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returntothepit >> discuss >> Touche Amore sign to deathwish inc by the_reverend on Nov 19,2010 12:59pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Nov 19,2010 12:59pm
Touche Amore are a thought provoking, passionate hardcore/punk band from Los Angeles, California.

From the first strikes of their angular yet melodic chords, it's apparent that Touche Amore have awoken something long since forgotten in the hardcore/punk genre. Within each song they build an awe inspiring musical tension while impassioned vocalist Jeremy Bolm's shouts resonate, ripe with intellectual introspection. This collective outpouring of traditional hardcore anger and emotional hardcore openness ultimately coalesces into something beautiful, vulnerable, and refreshingly real.

Shortly after their formation in late 2007, Touche Amore released their demo 7"EP on the No Sleep label. After touring the West Coast in support of that release, they recorded their debut album "...To the Beat of a Dead Horse" in early 2009. The album was co-released by the 6131 and Collect (Geoff from Thursday's vinyl only imprint) record labels, and was praised by kids and press worldwide as one of the best releases of the year. Soon after, they hit the road with a wide variety of bands including Converge, Coalesce, Thursday, Envy, Bane, and more. On the heels of these travels, Touche Amore even managed to release a number of EPs, including splits with friends La Dispute and Make Do And Mend.

Touche Amore will enter the studio this winter to record their new album, to be released on Deathwish in early 2011.

The band is on tour now in Europe, here are the remaining dates:

11/20: Merksplas, Belgium @ Jh Zig Zag
11/21: London, UK @ The Old Blue Last
11/22: Norwich, UK @ The Marquee
11/23: Manchester, UK @ Retro Bar
11/24: Basingstoke, UK @ Bang Bar
11/25: Brighton, UK @ Hydrant
11/26: Essen, Germany @ Cafe Nova
11/27: Bielefeld, Germany @ Ajz
11/28: Trier, Germany @ Ex Hause

Lastly, Touche Amore have two great new apparel designs available now in the DW Estore, check them out.
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Labels: Deathwish Inc.

toggletoggle post by Yeti at Nov 19,2010 1:03pm
bitch you need to douche a more.

toggletoggle post by Burnsy at Nov 19,2010 1:05pm
/ thread

toggletoggle post by blue  at Nov 19,2010 1:28pm
Awesome news.

toggletoggle post by Archaeon at Nov 22,2010 2:17am
I like this band a lot.

toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Nov 22,2010 1:37pm
Me too

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