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Subject: LIGHT THIS CITY unveils ‘Stormchaser’ release date, tracklisting
Posted by: by the_reverend on Sep 15,2008 2:03pm
LIGHT THIS CITY unveils ‘Stormchaser’ release date, tracklisting

San Francisco melodic death thrashers LIGHT THIS CITY have confirmed Nov. 11 as the release date for the band’s fourth full-length album, entitled ‘Stormchaser,’ as well as the complete tracklisting for the 12-song effort, which will be released through Prosthetic Records. A new track, “Sand And Snow” has also been posted on the LIGHT THIS CITY MySpace page ( ).


1) Stormchaser
2) Fragile Heroes
3) The Anhedonia Epidemic
4) Beginning With Release
5) Firehaven
6) The Collector. Part 1: Muse
7) The Collector. Part 2: Donor
8) A Desperate Resolution
9) Wake Me At Sunset
10) Bridge To Cross
11) Sand And Snow
12) Self Portrait

"Looking back on the writing and recording of ‘Stormchaser,’ I have to say it couldn't have been a more amazing experience,” drummer Ben Murray says. “Rehearsing every day for two months to write this record was grueling, but rewarding in the end. Working with producer Zack Ohren was awesome as usual, and he definitely got the best performances out of all of us. Having Chuck Billy do vocals was a surreal honor, and having our friend John from the Funeral Pyre contribute his vocals was also an awesome addition. Both tracks, ‘Firehaven’ (with Chuck) and ‘Collector Part 2: Donor’ (with John) came out heavy as hell thanks to those guys."

"We also hope you guys dig the artwork by none other than Necrolord [Kristian Wåhlin] himself (At the Gates, Dissection, Emperor),” Murray continues. “This time around, we wanted him to conjure up an epic image of the idea behind the record title, which we think he nailed perfectly! Thanks again to him for hammering that out for us."

‘Stormchaser’ is the follow-up to 2006’s ‘Facing The Thousand,’ which took the band on the road Death Angel, labelmates All That Remains, the Death By Decibels tour with Vader and Malevolent Creation, HORSE the band, Edguy, Into Eternity, The Funeral Pyre and Antagonist, among others, over the course of nearly two years. Three in-studio updates from LIGHT THIS CITY’s time recording ‘Stormchaser’ are available here in three parts: part 1, part 2, part 3, while the video for “The Unwelcome Savior” from ‘Facing The Thousand’ is available here


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