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returntothepit >> discuss >> ABHORRED calling it quits by KillerKadoooogan on May 22,2007 3:45pm
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toggletoggle post by KillerKadoooogan at May 22,2007 3:45pm
Well then...after almost 4 years of a good-god-damn-time, we've decided to bring it to and end.

Me (meaning Ben) and my brother John have both been having our doubts about keeping it going, and neither of us knew about each other's doubts until recently, and we each had pretty much the same damn reasons for quitting, thus making it much easier to make the final decision.

It's not my main priority anymore, and to not give 100% to such a fucking force of a band would be doing the rest of my bandmates a huge disservice, to say the least. I know for a fact that as a band, we were on a whole other plane, and I don't care how much of an egotist that makes me look like, it's the fucking truth.

I've met countless awesome, awesome people through doing this. I've also met a lot of douche bags, but such is life.

We took this shit so much farther than I ever anticipated. Too many highlights, but the show at the Palindrome in Brooklyn comes to mind, and playing the Paradise main stage and getting the rock star treatment of free booze in the backroom at 17 years old was pretty great as well. I stood on the main stage at the Middle East and saw a bunch of people rocking out to my band at Doom and Grind Fest. We've played with Phobia, Bathtub Shitter, and fucking Circle of Dead Children, who are basically responsible for my being as far into metal as I was/am. These and a handful of other awesome national/international acts, without ever doing some lame-ass pay-to-play/ticket scalping bullshit.

Our goals for this band when we started were basically to play in Boston and get some shows with Kevorkian's Angels and Watchmaker (we were fanboys. Still are, to some extent....). That turned into Brian doing our artwork/logo and being one of our biggest supporters.

On top of all that, when we played our first show with Noosebomb, we were all wet in the pants to play a show with ex members of Grief and Disrupt, and now Jeff is a damn good friend and an awesome bandmate (or ex-bandmate).

So yeah. The original plan was to play the June 3rd show in Somerville, and book one last bash-of-a-show elsewhere, but it just isn't going to happen.

A million fucking thank yous to everyone who ever booked us on a show/let us crash/bought us beer/loaned us gear/reviewed a show/reviewed our cd's and so forth, and an extra extra gigantic thank you to everyone who ever came out and banged their collective fists and heads off.

Thank you to all our fellow Massholes (Watchmaker, Hirudinea, Dissector, Kevorkian's Angels, CWAF, Revocation, IWEIPH, etc. etc. etc.), and to Brian Livoti for all the bad-ass logos and artwork.

Thanks to these folk:

Mr. Joe McNamara, who, despite the last couple years of whatever bad blood between us, definitley played a big part in getting our name out there.

Aaron Pepelis of, also without whom, who knows where we'd have gone? You all should be licking this mans balls for doing what he does so consistently.

the Heidenrich family for putting up with the majorirty of the last 4 years of noise.

Thank you to Josh Staples for a year of bass playing and drunken, hash-induced hijinks (that's right...hijinks...).

Most of all, thank you to my brothers John Farley, John Heidenrich, Eric Braunschweiger, and Jeff Hayward, as we made one hell of a fucking band.

I'm sure I forgot a whole bunch of shit, but that's the gist of it.

- Ben/Abhorred

P.S. I have no idea at this point what's going to happen with the EP. For now it's still download-able from
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toggletoggle post by Anthny at May 22,2007 4:01pm
So I'll never see you guys play live again? Not even one last time? Please?

If not, that's extremely fucking depressing.

I knew this was coming, but still it sucks so damn bad. You guys were the most intense band around here, in my opinion, and among the very top bands. The past few sets I saw of you, in Sept and Oct and then in Jan... it was downright unbelievable. The RttP benefit show was the best set from a local band I've ever seen.

RAOV.. Abhorred... who's next? The thrash gods are punishing Boston damn harshly lately.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at May 22,2007 4:08pm

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile   at May 22,2007 5:47pm
Damn, fucking sucks! By far one of the greatest bands Mass has ever had. I raise my glass in memory of the good times and tonight I'll bang my head in honor of my brothers whom no long ride.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at May 22,2007 5:53pm
BornSoVile said:

And just go with the bands you thanked above that're still around!

It Will End In Pure Horror

Damn fine show, right there.

toggletoggle post by DomesticTerror at May 22,2007 6:06pm
sucks to hear. the last time i saw you guys(Natick) you were amazing. i still miss those chopping block shows way back when.
so, are you gonna do standup now?

toggletoggle post by Anthny at May 22,2007 6:15pm
I know we'd be honored to play Abhorred's last show. If you guys can man up to play together one last time, we'll make it happen.

toggletoggle post by Anthny at May 22,2007 6:15pm

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at May 22,2007 6:17pm
Yeah! I'd do anything to make a final Abhorred gig happen as well.

toggletoggle post by yummy at May 22,2007 8:28pm
shitty. Although I only saw Abhorred maybe twice I really dug it. Figures I mention it now. I would attend a final gig.

toggletoggle post by Revocation at May 22,2007 8:45pm
this blows

toggletoggle post by blue  at May 22,2007 9:00pm
this has to happen. i will be there.

toggletoggle post by Chris_From_Shit_Fuck  at May 23,2007 12:07am
we'll never get the chance to play with you like we've been trying to for the past 2 years, fucking some of the worst news I've heard in a long fucking time. I'm hoping that you guys at least continue thrashing is some other form down the road.

And yes one last fucking thrash tastic show is a must.

toggletoggle post by Aegathis  at May 23,2007 12:14am
Wow this is sad news. That new cd was pretty sick sounding. Its funny i remember the first ever Coffin Birth show was with Abhorred and two other bands that broke up too.

toggletoggle post by Mike_Giallo   at May 23,2007 12:53am
Wicked lame. I agree you should do one final show. Imagine the mayhem and carnage that would ensue.

toggletoggle post by Mess at May 23,2007 5:41am edited May 23,2007 5:52am
shitty news

toggletoggle post by watchmaker666  at May 23,2007 7:32am
Wow another one of the Masshole elite down, damn! You guys may have started out as Watchmaker "fanboys" but it was us that turned into fanboys of you. It was great to watch you guys grow into one of the most brutal bands in the area. I was also great to share the stage with you guys many times. That paradice show was fucking incredible! Anyway this is sad news but we are glad to call each and every one of you friends. Thrash on brothers!

toggletoggle post by ronofthedead at May 23,2007 8:16am
When I first saw the title of this thread I thought it was about the old Abhorred from way back in the 90's.

Either way it still sucks to see another MA band break up, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

toggletoggle post by SteveOTB   at May 23,2007 8:44am
Man that's wicked lame. We were hoping to play a show again with you guys too.

toggletoggle post by INFECT  at May 23,2007 10:36am
*sigh* this sucks in a big way
one of the best boston bands ever
you guys seriously need to do a farewell show and someone needs to release that EP proper, that shit fucking kills

toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at May 23,2007 11:01am
hahah, nice *sigh*, gayboy.

Just play the Skybar show with us and Hirudinea and make that the last show. Go out with a BANG!

toggletoggle post by kazoogan at May 23,2007 6:40pm
I think I'm gonna cry.

seriously, though, thanks guys.

toggletoggle post by C.DEAD at May 24,2007 11:39am
Yeah, this sucks big ol balls. Fucking Farleys, what the shit?

Oh well, i hear what your'e saying. If its not there, its really not fucking there. I had great times playing with you dudes, so much fun. Cheers.

toggletoggle post by brad weymouth at May 24,2007 8:27pm
sorry to hear that dudes, it was always a treat playing with you fucks. i must admit, the first time i saw you guys i referred to you as Im Bored. But as we played more shows together you all stepped it up and got better real fast. it was a honor boys...

toggletoggle post by iren_the_viking   at May 25,2007 2:27am
but ben! you guys are pussies! only pussies break up

toggletoggle post by kazoogan at May 25,2007 2:35pm
bahahaha "I'm bored". that's far better than all the "ab-horde" and "aboard" we heard.

well played.

and yes, we are indeed pussies. I WILL FIGHT YOU TO THE DEATH, TYLER.

Seriously, though, it's awesome to know we at least made an impact on some people.

toggletoggle post by Mike_Giallo   at May 25,2007 3:09pm
So, Exploding Christ getting back?

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at May 25,2007 3:24pm
haha, Tyler called you a pussy. You must be the biggest faggot ever, 'cuz that guy sucks bown men balls.

toggletoggle post by Chris_From_Shit_Fuck  at May 25,2007 4:51pm
Mike_Giallo said:
So, Exploding Christ getting back?

100% Backed. If So, Ben we will tour and do copious amounts of drugs. Rich you are invited.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at May 25,2007 4:53pm
Of course I'm invited. You need someone that can draw. PWNED NIGGA

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at May 25,2007 4:54pm
Also, I'm here to out you, Chris. Marijuana is not a drug.

toggletoggle post by Dwellingsickness at May 25,2007 4:58pm edited May 25,2007 5:00pm
Mike_Giallo said:
So, Exploding Christ getting back?

EC does need to get back together..That would be cool. Only managed to see EC once, But it was awesome . Don't think I ever seen Abhorred, But I may be mistaken.

toggletoggle post by Chris_From_Shit_Fuck  at May 25,2007 5:01pm
RichHorror said:
Also, I'm here to out you, Chris. Marijuana is not a drug.

Gets the job done though, and I'll finally do blow if a IWEIPH, EC, and SF tour happens.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at May 25,2007 5:08pm
Then I will make sure it happens. Set your life to ruined, Christopher.

toggletoggle post by Chris_From_Shit_Fuck  at May 25,2007 5:14pm
I've been hoping for this day

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