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returntothepit >> discuss >> V-ORIGIN by TULKU on May 8,2017 11:30pm
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toggletoggle post by TULKU at May 8,2017 11:30pm
Dear all, Tulku will now start the official RPG campaigns revealing the true states of our origins. V-Origin wrote brief summaries intros about our existences shown above but I shalt further elaborate.

Our planet earth, named "Earth-V", exists in a Universal Existence called Existence V. Existence V's centre of being is an Australian-Singaporean Male of Chinese Origins by the name of "V-Origin" Varaibim Hau Cheong Zhang Hao. He was born 41 years ago on 13th April 1976 in Singapore and migrated to Sydney, Australia in 2003. I shalt call Varaibim Hau Cheong "V-Origin" from now onwards as this is his official title.

V-Origin is now currently locked up in a planet called "Earth-V". However, there is a separate illusionary prison-existence surrounding V-Origin wherever he travels about on Earth-V. This separate illusionary prison-existence is separate from Earth-V so if V-Origin is even kidnapped by alien invaders from anywhere outside Earth-V to be brought into other Universes and Existences, V-Origin will never know about his own capture. In the past 8 years, there are several humans who tried to attack V-Origin but V-Origin's illusionary prison-existence had largely shielded him from all attacks.

Earth-V, as the planet housing V-Origin, is of course the centre of Existence V. The leaders of Existence V is also known as Faction 13. All leaders of Faction 13 are all Hong Kong Chinese Males aged 50 years old and above. Other citizens-residents of Existence V are all citizens from first world countries on Earth-V eg Japanese, South Koreans, Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians, New Zealanders, Hongkies, Singaporeans who are all citizens-residents of Existence V.

Existence X is an Existence sitting between Existence V and Existence O. The top tiers of Existence X consist of Taiwanese citizens. The next tiers, second tiers of Existence X consist of Thailand citizens. China citizens are spread throughout Existence X and Existence O with big cities Shanghai rich citizens and Beijing rich citizens being the highest China citizens of all consisting of the third tiers of Existence X.

Tibetan Citizens, not Overseas Tibetan Citizens, reside throughout Existence O. The Highest Tiers of Existence O belong to average-ranking Tibetan Monks and Nuns.

In general, the poorer the country is on Earth V, the more likely the country's citizens reside in Existence O, regardless of which race the country's citizens are from. A Caucasian male, who is ordained as a monk in Tibet, who has given up his European Citizenships, will be deemed to be residing in Existence O. Existence X consist of countries which are average in developments, second world countries or even some third world countries. Existence V consist of all first world countries. Existence O consist of all the poorest third-world countries in this world.

More to come in my next posts.

toggletoggle post by TULKU at May 8,2017 11:31pm
V-Origin is of course, The Only Sole Ultimate Creator God of all our Existences, all our Universes, all our Worlds.

V-Origin has a retinue of 100 million East Asian Human Females Keepers-Guards since the year 1999-2000 when he is 23-24 years old. These Taiwanese/Chinese Female Keepers-Guards consist of 75 million Taiwanese females, 20 million Hong Kong Chinese females, 4 million China Chinese females and 1 million Singaporean Chinese females, all aged 30-50 years old of marriageable ages to V-Origin. Most of these Taiwanese/Chinese Female Keepers-Guards are average looking at best and not well-endowed at all. Their vital stats can be found below.


These old Taiwanese/Chinese Female Keepers-Guards have now lost all powers/all authorities and have been replaced by other new, younger, more beautiful, more well-endowed East Asian Female Keepers-Guards. Let's call these old Taiwanese/Chinese Female ex-Keepers-Guards "OLD KEEPERS" Factions and the new, younger, more beautiful, more well-endowed East Asian Female Keepers-Guards "NEW KEEPERS" Factions.

I shalt now introduce a few of the controlling members of Old Keepers.

Freya Lily Huang Ya Qing - Shanghainese female born in 1982 who also has Australian/New Zealand citizenships. PUA face rating 7-8, american breasts B-C cups. All her mental stats are average to below-average. She has a quick temper and likes to hurl vulgarities at all who piss her off. Her room is very untidy with clothes strewed everywhere.

Zhi-Nu Hsuan - Taiwanese female born in 1984 who is born in Taipei, Taiwan and migrated to Australia in 2003 from Taiwan to Sydney. She studied in UTS for her Bachelor of Accounting degree, acquired her Australia Permanent Residency in 2006, studied in UTS for masters of accounting from 2007-2009 and acquired her Australian citizenships in 2009. PUA face rating 7-8, american breasts B-C cups (small C-cups). All her mental stars are below Lily Huang's stats.

toggletoggle post by TULKU at May 8,2017 11:32pm
Goody Morning, All, Had Your Brunch Yet? I shalt continue with all the sins of Faction 13. Which are all linked to the sinners in Former Keepers.

The Chief Sinners of all Existences V, X, O are all the Buddhist Monks and Nuns of this world Earth V.
And of all the Buddhist Monks and Nuns of this world Earth V, the Tibetan Monks are the worst.
And of all the Tibetan Monks in this world Earth V, the worst of the worst factions are Tibetan Monks of the Gelugpa Traditions, followed by the Sakya Traditions, followed by the Nyingma Traditions, followed by the Karma Kagyu Traditions, followed by the Bon Traditions, followed by the Dzogchen Traditions.

All the above Tibetan Monks are all Tibetan Old Men aged 50 years old and below. The Chief Sinner of All Sinners are 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatsol himself and all his "Doubles" and all his immediate male lackeys. All of them are closet gays who refuse to admit and embrace their most hidden desires of sucking off all manner of black indian and african cocks DOGFART-BLACKS-ON-BLONDES styles.

*I am attacking them now. AGAIN!*

*Wait for a few more hours, have an early lunch, shut down all computers, store them securely and all wires, and come back with 4-2 packets of AEON sweet corn milk! HAHA!"

toggletoggle post by shutup fagget at May 8,2017 11:51pm
shutup fagget

toggletoggle post by OH SHIT MY GAWG at May 9,2017 1:44am
shutup%20fagget said[orig][quote]
shutup fagget

SHUTup faGGot.

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