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returntothepit >> discuss >> Need your help good women by heimdall on Jul 14,2004 2:36pm
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Need your help good women - usless poll
1I think that fat ass should shave right away
2I think he is a greasy mexican that needs to shave
3ill shave him for you
4man thats a thick beard!
5no I think its wicked thick dont shave him!
no vote

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 14,2004 2:36pm
It seems no matter how many inneundos I gave to him our guitarist still insists on not shaving.

I mean last night me an all my friends where turning on electric razors near his ears as he slept.

I always tell him it will grow thicker, faster, neater if he shaves it but still!!!!

So what I need is for people to vote so I can show him the results, and I need women to tell him because he only listens to women for such matters as his physical appearance.

take a look at this

what is he growing out all the hair is under his chin?!

save me from the curly fries of doom

toggletoggle post by swamplorddvm  at Jul 14,2004 3:19pm
Haha fuck yeah! I love the No vote option.

toggletoggle post by Josh_hates_you  at Jul 14,2004 3:24pm
the rest of the band should have a contest growing neck beards

toggletoggle post by silky  at Jul 14,2004 7:36pm
it looks like he just ate out a dust bunny. fucking pervert.

toggletoggle post by dirteecrayon  at Jul 14,2004 9:29pm
looks like pubes!!!!


toggletoggle post by succubus  at Jul 14,2004 9:31pm
i voted earlier today i'll shave him

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 15,2004 1:11pm
we were going to do it when he wqas sleeping but he has great logic and would probely try breaking something of the friend of the person who shacved him

ex:we were throwing snowballs filled with shaving cream at him so he decides to say he is going to break the window of the car of the only kid who wasnt doing it.

toggletoggle post by Mr. T at Jul 15,2004 1:22pm
i pity da foo who has to shave that

toggletoggle post by MyDeadDoll   at Jul 15,2004 1:41pm
one word: NAIR

toggletoggle post by Tom Buchanon at Jul 16,2004 11:58am
Hey! I know that boy, he always comes into my work with his mom, and gets twelve pieces of cheesecake, and like 2 dozen sticks of butter

toggletoggle post by heimdall  at Jul 16,2004 1:37pm
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, his mah is a celeberity in the band, she is the sterotypical nightgown wearing, smoking, hairy mah, much like mah fertelli in the goonies

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