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returntothepit >> discuss >> Neuraxis parts ways with drummer and bassist, seeks replacements. by the_reverend on Jul 9,2009 5:28pm
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 9,2009 5:28pm
Neuraxis parts ways with drummer and bassist, seeks replacements.
Montreal's Neuraxis have announced they are parting ways with drummer Tommy Mckinnon and bassist Yan Thiel.
Guitarist Rob Milley comments: "The time has come again for us to refresh the Neuraxis family as we are now seeking a new drummer and bassist. Nothing really juicy to tell. For Tommy, his priorities began to differ from ours while on the road until it became clear to us that he was no longer enjoying the touring lifestyle. He wishes to go back to school to complete his education. As for Yan its just been a case of him deciding to further his working career and he can no longer dedicate himself to the band. This has been going on for many years now and its time for us to have a full-time bassist on board. Both of them will continue playing in other musical projects. We thank our metal brothers for all the good times we had together and wish them the best for the future. Tommy and Yan will be fulfilling all our summer shows already booked ending  with a fitting show in Montreal at the Club Soda on Sept 11th 2009.
With that being said, we are excited to get some new blood in the band. For those interested in auditioning for the drummer and bassist positions , visit our myspace page, to learn the following 3 songs: 'Dreaming the End,' 'Darkness Prevails' and 'Clarity' and make sure to read all the requirements before getting in touch with us. We ask you to video tape yourself playing these songs, add it to your Youtube page and send us the link by Myspace. Include 'Drummer' or 'Bassist' audition in the subject."
Upcoming Neuraxis Summer shows:
Jul. - 24  St-Thomas, ON @ Chaos Music festival- Brunswick Tavern
Jul. - 25  Whitby, ON @ The Wing Shack
Jul. - 26  Toronto, ON @ The Poor Alexander Theatre
Aug. - 29  Providence, RI @ New England Death Fest- Jerky's
Sep. - 11  Montreal, QC @ Club Soda
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