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returntothepit >> discuss >> Palladium tonight! sonata artica/the agonist downstairs, blessthefall/escape the fate upstairs. by the_reverend on Sep 29,2007 9:06pm
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Sep 29, 2007 the Palladium (Worcester, Ma)
blessthefall - 2007-09-29
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escape_the_fate - 2007-09-29
Escape The Fate(81)
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frozen - 2007-09-29
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love_hate_hero - 2007-09-29
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once_beloved - 2007-09-29
Once Beloved(85)
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randomshots - 2007-09-29
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sonata_arctica - 2007-09-29
Sonata Arctica(114)
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the_agonist - 2007-09-29
The Agonist(143)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Sep 29,2007 9:06pm
im running back and forth. 2 awesome shows. upstairs is disgusting and sold out. downstairs is cooler and chill, but not sold out. granted, it looks pretty packed in here.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Sep 29,2007 10:19pm
once beloved: lee's (screams of erida) new band. Sounds a lot er.. A little different than SOE. The guitarist is the brother of joel from kill switch engage. Can you tell? He doesn't look exactly like is brother or anything. This is their first set with lee and the new drummer. A legend is born. Word life. Some of the vocals bounced back off the high ceiling of the palladium weird, but they are a good match for lee.

frozen: as they tweaked mics and tuned strings, people from the crowd yelled for "jump" From the front of the stage, I couldn't really hear the vocals. Like the last time I saw them, it reminded me a lot like NBC soilwork. At least the first song. They ended with "one last song". I'm pretty sure people were expecting jump, but they dint play it.

agonist, the: I still have yet to hear the CD. When I click on their myspace, some loud and pissed off music blasted out of my browser. It seems that they were down a member. Their second guitarist got into a car accident and had to miss this tour. Still they brought it. Starting off with some songs that had a lot more singing in them to really heavy songs. That pleases me because I told people they were on the heavy side and then they started right off with not-so-heavy metal. These guys have a good start to becoming bi plus they are on century media and the singer looks like kelly bundy.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Sep 30,2007 1:16am

toggletoggle post by brandon...  at Oct 1,2007 11:07am edited Oct 1,2007 11:07am
the_reverend said:
once beloved: guitarist is the brother of joel from kill switch engage. Can you tell?

Yea he only rips off everything his brother ever wrote.

toggletoggle post by Scandi at Oct 1,2007 3:25pm
Amazing, simply amazing! Great people I meet too :-).

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