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returntothepit >> discuss >> WINDS OF GENOCIDE's 'Usurping the Throne of Disease' Album Streaming Exclusively at by the_reverend on Jan 24,2015 1:53pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 24,2015 1:53pm
WINDS OF GENOCIDE's 'Usurping the Throne of Disease' Album Streaming Exclusively at

Usurping The Throne Of Disease, the debut full-length from English Svart-Crust miscreants WINDS OF GENOCIDE is streaming in its entirety exclusively at

Sounding like a compelling quicksand of discordance, Usurping The Throne Of Disease is astonishingly focused with every war-torn riff glazed with ferocious intent. Recorded in England and Sweden with mixing duties done by legendary Dismember skinbasher Fred Estby at Gutterview Recorders (The Dagger, Bastard Priest, Morbus Chron, etc) and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering (Darkthrone, Trap Them, Poison Idea, Entrails, etc), WINDS OF GENOCIDE makes no apologies for inflicting audio-hemorrhage and a final word of warning; keep your wounds closed, for the disease is real.

Usurping The Throne Of Disease is set for North American release on January 26 via Pulverised Records.

Order the album at

"Pulling together the fury of d-beat punk with the evil might of death metal, theirs is a sound that ticks all the right boxes and can't fail to stir the spirit of anyone with a propensity toward the grottier, gnarlier side of extreme metal and punk." - Terrorizer

"It's a death metal-meets-crust punk hellstorm of wolves and warfare that's poised to leave a big fucking crater in the middle of the current metalpunk scene." -
Formed in 2006 to unleash raw apokalyptic Death Crust upon the world, WINDS OF GENOCIDE is a 5-headed misanthropic Death Crust beast hellbent on creating pure fucking aural armageddon and mayhem. A hellish raw brutal mix of D-Beat / Crust Punk / Death Metal from the wasteland of North East England. Absolut county of Durham pure fucking aural Armageddon!
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Labels: Pulverised Records

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