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returntothepit >> discuss >> Overkill announces Killfest 2010 tour with God Dethroned, Woe Of Tyrants by the_reverend on Dec 4,2009 4:54pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 4,2009 4:54pm
Overkill announces Killfest 2010 tour with God Dethroned, Woe Of Tyrants
NJ Thrash legends OVERKILL have announced their signature 25th Anniversary tour entitled KILLFEST 2010. The tour will span the length of the U.S., hitting spots in Canada with one final show at New York City's Nokia Theater. Support duties coming from VADER, GOD DETHRONED, WARBINGER, EVILE and WOE OF TYRANTS.

Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth says, "The road never ends, and that's a good thing kids! We've all been tearing this up for over 25 years now and still going strong. April it starts again and this time it's IRONBOUND, live and in your face, let the games begin!!!!!!!!"

WOE OF TYRANTS has just entered the studio to record their follow up to 2009's Kingdom Of Might. Once again, they're working with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Alesana, Glass Casket) at The Basement Recording in North Carolina.

Vocalist Chris Catanzaro comments on the band's plans and progress, "Wow, what a year. After releasing an album and touring with some amazing bands over the last 8 months, we've finished writing and demoing the material for our new record with plans of a Spring '10 release. We'll be entering the Basement Studios in Winston-Salem, NC to record the album with Jamie King behind the board. We're stoked to work with Jamie again and have full confidence that he'll capture the mood and severity we're going for with this new material. I'm not going to give you the cliche "this is our best stuff ever so brootal omg" line, I will just say that we're extremely excited and thankful for the opportunity to release the new stuff, and we're confident that it won't disappoint.

Our plans after the studio are just as exciting for us, as we've been fortunate enough to receive a spot on Overkill's upcoming North American 25th Anniversary tour, which also features Vader, Warbringer, God Dethroned, and Evile. We're fans of all of these bands and could not be more stoked to have the pleasure of hanging with them for a month doing what we love! Do not miss this show. Thanks to those of you who are interested enough to read about what we're doing, expect many studio updates over the next month…Much love!"

God Dethroned is continuing their campaign to promote what is being heralded as their finest work to date, Passiondale. The World War I epic concept album continues to earn praise from press and fans alike and anyone who doubt God Dethroned's prowess is bound to be convinced by their live set on this tour!

“…God Dethroned have stepped up both their savagery (see the grinding “Behind Enemy Lines”) and sense of melody (the well-placed singing in the middle of “No Survivors”), making for a delicate balancing act that results in some wonderfully indelicate metal.” Revolver Magazine

“Passiondale is a compact, precise, and immensely rewarding listen, essentially a barbed collection of riffs that you'll most likely find yourself humming afterward.”

“After 18 years and eight albums, Dutch death metallers God Dethroned have managed to piece together their masterwork.”

“Few bands create concept albums with the depth and vision of God Dethroned.”

“PASSIONDALE is a history lesson with a soundtrack from hell…this is full on bombs exploding, limbs flying, flesh stripped on barbed wire tyranny, set to double bass blast beats and raging guitars. Add this to the growing list of must-hear releases of 2009 and buy this immediately.”

OVERKILL's KILLFEST 2010 25th Anniversary
Tour w/ Overkill, Vader, Warbringer, Evile, WOE OF TYRANTS
04/01 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero
04/02 Worcester, MA The Palladium
04/03 Hartford, CT Webster Hall
04/04 Quebec City, QC Imperial de Quebec no Woe Of Tyrants
04/05 Montreal, QC FouFounes no Woe Of Tyrants
04/06 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theater no Woe Of Tyrants
04/07 Cincinnati, OH Bogarts
04/08 Detroit, MI Blondies
04/09 Chicago, IL The Metro
04/10 Milwaukee, WI The Rave
04/11 Minneapolis, MN Station 4
04/13 Denver, CO Gothic Theatre
04/15 Vancouver, BC Red Room no Woe Of Tyrants
04/16 Seattle, WA El Corazon
04/17 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
04/18 San Francisco, CA The Grand Ballroom
04/19 Las Vegas, NV House of Blues
04/20 Los Angeles, CA House of Blues
04/21 San Diego, CA House of Blues
04/22 Phoenix, AZ O.K.'s
04/23 Tucson, AZ The Rock
04/24 Farmington, NM Gators
04/25 Tulsa, OK Marquee
04/26 Austin, TX Emu's
04/27 Houston, TX Scout Bar
04/28 Dallas, TX Trees
04/29 Louisville, KY Headliners Music Hall
04/30 Springfield, VA Jaxx
05/01 New York City, NY Nokia Theater Times Square
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God Dethroned,

Woe Of Tyrants

toggletoggle post by bloblovesmusic at Dec 4,2009 5:00pm

toggletoggle post by demondave at Dec 4,2009 8:08pm

I got a leak of the new Overkill album 'Ironbound'. I think its great. Peter Tägtgren got a good sound and its got more thrash than the last album.

It's cool that Overkill have no problem with playing with death metal bands.

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