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returntothepit >> discuss >> Heuristic quick update by markus on May 10,2005 3:44pm
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toggletoggle post by markus at May 10,2005 3:44pm
As some of you may know, Jacob is no longer in the band, and we are currently playing as a three piece. we are trying out other guitar players and still figure out how that's working.
Our full length on Black Box Records is pressed and done. we have them in our hands, and the official release date is may 15th, so hopefully you'll be able to get them in store then. I will post more info about our distro and such when i get it. they look fantastic and i'm really excited about it.
We're doing two tours so far this summer. We're doing an 11 day tour from may 31st to june 11th(all within our birthdays AGAIN), and another 4/5 week tour later in the summer. The dates will be posted when they are all confirmed. We're just doing a brief roundabout the north eastern area, trying to hit up all the same places we've played and loved before for the 11 day tour.
Cheers, and thanks for all the fish.
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The Heuristic

toggletoggle post by todayistheday at May 10,2005 3:48pm
do you have music written out for some songs or would we have to learm em by ear?

toggletoggle post by blue nli at May 10,2005 3:52pm
i heard the cd, its disgusting. in an awesome way.

toggletoggle post by whiskey_weed_and_women  at May 10,2005 3:55pm
the Heuristic are probably the best band playing in Boston right now !

toggletoggle post by BestialOnslaught  at May 10,2005 4:00pm
Was Jacob the thief also responsible for you guys stealing DEP's style?

toggletoggle post by markus at May 10,2005 4:04pm

toggletoggle post by BestialOnslaught  at May 10,2005 5:22pm
Don't play coy with me!

toggletoggle post by gorgish at May 11,2005 11:22am
don't be a jerk, we don't sound like dillinger

toggletoggle post by gorgish at May 11,2005 11:51am

that's what they look like

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