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returntothepit >> discuss >> ATTN: MySpace users by blue on Jul 15,2004 6:11pm
Add To All Your Pages!
toggletoggle post by blue  at Jul 15,2004 6:11pm
I wanna make an rk myspace, but i already used my email address (also the band address) for my own personal page. Is there any way to change my account into a band page? and change the name of the page?

toggletoggle post by tyagxgrind   at Jul 15,2004 6:13pm
go to tom the admin's profile i think their is info there

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Jul 15,2004 6:14pm
just use a fake e-mail address for the new account.....who wants all that bullshit mail anyway

toggletoggle post by moran   at Jul 15,2004 6:21pm
Yeah, just register a new hotmail account, thats what I did.

toggletoggle post by blue  at Jul 15,2004 6:49pm
ok, im all set. thanks there all you homeskillets.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Jul 15,2004 10:23pm
i'm making a ds page too using some new hotmail account. we should get a lot of the bands from this board to link up on myspace. i already have bane of existence and porphyria on my friends list.

toggletoggle post by MyDeadDoll   at Jul 16,2004 4:10am
i just got a myspace account so i can be cool like everyone else... i added BoE... if anyone cares to add me and make bad jokes about me, my link is in my little RttP profile...

toggletoggle post by Siberian at Jul 16,2004 8:00am
5 Minutes Hate has one too, feel free to add us?!? I'm going to go through at some point and find you all anyway, I think we're linked with Porphyria, BoE, RK, and some others. I don't really use it too much, just a way to connect I guess.

toggletoggle post by RustedAngel at Jul 16,2004 8:09am

toggletoggle post by Joe/NotCommon   at Jul 16,2004 8:46am
Using has definately been usefull to me.

toggletoggle post by Rich Horror at Jul 16,2004 3:10pm

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