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returntothepit >> discuss >> Local band Appreciation - Phantom Limb by the_reverend on Mar 1,2004 9:52am
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   le Reporte - Phantom Limb [officially approved] [views 43379]


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Localband Appreciation

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Feb 9, 2004 9

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Veins of Unholy Capacity - Not Common Records - 2004-04-06
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Pictures 380 pictures available -
August 13,2004 the Chopping Block (Boston, Ma)
April 11,2004 Middle East (Cambridge, MA)
March 20,2004 the Chopping Block (Boston, Ma)
March 19,2004 Club Fuel (Lowell, MA)
February 09,2004 Live in the WUNH Studios (Durham, NH)
November 09,2003 Middle East (Cambridge, Ma)
November 01,2003 O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
October 03,2003 O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
August 10,2003 Sputnix (Salem, Ma)
June 06,2003 O'Briens Pub (Allston, Ma)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 1,2004 9:52am edited Mar 1,2004 9:57am
yep, time for another one of these. this time, it's all about the band phantom limb.

I originally saw them 6/6/03 @ o'brien's pub. when they were discribed to me, I didn't know what to expect... I mean death metal with JUST a guitarist and drummer?

sounds pretty bare to me. oh how I was wrong. I gather this was on of their first shows, but ryan (guitar) and kamil (drums) came out with something that was awesome. They perfectly blend raw death metal, At the gates riffs, and their own stile.

they started in fall 2001 with just Ryan and Kamil. at some point, they added a bassplayer for a little while which didn't work out so they came back in 2003 as the original 2-piece. In 2003, they played a ton of shows, got signed to not common records, and started the negotiations with their bass player, kevin, who came in in 2004.

I believe this was his debut on the return to the pit show. They came in and laid down one of the best sounding rttp sessions yet on 2/9/2004.

what more will 2004 hold for this band? well, in april, their full length CD is set to come out. they are also activily looking for a 2nd guitar player. It will be odd to hear them with someone else playing guitar. it's like with bane of existence, you can't believe that one guitar fills in that much space.

toggletoggle post by subjugate   at Mar 1,2004 2:53pm
phantom limb fucking kick ass

the end

toggletoggle post by SmallBrownRatFuck   at Mar 1,2004 4:02pm
Fuckin' right. All of you fuckers need to come out to Lowell on March 19th and see us with The Network, Random Acts of Violence and Bane of Existence (its the Sick as Sin preparty show on Friday). If you don't, I'll come by where you live and stain all your underwear with my feces.

toggletoggle post by BornSoVile   at Mar 1,2004 5:37pm
Fucking A. Black Iris Rising!!!!

toggletoggle post by subjugate   at Mar 1,2004 7:36pm
Bane of Existence sucks fuck them

toggletoggle post by Phantos   at Mar 1,2004 8:28pm
PL = good stuff.

toggletoggle post by dunwich  at Mar 1,2004 9:32pm
Glad to hear that they got a bass player.

toggletoggle post by sarah rk at Aug 24,2004 4:50pm
i love phantom limb

toggletoggle post by lady_czerach  at Aug 24,2004 5:32pm
i love them more.

toggletoggle post by RichHorror  at Aug 24,2004 5:56pm
Phantom Limb blows The Phantom Limbs out of the water.

toggletoggle post by pessimist nli at Aug 24,2004 6:07pm
Phantom Limb blows

Phantom Vagina, thats where its at

toggletoggle post by nel at Aug 25,2004 12:07am
The first time I can recollect seeing Phantom Limb play was at All-Asia with Ascendancy. I may have seen them prior to that, but I was probably too drunk to realize it was them, or to realize where I was, or to realize who I was hitting on. Anywayz, I was very impressed and am looking forward to playing a show with them again. Scorpian bowl McCracken?

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