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returntothepit >> discuss >> how to die in a fire at Burning Man by Grandmotherweb on Sep 4,2017 9:01pm
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toggletoggle post by Grandmotherweb at Sep 4,2017 9:01pm

There are several perimeters of Rangers and firefighters set up around the Man to keep runners away.

There are runners every year.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at Sep 4,2017 9:19pm
rangers and firefighters are not paid enough to deal with these retards. there needs to be a referendum to allow asshats to immolate themselves without civil servant intervention for this festival.

toggletoggle post by Grandmotherweb at Sep 4,2017 10:31pm
the rangers are not paid at all. next year, I hope they lay out a red carpet for enterprising runners.

#PeopleWannaDie #DarwinAwardsThisWay

toggletoggle post by Hasttag at Sep 5,2017 8:30pm
The fuck you HASHTAGGIN' for?

toggletoggle post by susurrate at Sep 5,2017 10:24pm
any1 in the know knows the only way to go with MA hXc is FANNY PACKIN'

toggletoggle post by Grandmotherweb at Sep 6,2017 12:08am
I am a deeply disturbed person. such are my coping skills.

here's what Aaron Joel Mitchell looks like not on fire:

toggletoggle post by Melting Snowflake at Sep 14,2017 10:49pm
Did he do it to be a meme forever?

The "runners" you call them, why call them anything other than idiotic? Why do you sympathize with suicide culture so much. What if that firefighter got hurt trying to save someone who wants to die.

toggletoggle post by grandmotherweb at Sep 15,2017 1:59am
1. I support the right to choose the hour of one's death
2. I support firefighters' right not to die due to idiots
3. Red carpets address both of those things

toggletoggle post by questioner at Sep 15,2017 1:27pm
did he died?

toggletoggle post by susurrate at Sep 15,2017 4:43pm
questioner said[orig][quote]
did he died?

yes. very painfully.

toggletoggle post by aids at Sep 15,2017 7:21pm
Close the comments think of the family.

Also firefighters duty is to rescue people, not determine their level of competency regardless of what the current situation is.

You need your vag swolled.

toggletoggle post by grandmotherweb at Sep 15,2017 7:23pm

toggletoggle post by Burning Mang at Sep 17,2017 2:30pm
One less moron for us to deal with, there should be noone blocking these retards from doing what that guy did.

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