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returntothepit >> discuss >> ED REPKA'S artwork for the new RAVAGE album revealed... by daahmetalguuuuuy on Jul 8,2009 5:51pm
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toggletoggle post by daahmetalguuuuuy at Jul 8,2009 5:51pm

Boston Massachusetts metalers RAVAGE are ready to unleash their Metal Blade Records debut, The End of Tomorrow on August 18th 2009. Artwork was handled by the famed artist Ed Repka who is known best for his Megadeth covers as well as cover art for Death, Municipal Waste, Toxic Holocaust, and Austrian Death Machine. The End of Tomorrow seamlessly intertwines the sounds of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, late 80's American Thrash Metal and late 90's European power metal to showcase the band's signature style. The album is sure to be enjoyed by metal maniacs young and old as it blends the soaring vocal and guitar melodies of Iron Maiden and Helloween with the raw power of thrashers like Testament and Kreator, presented in a crisply modern production-style courtesy of producer Peter Rutcho.

Here's what vocalist Al Ravage has to say; "This album has been a very, very long time in the making and we'd like to thank Metal Blade for giving traditional, no-bullshit, American heavy metal a chance again. Also thanks to Peter Rutcho for his great production work on the album (giving new life and freshness to a classic sound), and Ed Repka (for inviting you all to share a glimpse into Ravage's corner of the singularly demented alternate reality he has created with mere brush strokes). 'The End' is finally near! Get ready to Ravage and we'll see you on tour this fall."

The End of Tomorrow track listing:
1. The Halls of Madness
2. Reign Fall
3. Freedom Fighter
4. Damn Nation
5. The Shredder
6. Into The Shackles
7. In Shattered Dreams
8. The Nightmare's Hold: Part 1
9. Nightcrawler
10. The Nightmare's Hold: Part 2
11. Grapes of Wrath
12. The End of Tomorrow

The End of Tomorrow is only the beginning for RAVAGE, who are only in their mid-20's, despite having played together for over 10 years! Expect to see RAVAGE's Metal Blade debut, The End of Tomorrow, to drop August 18th with touring leading up to and throughout the release of the album.

RAVAGE Tour dates:
AUG 2nd Mexico, ME - The Mexico Metalfest w/ Psychostick, Ripfence and more
AUG 7th - NY Buffalo - Club Diablo w/ Herod
AUG 8th - PA - Pittsburgh - TBA
AUG 9th - OH - Cincinatti - TBA
AUG 10th - OH - Cleveland Now That's Class
AUG 11th - Fort Wayne IN - TBA
AUG 12th - Canton OH - Sadie Renee's w/ Mortifier, For Glory & Empire and 3S0
AUG 13th - MO St. Louis at The Library
AUG 15th - MO - KC Power Fest w/ Seventh Calling
AUG 17th - KY - Louisville - TBA
AUG 18th - NC - Raleigh - Volume 11 w/ Seventh Calling, and Hellrazor
AUG 20th - PA - Allentown - The Rock Room at The Sterling Hotel w/ Seventh Calling
AUG 21st - NJ - Clifton at Dingbatz w/ Seventh Calling
AUG 22nd MA - Everett w/ Faith Factor and Seventh Calling
AUG 23rd QC - Montreal at Club Chaos
AUG 24th ON - Ottawa - TBA
AUG 25th ON -Toronto at The Reverb w/ Skullfist and Unleash The Archers
AUG 26th WI - Madison - TBA
AUG 27th ND Fargo at The Nestor Tavern
AUG 28th MB - Brandon at The North Hill Inn
Aug 29th MB - Winnipeg - TBA
AUG 30th MN - Minneapolis - TBA
AUG 31st WI - Milwaukee - TBA
SEP - 1st- Chicago IL Doug's Rock House Chicago IL
SEP - 2nd - ON - Windsor - TBA
SEP - 3rd - ON - Hamilton Club Absinthe
SEP - 4th - CT - Legends Rock Bar
SEP - 5th - RI - Providence - TBA
SEP - 6th CT - The Webster Theater w/ Doro Pesch
SEP - 6th - MA - Worcester - CD RELEASE PARTY
SEP - 8th - NY - New York City - TBA
SEP - 11th - FL - TBA
SEP - 12th - FL - TBA
SEP - 17th - SC - Spartanburg at Ground Zero w/ A Lower Deep
SEP -18th - GA - Marietta - The Local
SEP -19th - AL - Huntsville at The Benchwarmer w/ A Lower Deep
SEP - 20th - LA - New Orleans - TBA
SEP - 21st - TX - College Station The Stafford - Metal Mondays
SEP - 22nd - TX - Austin Red 7
SEP - 23rd - TX - Waco - TBA
SEP - 24th - TX - Fort Worth at Rock Star Sports Bar
SEP - 25th - TX - Lubbock Whisky Dix w/ Self Hatred
SEP - 26th - AZ - Mesa U.B.'s Bar Rattlehead
SEP - 27th - CA - Los Angeles - TBA
SEP - 28th - CA - San Diego - TBA
SEP - 29th - CA - Bakersfield - TBA
SEP - 30th - CA - Fresno - TBA
OCT - 1st - CA - San Jose The Voodoo Lounge w/ Kylesa
OCT - 2nd - CA - Sacramento at The Kennel Club
OCT - 3rd - OR - Medford - TBA
OCT - 4th - WA - Seattle at El Corazon w/ Stratovarius
OCT - 5th - WA - Tacoma - TBA
OCT - 6th - ID - Payette at The Sundance Saloon
OCT - 7th - ID - Boise at Gusto's
OCT - 8th - UT - Salt Lake City - TBA
OCT - 9th - NV - Las Vegas at Yayos w/ Malus Rex
OCT - 17th - NJ - Iron and Steel Festival at Hanger 84 Vineland NJ w/ Ross The Boss, Faith Factor and more
OCT - 22nd - NY - New York City Metal Blade Presents The CMJ Music Fest
OCT - 23rd - Marietta GA Pathfinder Metalfest at The Local
OCT 31st - OH - All Hallow's Eve Metalfest at The Historic Majestic Theater in Chillicothe
RAVAGE - US Speed/ Power/ Heavy/ Thrash Metal

toggletoggle post by rbss at Jul 8,2009 5:55pm

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at Jul 8,2009 6:22pm
wow, epic tour there!

toggletoggle post by MarkFuckingRichards  at Jul 8,2009 6:22pm
That is fucking awesome. Ed Repka is the man.

toggletoggle post by boblovesmusic   at Jul 8,2009 7:17pm
and that art is awesome!

toggletoggle post by arilliusbm  at Jul 8,2009 7:26pm
wow, that's a long fucking tour

toggletoggle post by MASlayer at Jul 8,2009 8:19pm
congrats guys!

toggletoggle post by metalguy at Jul 8,2009 8:39pm
this should be the shiznat

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 8,2009 10:03pm
forgot to post this earlier.

toggletoggle post by MetalThursday  at Jul 8,2009 11:20pm

The CD release show will be at Ralph's on Sept 6th - Labor Day weekend. Got a sick lineup for that one, will be announced soon.

toggletoggle post by I_am_not_me   at Jul 9,2009 1:11am
Fucking sweeeeeet!

toggletoggle post by AUTOPSY_666   at Jul 9,2009 1:25am
Good luck surviving that tour!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jul 9,2009 2:24am
yeah, that tour is a monster.

toggletoggle post by PatMeebles at Jul 9,2009 3:23am
That guy on the album looks like he's laughing or faith healing. I can't tell.

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Jul 9,2009 8:30am
awesome artwork, dudes!

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