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Metal Mayhem Vol1 - MetalMayhem - 2003-07-01
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Subject: Have you ever listened to the band 3.... on weed?
Posted by: by the_reverend on Sep 27,2011 8:49pm
High Hosts Exclusive 3 "High Times" Song Premiere
"THE GHOST YOU GAVE TO ME" IN STORES OCTOBER 11th ON METAL BLADE RECORDS the internet home of High Times Magazine, has teamed up with Metal Blade Records to premiere a brand new track from 3's new album The Ghost You Gave to Me. In fact High Times Magazine may have found themselves their very own theme song. Check out 3's new track "High Times" HERE.

Metal Sucks is also streaming a track from The Ghost You Gave to Me, entitled "React" Listen to it at HERE.

3 has completed work on their new album, The Ghost You Gave to Me. The album was recorded at Applehead Studios (Coheed and Cambria, Morningwood, Straylight Run) in Woodstock, NY. This is the band's sixth studio album since 1999 and is a massive step forward for the group. The 3 trademarks are intact - many musical peaks and valleys, bright and uplifting chorus's alongside dark and heavy passages powered by Gartdrumm's aggressive drumming and the acoustic/electric guitar duo of Joey Eppard and Billy Riker. The Ghost You Gave to Me is 3 at their most inspired.

Following the release of Revisions and after several tours with Porcupine Tree and an epic run on the first Progressive Nation Tour with Dream Theater, Opeth and Between the Buried and Me, 3 returned home brimming with inspiration. Joey Eppard, Billy Riker, Daniel Grimsland and The Gartdrumm immediately began creating demos of ideas that would evolve into The Ghost You Gave to Me. It wasn't long before the songs took on a life of their own. The band found themselves growing out of the standard rock compositional format into something more cinematic in nature. Joey Eppard adds: "The songs told us where to go and the instrumentation followed. We knew this record would be our most progressive but it would be on our terms, and in our own way. As always songwriting and melody are the driving forces behind the sounds capes we generate. I think the biggest challenge was to rise to the occasion lyrically with so many musical scene changes. What I found was that I had to let go and allow the words and melody to be as creative and original as the music, if not more so. In a progressive situation this can be time consuming and indeed the bulk of my efforts were focused on exceeding my own lyrical standards. For example, "Only Child," an eight minute epic that traverses a myriad of musical scenes has enough great lyrics for half a record.

The new single, Numbers can be heard now at The Ghost You Gave to Me can be pre-ordered now at the Metal Blade webstore with an exclusive t-shirt HERE and on iTunes HERE. The cover art was done by the talented Colin Marks (

The Ghost You Gave to Me track listing:
1. Sirenum Scopuli
2. React
3. Sparrow
4. High Times
5. Numbers
6. One With the Sun
7. The Ghost You Gave to Me
8. Pretty
9. Afterglow
10. It's Alive
11. Only Child
12. The Barrier

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Sep 27, 2011 - Have you ever listened to the band 3.... on weed? [ replies-discuss]
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May 15, 2006 - 3 Announces US Tour in Support of New Album ?Wake Pig? [ replies-discuss]
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