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returntothepit >> discuss >> News from Africa thread by Lord Bat on Jun 7,2017 2:40pm
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toggletoggle post by Lord Bat at Jun 7,2017 2:40pm

Bald men in Mozambique could be targets of ritual attacks, police have warned, after the recent killing of five men for their body parts.

Two suspects have been arrested in the central district of Milange, where the killings occurred.
"The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold," said Afonso Dias, a police commander in Mozambique's central Zambezia province.

toggletoggle post by Dept of African Affairs at RTTP depts at Jun 7,2017 3:38pm
Men with hair also have been targeted by people in Nigeria.

What a world....wuta wrld

toggletoggle post by Deporterrrrr at Jun 7,2017 8:09pm
Oh quick, let's let them in the US, I'm sure they will assimilate quickly.

toggletoggle post by susurrate at Jun 7,2017 8:51pm
"The belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold"

Funniest thing I've read all day.

toggletoggle post by actual bloodsucking at Oct 20,2017 3:59pm

Police in the south-east African state of Malawi say they have arrested 140 members of lynch mobs who attacked people suspected of being vampires.
At least eight people are believed to have been killed, including two men on Thursday in the second city, Blantyre.
One was set on fire and the other stoned, according to police.
Two others were arrested for threatening to suck people's blood but police say they have no medical reports of any actual bloodsucking.

toggletoggle post by LEWCENT GREEVEZ at Oct 21,2017 11:56pm

Reports of large scale riots of bbcs all over africa have been spotted in the area where they found all the bbcs exploding huge amounts of seemans all over the place. The 700 quadrillion bbcs found in the thing that happened was partially because of some stuff that did nothing to be cool but also was very stupid. There was practice for people who were to be cooler than the african africa near the location which supported a heavily armed BBC entering the southern area of the thing.

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