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returntothepit >> discuss >> Bass and vocals, looking for band members, $18, fight him or you're a pussy, etc, etc by DestroyYouAlot on Jan 6,2014 1:36pm
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toggletoggle post by DestroyYouAlot  at Jan 6,2014 1:36pm
Bassist/vocalist, formerly of Herugrim and Darkwor, looking for band members. Influences include Kreator, Venom, Carnivore, Cro-Mags, old Megadeth, old Sepultura, military history, tabletop wargames, Ralph Bakshi and Hawkwind. Have gear and transportation to Worcester (or a space nearby). 21+, no pizza partiers or ironic fliphat hipsters, please. PM me on here or email to

toggletoggle post by Alx_Casket  at Jan 6,2014 2:05pm
Need a photographer?

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Jan 6,2014 2:19pm

toggletoggle post by RTTP DEPARTMENT OF EXPLAINING SHIT at Jan 6,2014 2:21pm
arilliusbm said[orig][quote]

Means you are out of a band member fagget.

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Jan 6,2014 2:27pm edited Jan 6,2014 2:32pm
I'm in a band?

But, no, I can vouch for Steve. Solid bass player, good knowledge of basic/standard/advanced music theory, good all around guy to have in your band.

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Jan 6,2014 2:35pm
There's only one problem, though.....

This cat farts and the band can't practice anymore.

toggletoggle post by Alx_Casket  at Jan 6,2014 2:37pm
Your farts don't even smell bad. What's the problem?

toggletoggle post by Actually at Jan 6,2014 4:31pm
Actually, I heard that Steve is a pretty shitty bass player

toggletoggle post by largefreakatzero at Jan 6,2014 4:51pm
^Pussy for not logging in to tell him he sucks.

toggletoggle post by destroyyoualot  at Jan 6,2014 6:18pm
^ Sorry, that was me.

no, wait

toggletoggle post by Necro goat nuclear death blood explosion at Jan 6,2014 6:25pm
Do you own a giant upside down cross piniata from I party and some black mascara? If so we might have a job for you. Being able to play your bass optional.

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