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returntothepit >> discuss >> April 20th 2017 Metal Thursday CCCXXVIII: Pink Mass (NJ Grind), Locus Mortis (NY Death Metal), Upheaval, & Death State @ Ralph's Worcester by KEVORD on Feb 19,2017 4:47pm
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: post by grandmotherweb at 2017-03-17 21:39:58
debunking DID is apparently all you idiots care about anymore. good luck with that, false victims' advocates. stay away from SIA meetings and related gatherings from now on.

anony-mooooose said[orig][quote]
When you troll someone, the point is to piss them off and upset them, but it seems like he doesn't care at all. I don't think your trolling is working. i think you're just wasting energy because nobody cares about it.

I am genuinely interested in your DID. I thought it was debunked by most therapists and psychs. Is it a split personality issue, like bipolar where you have extreme highs and extreme rage or lows, or is it really multiple personalities? Do you go in and out of personalities? do you remember things when one personality says/does something? Is it a dream like state. I am in no way trolling you. I want to really understand this, and i'd prefer it from a first person account, not a comic. If you will.

grandmotherweb said[orig][quote]
after my pamphlet bomb on his latest art show opening, he announced he'd be giving a lecture debunking Ted Gunderson (and MPD in general) within 48 hours. my actions influence him, even if he doesn't acknowledge it publicly.
plus, his groupies came to this thread to defend his junk from "threats" and "libel". um.. it's not libel if it's true: his junk would be more interesting on fire, and we all know he'd love the attention, wouldn't he?

i talk about my alters and recovery on Tumblr, along with a lot of other people. if you do not believe in DID, and dismiss everything i say as "attention whoring", then there is no point in discussing the intricacies of it with you, is there?
but since you asked, i trance out a lot (dissociate), but i remember when alters come and go and do things with the body. sometimes "i" am a conscious passenger while the others do yoga and stuff. we have co-consciousness and share memories.

if you were really interested in learning about DID, you'd have read some of resources i've been posting by now. since the DSM and peer-reviewed journals are apparently too tedious for you, seriously, try these webcomics instead: - debunking the False Memory Syndrome Foundation as pedophiles discrediting their victims.
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