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returntothepit >> discuss >> ex-farewell chapter/enclitic metal project seeking members. by deadthroughaLens on Jul 30,2004 4:57pm
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toggletoggle post by deadthroughaLens at Jul 30,2004 4:57pm
-where i left her head --we are 1 guitarist from the farewell chapter and the singer and then sung/screamed for the enclitic.+drummer.

-we are planing on doing a lot.mainly looking for a guitarist and basssist who are good.have good equipment.transportation.and have the right attitude.we are very passionate yet at the same time like to keep a light mood and have fun.we have about 3 songs so far.
--also in the future or if anyone sees this we are also looking for a keyboardist.either sex.
--we have an account on myspace..its just our name.but there is a rough recording up..its only with 1 guitar so bare with.any interest or know of anyone who might be ..please contact me-thank you.

toggletoggle post by the taste of cigarettes at Jul 31,2004 4:16pm
the idea of adding keys is atrociously lame, I've never been into keys even for poppier bands...I love pianos and keys mock them.

But holy shit if this new band sounds anything like T:E or TFC it will be BEYOND SUPER RAD. Let's not forget I have a Farewell Chapter tattoo on my middle finger. Yeah, you could say I liked that band.

toggletoggle post by nick   at Jul 31,2004 6:32pm
querencia had keys and they were awesome. the:enclitic was amazing, i cant wait to hear this.

toggletoggle post by xjoshx at Aug 1,2004 12:31am
Sunday, August 29th @ 190 Ward Street, Wallingford, CT (Wallingford American Legions)

Welcome the Plague Year (one of the best bands around; ex-joshua fit for battle, neil perry, and more)
The Assailant (touring band from Seattle, playing spastic 40 second songs)
Where I Left Her Head (new MA metal; ex-The:Enclitc, The Farewell Chapter)
Roanoke (new band from Boston; ex-The Critic, The Young Idea, Querencia, Beta Noire)
Balboa (screamy hardcore from Philly, on tour with The Assailant)
Auletta (CT dudes after a complete makeover, playing hardcore in the vein of Majority Rule)

6pm; $6

if anyone is from around the CT area, get some friends together and check out some awesome bands, including the one mentioned in this thread.

toggletoggle post by the_taste_of_cigarettes  at Aug 1,2004 1:18am
the locust has keys, too, as does dimmu borgir...

but for the most part I feel like keys are just thrown in so people will go "WHOOOOAOAOAOOAOAOAOAO THEY HAVE KEEYYYYYSYSSSSSYSYSYSYSYSY"

kinda like a cello...very few bands make that happen correctly.

toggletoggle post by xjoshx at Aug 1,2004 1:26am
querencia had keys and a cello (i think it was a cello) and they were amazing; but i agree that usually i'm not too huge on keys, but i'm interested in seeing how where i left her head will incorporate them. only time will tell!

toggletoggle post by the_taste_of_cigarettes  at Aug 1,2004 1:33am
yeah I think querencia was good but didn't make use of everything.

they played Rhode Island and Mike Conrad was the great appeal for me, but I couldn't hear the keys. It seemd like the keys and cello were there for the effect more than anything. Thumbs down.

However The Locust makes signature use of the keys, so thumbs up.

The Get-Up Kids? Thumbs down. I like them but I think James Dewees is just wankin around most of the time. However, Reggie & The Full-Effect makes good use of keys...great use actually...and it becomes, again, signature.

I think the best use of a cello in a band I've heard, so far, is Cursive. Holy shit they were good last time I saw them.

toggletoggle post by the_taste_of_cigarettes  at Aug 1,2004 1:35am
for the record, I thought I'd reiterate: I have a farewell chapter tattoo on my middle finger.

i dunnow it makes me feel cool :\

toggletoggle post by arsonick   at Aug 1,2004 2:31am
isnt where i left her head playing
with ed gein on september 6th somewhere in ct ???
cause im real interested in that...
well i play guitar but i live in Milford, CT
thats like... the south-most coast of Connecticunt

toggletoggle post by xjoshx at Aug 1,2004 12:00pm
nick, where i left her head is playing with Ed Gein on the 6th, i just need to confirm the venue, then i'll start promoting it <3

if you're still available, please come on the 29th too and bring some friends, i need ot make sure some people come out, and if you haven't heard them yet, you need to check out Welcome the Plague Year, seriously one of the loudest bands i've ever seen.

toggletoggle post by the_taste_of_cigarettes  at Aug 1,2004 1:45pm
Josh's band is real good. If anyone hasn't seen them, come see them August 14th.

Intense as hell live.

Also, i think it's key to point out how much The Polemic (josh's band) gets done with only a guitar, drums, and vocals.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Aug 1,2004 10:26pm
hey ex-farewell chapter. can't wait to buy this band's 7 inch so i can return it.

toggletoggle post by the_taste_of_cigarettes  at Aug 2,2004 12:35am
that is the most awesome quote from steven segal ever. That man can do no wrong.

in your profile, that is

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