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returntothepit >> discuss >> Locobazooka yea yea i know it's gay bla bla bla bla bla...... but! by subjugate on Jul 17,2004 10:19am
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toggletoggle post by subjugate   at Jul 17,2004 10:19am
over a HUNDRED bands, at Fitchburg Airport on September 26!
The show features these headliners:
Monster Magnet

Breaking Benjamin

Josh Todd (from Buckcherry)

PLUS-A very special WAAF HARDER FASTER stage! And more to be added!!

i think ya have to buy tickets and sell em to play and i am gonna try and see what the deal is amd how much but this could be a good thing for the metal scene in my opinion

toggletoggle post by Lynnetoolazytologin at Jul 17,2004 10:42am
harder faster plays a lot of metalcore.... i got excited for like two seconds and then remembered it will prob suck

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Jul 17,2004 11:02am
well helmet is awesome. i would love to see those guys again but not at this event. and i am weary about the new helmet shit since john strainer was one of my favorite drummers, i will have to wait and see how they are with john tempesta.

toggletoggle post by Jay TUS at Jul 17,2004 11:41am
Wow, this could be the worst one ever, unless this Harder Faster stage pans out...

toggletoggle post by subjugate   at Jul 17,2004 11:46am
i'm guessing that Kittie & Helmet would be the headliners for the harder fast stage but i could be wrong

i look at it like this, its a way to get REAL metal to a wider audence!!!

unless you all like to play to 10 to 30 people all the time

toggletoggle post by Jay TUS at Jul 17,2004 11:52am
I was only talking about the crap like Saliva, Shinedown, Dropbox, Earshot, Breaking Benjamin, blah. I wouldn't mind seeing Tantric but that's about it there, and that is stretching it as much as I can. At least in the past they had some half way decently big bands on it that were remotely worth seeing, but this is such a pile of crap.

But hey, if you can get on the show more power to you. Definitely. I'd never question anyone for wanting that kind of exposure, whether it be you getting the exposure or you exposing heavier music. Good luck with that...

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Jul 17,2004 11:52am
if people are there for those other bands they wont give a flying fuck about "real" metal. they will use that time to get food instead.

toggletoggle post by intricateprocess   at Jul 17,2004 1:11pm
helmet?what? has AAF ever played 1 of there songs? ever?

lol id love to see them, but id rather not at locobazooka. guess im gonna have to deal with all the freakin mall goths

hopefully the harder faster stage will be decent

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Jul 17,2004 1:31pm
AAF used to and still does play UNSUNG by helmet. just like they play mother by danzig, and black #2 by type o, and only by anthrax. but none of their other songs.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Jul 17,2004 2:26pm
aaf used to play "like i care", and one day i heard them playing "exactly what you wanted" once on their lost and found contest. it was great hearing people call in and not know what the song was. helmet rules and i might have to go to this just for them.

toggletoggle post by Robdeadskin  at Jul 17,2004 3:07pm
I would love to get on this!

toggletoggle post by dread_104  at Jul 17,2004 4:14pm
I wanna open for Tesla! Seriously.

toggletoggle post by SUBJUGATE   at Jul 19,2004 8:56am
i wouldn't mind playing this too but i won't buy tix to do it

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jul 19,2004 9:34am
you'd want to play a show with saliva?

toggletoggle post by SUBJUGATE   at Jul 19,2004 9:36am
sure if it can get boe into ears that normally wouldn't hear it why not

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jul 19,2004 9:41am
but it's not like saliva is metal in any way so think of how hard it would be to convert someone to liking death metal.. basically you'd be playing in front of people that go "you can't even understand what the singer is saying, why is he burping? anyone can do that!"

on a side note: if suffocation played this show, I bet people would call them sellouts and pussies.

toggletoggle post by SUBJUGATE   at Jul 19,2004 9:52am
you gotta bring the lambs to the slaughter they won't go on their own eventually they are going to get tired of the stuff they are listening to they will need a sound to turn to i plan on being there when they turn

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jul 19,2004 10:01am edited Jul 19,2004 10:02am
I'd be much more worried abuot pleasing the death metal fans, than converting pop radio rock kids. To each his own I guess.

Nu-metal kids, sure, but anything lighter is not worth the effort... some people are just not passionate about music.

toggletoggle post by SUBJUGATE   at Jul 19,2004 10:11am edited Jul 19,2004 10:13am
i only care about pleasing me and my other band members anything else is icing on the cake

you realize i have no clue what more than 1/2 those bands sound like i'd just like to play to wider audence range especially where as we hardly get and respect from people in our own style anyway

being in the right place at the right time is 75% of the battle you know

toggletoggle post by WhyamIandasshole   at Jul 19,2004 10:21am
I think the real issue here is TESLA.

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jul 19,2004 10:24am
Monster Magnet is awesome. If a local metal band plays, I'd consider buying a ticket from them to see Monster Magnet.

This thing might be worth it for some of the less extreme metal bands, Paranoid, Conifer, Ravage, Random Acts of Violence.
I am not too sure about death or grind bands though, some of these pussy kids would probably have to be eased into stuff like that through thrash, southern rock, doom or heavy metal.
Not to say those bands aren't heavy, butI think the vocals would have alot to do with it, like rusted angel pointed out 'this is dumb, you can't even understand what the hell he is saying'.

toggletoggle post by SUBJUGATE   at Jul 20,2004 7:15am
i guess it cost $6000 to play it and you get like 15min so much for even thinking about that

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