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returntothepit >> discuss >> RAVAGE CD RELEASE PARTY...FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY by Al_Ravage on Jan 5,2006 8:47pm
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toggletoggle post by Al_Ravage   at Jan 5,2006 8:47pm edited Jan 5,2006 8:49pm
If you don't go to this I will never speak to you again

at the Middle East (Downstairs)
Friday Jan 6th (tommorow)
8pm 18+ $10
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toggletoggle post by Al_Ravage   at Jan 5,2006 11:13pm
you'd butta go

toggletoggle post by Al_Ravage   at Jan 5,2006 11:17pm
or else the hitman is comin

toggletoggle post by Al_Ravage   at Jan 6,2006 10:46am
anyone who doesn't go is dead to me

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jan 6,2006 10:47am
What time does Ravage go on? I am working until atleast 10:30

toggletoggle post by Kinslayer at Jan 6,2006 5:04pm
I'll go if I can get in for free!

I'm broke until payday :(

toggletoggle post by slowlypeelingtheflesh   at Jan 6,2006 5:20pm
I will be at this

toggletoggle post by Al_Ravage   at Jan 7,2006 1:41pm
Many thanks to all who came, there was a pretty dissapointing turn out from the local metal scene, but it was a very successful show and we still managed to almost fill the place... if anyone from the local metal scene had showed it probably would have sold out, but that was probably the club's fault for not booking any other local metal bands. I personally am somewhat dissapointed at those who didn't show for not supporting us at our most important show to date (some had good excuses, some had hilariously bad excuses)...ya missed a great show... for those who did show, I am eternally saved Ravage, saved metal at the Middle East and you will be immortalized forever if we get a good mix of the audio. Jaded played a cover of "Youth Gone Wild" which was very rockin' and it was probably our best show ever. We'll have pictures and audio at some point, probably recording soon....probably won't be playing again until feb.

toggletoggle post by dreadedsilence at Jan 7,2006 4:07pm
i was there. it was a killer set
i didn't get to see all of Jaded's set, and i'm pissed that i missed "Youth Gone Wild" cuz i would have liked to see how they pulled it off. and the singer was hot...

good show though

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