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returntothepit >> discuss >> Born of Fire presents: Thu June 3rd @ O'Brien's w/ PARASITIC EXTIRPATION (cd release!) & BOARCORPSE by blue on Mar 10,2010 7:29pm
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toggletoggle post by blue  at Mar 10,2010 7:29pm edited Mar 10,2010 7:41pm

Born of Fire presents

Thursday June 3rd 2010
@ O'Brien's Pub
3 Harvard Avenue - Allston, MA
8 PM $5 21+

Parasitic Extirpation (Technical Death/Grind, 'Casketless' CD release show)
Boarcorpse (The audio equivalent of bovine decay, not a CD release show for them)

Facebook event:

toggletoggle post by Archaeon at Mar 10,2010 7:38pm
FU 21

toggletoggle post by sxealex   at Mar 10,2010 9:55pm

toggletoggle post by narkybark   at Mar 10,2010 11:29pm
7 * 3

toggletoggle post by boxxy at Mar 11,2010 4:59am
best two locals right now..

toggletoggle post by the_taste_of_cigarettes  at Mar 11,2010 5:10am
Most likely going to this

toggletoggle post by timma at Mar 11,2010 7:47am
Yeaaaaah boyeeeeee!

This show will go excellent with a side of PBR and Spike's.

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Mar 11,2010 8:13am
"the audio equivilent of bovine decay" wtf?

toggletoggle post by ouchdrummer   at Mar 11,2010 8:15am
wow, i just googled "bovine decay" and this page was the second hit. haha.

toggletoggle post by ark at Mar 11,2010 8:54am
sick show is far away

toggletoggle post by kessaris   at Mar 13,2010 3:08pm
Bore Core!!!
Boar Core!!!
Bore Corp!!!
Boar Corp!!!

toggletoggle post by aaron_michael  at Mar 14,2010 8:04am
boxxy said[orig][quote]
best two locals right now..

toggletoggle post by blue  at May 12,2010 8:25pm
under a month away!

toggletoggle post by BORNOFFIRE  at May 13,2010 1:33pm
Bumpity bump

toggletoggle post by reimroc at May 13,2010 1:35pm
wow i completely missed this thread. not anymore.

toggletoggle post by BORNOFFIRE  at May 13,2010 1:38pm
and knowing is half the battle

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