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returntothepit >> discuss >> Bob Otis (Dropdead) in motorcycle accident by the_reverend on Jul 23,2018 9:49am
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 23,2018 9:49am
Wednesday July 18th, Bob Otis, vocalist for RI hardcore/punk/powerviolence/grind band Dropdead crashed while riding his motorcycle with his girlfriend and Lolita Black bandmate Kaleigh in Providence. While driving by the Olneyville car wash in Providence RI, he attempted braking to slow down, not realizing the street in front of the car wash was coated with not just oil drips from cars, but a sheen of detergent from the cars leaving the car wash. He wiped out and rolled 25 feet down the road.

He was admitted to RI Hospital Trauma ICU with 6 broken ribs, along with multiple lacerations, bruises and road rash in a bunch of places. Fortunately he was wearing his helmet.

All pending DROPDEAD shows locally, and august dates in the UK have all just been canceled.

If you know what has been going on with Bob in the last year, this was like being kicked down in life while you're trying to get back on your feet.

In the early 2000's Bob was driving a car that was rear ended and totaled by a drunk driver. That accident pushed his knees into the dashboard and blew out his lower back. In March 2017 his back was further injured at work while assisting a client. He was unable to work from that point. In September 2017 a spot opened up for him to have a major spinal surgery to try to alleviate some of the damage and remove some of the scar tissue. From September through April of 2018 Bob spent time recovering and rehabbing from this. He was finally able to return to light duty at work in late April after 13 months out of work. Needless to say, he and Kaleigh have been living on a shoestring, and his medical bills from the spinal surgery have piled up. His bills from just having a place to live have piled up.

At this point he has at least $30,000 in bills not covered by his basic health insurance.

This doesn't include what just happened to him.

Now he will be unable to work again for an unknown amount of time, and the bills will keep coming. We're not even sure yet if the accident did any damage to his not 100% healed back surgery. That we won't know for another couple weeks.

When I went to see Bob Friday in the hospital, this friend of mine that has never asked for help like this, told me that he and Kaleigh need some help.

We have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Bob and Kay keep hanging on:

I'm setting the goal at $15,000 currently as I believe that there are a ton of people out there that care for him. All the people that love Bob in Providence, all the people we have met across the world with Dropdead over the years, all the people Bob has touched through acts of kindness... I know we have some friends out there.

Bob and Kaleigh could really use any support to help get them out of this overwhelming financial hole that they have been holding at bay for the last year. Their ability to get by has now been pushed further beyond what they can handle.

If you can help out, know that Bob and Kay won't forget.

Any questions, feel free to contact me via this campaign, or email/phone if you have it.

Working on a local benefit show in August for immediate needs. Contact me for info or if you want to be a part somehow.

Thanks everyone who've been helping out so far! You are all appreciated and loved!
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