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returntothepit >> discuss >> December 1, 2002 - the wage of sin in CT by the_reverend on Dec 2,2002 2:27am
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Dec 1, 2002 VFW (Waterbury, CT)
a_thousand_falling_skies - 2002-12-01
A Thousand Falling Skies(44)
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dark_day_dawning - 2002-12-01
Dark Day Dawning(42)
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dying_in_sin - 2002-12-01
Dying In Sin(56)
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envelope - 2002-12-01
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life_in_your_way - 2002-12-01
Life In Your Way(45)
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the_wage_of_sin - 2002-12-01
The Wage Of Sin(72)
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til_the_death - 2002-12-01
Til The Death(18)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 2,2002 2:27am
Just back after a 4 hour drive there (damn holiday traffic) and a 3 hour drive back.
working on the pictures.
check back shrotly.
BPC represent.

toggletoggle post by Succubus  at Dec 2,2002 3:05am
yes it was a blast! Ride back was interesting Now hurry up and finish those pics! I'm tired ZZzzzzz

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 2,2002 3:30am
pictures are up from tonight's show.
the wage of sin, a thousand falling skies, dark day dawning, dying in sin, envelope, life in your way, and to the death.
check out the pictures.
see joe from black and blue on drums for envelope.

toggletoggle post by skip  at Dec 2,2002 4:30am
i love finding out about rad shows like 2 hours after they've ended. escpecially when i only live 20 minutes away and sat on my ass all night. fuck

toggletoggle post by Succubus  at Dec 2,2002 1:45pm should regularly check out this page...and that won't happen again...better yet, make it your default page

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 2,2002 2:03pm
hah! skip, I was wondering why you weren't there.
or EricOfDeath or anyone from Northern CT. I did see the kids from the failsafe device there. They rocked out bury-your-dead style. Let's all go to and see what people said about the "to the death" one song set.

It's also weird. Weird that kids that live within an hour all leave before the wage of sin. Yet, I've got a 3 hour drive and I stay till the bloody end. Then they miss an amazing wage's set.

toggletoggle post by doug in fits at Dec 2,2002 2:12pm
what! No way am I missing the real show.
GnR is playing.
who can miss that.
go there, bring the mosh.

toggletoggle post by bitterlowz at Dec 2,2002 4:46pm
thanks to everyone who came out to the show..check out envelope's website and mp3's at

the show last night with our new drummer Joe was only his 3rd time playing with i apologize for any screw ups..i think he did well tho

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 3,2002 12:49pm
oops.. the bands was til the death.
not to the death or bury some dead in the ground
as you may have read on

toggletoggle post by tilthedeathforever at Dec 4,2002 12:35pm
hey thanx for all publicity. we had a great time and hopefully we'll see ya soon. if ya dont like us dont watch us but from what we saw. more kids moshed it up for our one song than for some of the other bands xoxoxoxox

toggletoggle post by bitterlowz at Dec 4,2002 1:20pm
yes they did mosh more than for us..but we messed up alot so it's ok

toggletoggle post by allison at Dec 4,2002 5:32pm
thank you to everyone that came out. i was able to pay the bands pretty well because of that. also thanks for being respectful... finally my first show without a fight! thanks especially to the Rev from rttp. the pictures are amazing. take care kids.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Dec 6,2002 12:25pm
succubus put up pictures that she took:
some pretty good ones.
I hear she's got a bunch more killer ones but didn't post them

toggletoggle post by succubus  at Dec 6,2002 12:33pm
if you go to their official website, more of my pictures are there:
AND there's a link to this site HEH

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