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returntothepit >> discuss >> April 20th 2017 Metal Thursday CCCXXVIII: Pink Mass (NJ Grind), Locus Mortis (NY Death Metal), Upheaval, & Death State @ Ralph's Worcester by KEVORD on Feb 19,2017 4:47pm
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: post by grandmotherweb at 2017-04-03 13:12:51
anonymous said[orig][quote]
Do you even know why FMSF was founded?

yes, so Peter Freyd could get out of having to answer to his daughter, who accused him of rape.

and now, Doug Mesner gets pats on the head from these accused pedophiles, for violating the anonymity of rape survivors. have you all nothing better to do with your time? apparently not.

grandmotherweb said[orig][quote]

"A new generation of "myth-busting" investigative reporters is also on the job. For example, Doug Mesner has been attending meetings of
people who claim to have been abused by satanic ritual abuse cults and he then writes about the meetings and the claims on his blog.

Although we wish that the recovered-memory phenomenon would move more quickly on its way out of our culture, there is no doubt that
fascination with the story elements still propels belief in the recovered-memory phenomenon, science not withstanding."

- Pamela Freyd, wife of FMSF founder (and accused pedophile) Peter Freyd

the science is 100% settled: DID is real, despite the fact that people like Orphia Nay fake it for years to impress their therapists, to feel special and important. what a bunch of snowflakes we have here..

grandmotherweb said[orig][quote]
you could always do some research on DID or something.. i dunno, it might break your reality.

grandmotherweb said[orig][quote]
But%20its%20not%20real said[orig][quote]

It's just not

LOL, there are still climate change deniers out there, too, y'know..

"...[T]hroughout our history the psychiatric legitimacy and naturally occurring reality of DID has been challenged and argued ...

Yet numerous studies in different areas have now shown that cognitive, affective, and neurobiological findings in DID participants do not mimic results in control samples and those who are trained to simulate DID ...

This suggests that DID results are not a product of simulating or malingering, such that these as universal explanations are no longer part of the serious scientific understanding of DID."
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