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   le Reporte - Sonar (Baltimore, MD) [officially approved] [views 43196]

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Subject: Film pictures from MDF mostly of backpatches
Posted by: by on Apr 18,2013 2:49pm

the clutch one made me giggle.

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Jul 9, 2012 - I guess the Sonar is closed (MDF new venue to be announced) [ replies-discuss]
Jun 22, 2012 - Maryland Death Fest (MDF) XI (May 23-26, 2013) dates announced. [ replies-discuss]
Jun 2, 2011 - MDF X - 2012 announced: 5/24/12-5/27/12 [ replies-discuss]
May 29, 2011 - MDF IX - Maryland Death Fest 2011 day four recap thread [ replies-discuss]
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:Mar 13,2015 4:35pm - post by metallomusikum

and if you have an idea for something else email it
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May 26, 2013: randomshots
May 25, 2013: randomshots
May 24, 2013: randomshots
May 23, 2013: abigail, bolt_thrower, cobalt, deiphago, noisem, pallbearer, randomshots
May 27, 2012: agents_of_abhorrence, backslider, bethlehem, church_of_misery, coke_bust, cough, demonical, disma, electric_wizard, morgoth, mortuary_drape, nausea, pentagram_cl, randomshots, rwake, saint_vitus, sargeist, suffocation, ulcerate, yob
May 26, 2012: anvil, archgoat, black_witchery, bloody_phoenix, brujeria, confessor, deviated_instinct, dragged_into_sunlight, haemorrhage, hellbastard, horna, infernal_stronghold, looking_for_an_answer, morbid_angel, morbid_saint, noothgrush, october_31, randomshots, the_devils_blood, tsjuder, winter
May 25, 2012: artillery, castevet, demigod, ghoul, godflesh, macabre, napalm_death, nashgul, nasum, negura_bunget, randomshots, setherial, today_is_the_day, unsane
May 24, 2012: absu, agalloch, autopsy, die_pigeon_die, dying_fetus, extermination_angel, eyehategod, needful_things, randomshots, rorschach
May 29, 2011: bad_acid_trip, bastard_noise, citizens_arrest, coroner, dead_congregation, doubled_over, ghost, gravehill, last_days_of_humanity, malignant_tumour, nightbringer, nokturnel, nuclear_assault, oak, orange_goblin, randomshots, repugnant, skinless, visceral_disgorge, wormed
May 28, 2011: acid_witch, avulsed, blood_freak, cianide, creative_waste, cretin, defeated_sanity, doom, dropdead, exhorder, hail_of_bullets, hooded_menace, impaled_nazarene, innumerable_forms, inquisition, in_solitude, mammoth_grinder, masakari, nunslaughter, randomshots, the_kill, voivod
May 27, 2011: aura_noir, corrosion_of_conformity, cripple_bastards, exhumed, funebrarum, kylesa, machetazo, marduk, nails, neurosis, nocturnal, pulling_teeth, randomshots, the_impalers
May 26, 2011: buzzoven, cathedral, extortion, flesh_parade, lack_of_interest, miasmal, noisear, randomshots, shitstorm, tragedy, witchaven
May 30, 2010: black_breath, capitalist_casualties, captain_cleanoff, converge, crucifist, entombed, eyehategod, from_ashes_rise, gorod, gridlink, honkey_kong, krallice, magrudergrind, massgrave, n2002, necrophobic, obituary, pentagram, pestilence, randomshots, rompeprop, rottenness, sinister, surroundings
May 29, 2010: asphyx, autopsy, blood_duster, deceased, fang, fuck_the_facts, howl, impaled, incantation, ingrowing, jucifer, melechesh, obliteration, portal, possessed, randomshots, repulsion, sadistic_intent, sulaco, the_chasm, total_fucking_destruction, verbal_abuse, wolfbrigade
May 28, 2010: birds_of_prey, coffins, defeatist, dri, gorguts, gride, jesus_crost, malignancy, nazxul, putrescence, randomshots, the_communion, tombs, watain
May 27, 2010: birdflesh, ex-dementia, general_surgery, iron_lung, nekromantheon, pretty_little_flower, randomshots, swarm_of_the_lotus, xbrainiax
May 24, 2009: abscess, absu, agenda_of_swine, antigama, aura_noir, bolt_thrower, catheter, complete_failure, despise_you, destroyer_666, devourment, kill_the_client, krallice, lair_of_the_minotaur, magrudergrind, randomshots, RandomshotsFilm, sigh, splitter, the_endless_blockade, the_red_chord, trap_them, yakuza
May 23, 2009: atheist, birdflesh, bolt_thrower, brutal_truth, crowpath, drugs_of_faith, flesh_parade, general_surgery, hail_of_bullets, immolation, maruta, misery_index, napalm_death, phobia, pig_destroyer, pretty_little_flower, randomshots, rotten_sound, unearthly_trance, weekend_nachos, wolves_in_the_throne_room
May 22, 2009: asphyx, cattle_decapitation, cephalic_carnage, gnostic, hero_destroyed, jig_ai, mayhem, pigsty, randomshots, sayyadina, triac, venomous_concept, victims, withered
May 25, 2008: blood_duster, circle_of_dead_children, copremesis, dead, dying_fetus, engorged, gadget, gruesome_stuff_relish, hellnation, impaled, infected_malignity, japanische_kampfhorspiele, macabre, nuclear_assault, randomshots
May 24, 2008: anaal_nathrakh, behold_the_arctopus, coffins, decrypt, defeated_sanity, defeatist, disfear, flesh_parade, fuck_im_dead, ghoul, kalibas, keitzer, monstrosity, randomshots, trap_them, waco_jesus
May 23, 2008: afgrund, grave, ingrowing, martyr, phobia, randomshots, skarp, squash_bowels, the_day_everything_became_nothing, torsofuck
May 27, 2007: birdflesh, cripple_bastards, dead_infection, exhale_se, fuck_the_facts, ghoul, gut_de, jigsore_terror, malevolent_creation, misery_index, odious_mortem, putrescence, randomshots, retaliation, zyklon
May 26, 2007: brutal_truth, cock_and_ball_torture, extreme_noise_terror, flagitious_idiosyncrasy_in_the_dilapidation, foetopsy, general_surgery, gorerotted, gorod, nunwhore_commando_666, randomshots, regurgitate, rotten_sound, saprogenic, skitsystem, vomitory
May 25, 2007: defeatist, insect_warfare, pig_destroyer, pisschrist, putrid_pile, randomshots
May 28, 2006: cattle_decapitation, disfear, dismember, embalmer, magrudergrind, mucupurulent, necrophagist, pungent_stench, quills, randomshots, rompeprop, sayyadina, severe_torture, total_fucking_destruction, unholy_grave, yacoepsae
May 27, 2006: alarum, anata, butcher_abc, catheter, cenotaph, cliteater, demilich, electro_quarterstaff, embryonic_cryptopathia, gorgasm, haemorrhage, machetazo, municipal_waste, randomshots, sanitys_dawn, skinless, vital_remains
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