venue has 350 people in the door. On a time when the town is empty, that rules.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 26,2007 8:49pm
and now the show is sold out. awesome.

wake up call: the singer has some of tbhe worse speeches ever... But he is lahing a show with a broken jaw. I cant believe it. If i had the runs i would be home so fast and this guy should have his jaw wired shut, but there he is on stage. I always confuse this bland with a couple other bands. Good stuff though. The singer had 2 sing along mics so he wouldnt get punched in the face, but instead, he ran into the audience over and over and even tried to get a iggy back ride from some unsuspecting circle pit-a-teers. This is complete foreshadowing of the rest of the show. Total sing alongs.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 26,2007 9:42pm
shoot to kill: speaking of ron paul... I know the singer backs them. It'll be good to see them in western mass again. The last time was in 2005. This will be decisively different. That is if they ever get set up and play. Not sure what the hold up is. They started playing finally and the guitar was cutting out continuously. They had to stop and swap out the cab. After that it was good to go. Even though they said their overstayed their welcome in their neck of the woods, they had robably the best crowd response I have ever seen for them. Kudos to you guys. Granted it was mostly all faces I knew from western mass, but that is how it goes. They played a cover of united forces. you know, that song that you know the chorus to, but that's it. Their last song went out to some kid that sent them hatemail. I don't know what it was about.. Something about black and white dudes humping or dave chapelle or something.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 26,2007 10:25pm
down to nothing: crazy good times. People don't need to be told to set it off when these guys. Since the show with the drug test reunion, they have just been awesomely consistent. The crowd stage dove since before the music even started. Amazing. The people at the edge of the stage would either lean over to get stepped on or they would get knocked back on their asses. I still don't know their music, but just like every single other band, I think that their last song was the name of their band. does motorhead have a song called motorhead?

toggletoggle post by phillip  at Dec 26,2007 11:10pm
I saw Have Heart the other night in New Bedford in the garage section of a studio
it was my first time seeing them, such a good show, I havent had that much fun at a show in a while

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 27,2007 2:17am

toggletoggle post by KeynoteCompany  at Dec 27,2007 3:11am edited Dec 27,2007 3:16am
350+ wow.
Good to hear people had a good time in NB, show was sweet.

toggletoggle post by Horror_Tang  at Dec 27,2007 8:18am
Hey, Mr. Papadapolis. You mentioned something about Western Mass, Massholes. Well, the only real Massholes are on the eastside of the state muthafucka. East side represent.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 27,2007 8:31am
yeah I know, same commie taxes, but 500% more badditude.

toggletoggle post by Horror_Tang  at Dec 27,2007 8:49am
I don't think you understand the definition of Masshole.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 27,2007 8:55am
how could I? I can drive well, go to the dentist more than a month after my face starts to swell, and talk below 11

toggletoggle post by britttt at Dec 27,2007 9:53am
Since I live in western mass and have had limited rides ability...this was my first have heart show. But I've been driving for a while and I'm planning on going to a lot more Have Heart shows because this has definately been the best show i've ever been to without a doubt. You caught me in some wicked funny candids during HH but i love them anyways. You did a sick job because you got one that i just cant get over how amazing it came out. Glad you enjoyed your trip out here.
ps- Tic are my boys. They're sick as fuck and are mad talented.

toggletoggle post by Horror_Tang  at Dec 27,2007 9:58am
Wow, she's been, like, driving for a while. Like, that's, like, so cool.

toggletoggle post by DrewBlood   at Dec 27,2007 10:15am
I <3 Sluts.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 27,2007 10:16am
sluts didn't get the response from the crowd they could have gotten, but they sort of stole the show for me.

toggletoggle post by britttt at Dec 27,2007 1:08pm
Too bad i didn't use one "like" in that entire paragraph. If your going to be a dick and say something as gay as that before you even know me then that's just being fucked up. Show some respect.

toggletoggle post by Horror_Tang  at Dec 27,2007 1:09pm
Respect is earned.

toggletoggle post by britttt at Dec 27,2007 1:48pm
I have to agree with you there, actually. touche.

toggletoggle post by deathamphetamine at Dec 29,2007 7:09pm
well shows are cool and all, but any non youth crew/metalcore band can never get a show booked there unless you contact 3months in advance. We used to like playing there, wasteland used to like playing there, but now it is off limits so to speak. It has been "taken over."

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