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returntothepit >> discuss >> RJ is actually your weird fat goth sister by RJ is actually your weird fat goth sister on Feb 14,2013 5:55pm
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toggletoggle post by RJ is actually your weird fat goth sister at Feb 14,2013 5:55pm

toggletoggle post by Spencerstool at Feb 14,2013 6:26pm
Let's all wear spandex and play duck duck goose.

toggletoggle post by KEVORD  at Feb 14,2013 7:40pm
Don't forget his band sucks.

toggletoggle post by blue  at Feb 14,2013 8:06pm
yeah but Spence said his drummer is really good but a bad songwriter. cus Spence's musical output with Bernie Taupin was phenominal

toggletoggle post by Thunderstool at Feb 14,2013 8:20pm
If they need a skin flutist, they should get in touch with HookedonMetal.

toggletoggle post by xgodzillax  at Feb 14,2013 9:53pm
RJ%20is%20actually%20your%20weird%20fat%20goth%20sister said[orig][quote]

Danny Devito..?

toggletoggle post by posbleak   at Feb 15,2013 7:42am

toggletoggle post by DYA is TURNING IT OFF AND ON AGAIN at Feb 15,2013 8:49am
Well-played, ma'am.

toggletoggle post by largefreakatzero at Feb 15,2013 9:29am
RJ%20is%20actually%20your%20weird%20fat%20goth%20sister said[orig][quote]

This one is great, so much awkwardness crammed into one photo.

I like the thing on the right with the wife beater and nail polish -- what is that?

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Feb 15,2013 9:34am
Haha what about the kid behind him

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Feb 15,2013 9:39am
the kid behind rj or ja rule creeping in behind wife beater nail polish kid?

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Feb 15,2013 9:43am
Behind wife beater. Someone should make one of those photoshops where one of their faces is copied and pasted on everyone.

toggletoggle post by funderpants at Feb 15,2013 9:45am
I think the fat kid believes he is holding invisible hairy balls in each hand, all the other kids are probably for the circus seal to start sucking so their dicks may be bro.

toggletoggle post by Islamic Fundermentalist at Feb 15,2013 12:32pm
I did not know you could order black dahlia murder logo tarps.

toggletoggle post by Theodore Ronald Owen Lionel Lewis at Feb 24,2013 6:32pm
Cool life choices.

toggletoggle post by Thomas Roll ( at Feb 24,2013 6:34pm
Are those Puerto Ricans?

toggletoggle post by Alex_Mooney_likes_this at Feb 26,2013 12:23am

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