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returntothepit >> discuss >> Yildun needs Guitarist and Bassist! by YildunDave on Apr 4,2010 11:29pm
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toggletoggle post by YildunDave   at Apr 4,2010 11:29pm edited Apr 4,2010 11:30pm
Technical death metal band Yildun is in need of a second guitar player and bass player.

-Have gear that doesn't suck and transportation
-Be fucking good at your instrument
-Don't be an asshole or a crackhead

We are located in Eastern Connecticut, and have a very nice practice space/home studio setup here. We have completed writing a full-length record and are currently booking spring and summer shows, but this process has been hampered by not having two integral pieces to our sound.

If you haven't heard us, check out our myspace at And our youtube channel,

If interested, please respond ASAP to

toggletoggle post by YildunDave   at Apr 7,2010 12:04am
Bumpity bump.

toggletoggle post by BigRed   at Apr 7,2010 1:06am
this site hates CT

toggletoggle post by NUB at Apr 7,2010 8:14am

toggletoggle post by corpoid_ at Apr 7,2010 8:36am
so let me reduce the equation:

what your saying is:

"hey join our band--well actually, it's OUR YOU, just shut the fuck up and learn teh super techz songs on our already completed album."

..combine that with your geographic location and you have yourself an incomplete band lineup.

toggletoggle post by YildunDave   at Apr 7,2010 10:48am
Yes, we want a guitarist to join as a full-time member to learn the songs that are already written. It is different for the bass situation, as I have held off composing bass lines for the material since that job should be done by someone with more experience on the instrument than I.

toggletoggle post by BigRed   at Apr 7,2010 10:57am
have you tried posting at Guitar Center or Daddys?

toggletoggle post by sever at Apr 7,2010 12:51pm
this band is nuts. help these dudes out!

toggletoggle post by t2daeek  at Apr 7,2010 7:52pm
15 year old drummer? interesting.
yo big red you need another band.
sorry. i'm no help you guys either. take your time and find someone... you guys are good so you'll find somebody if you keep your ears and eyes open and SHAMELESSLY SELF PROMOTE at shows. go to shows and tell people you talk to you're looking for players.

toggletoggle post by BigRed   at Apr 7,2010 8:01pm
i recently joined this band Formless as their drummer. only jammed with them once but it seems promising.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Apr 7,2010 8:24pm
so no girl guitarist?

toggletoggle post by BigRed   at Apr 7,2010 9:47pm
hm... wrong forum to post that info on...

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