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returntothepit >> discuss >> I left Leukorrhea... by samYam on Oct 1,2008 5:05pm
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toggletoggle post by samYam at Oct 1,2008 5:05pm edited Oct 1,2008 5:06pm
...It was a tough decision, but a few days ago I told Mike that I can no longer make the commitment to the band.

I was recently hired at a job that, in theory, I should be able to stay with until retirement and will provide for my family well until then. My father also recently had multiple cancers removed from his liver, and while he made it through, the recovery process will be long and the fight won't be easy. On top of that, I have taken in my nephew Max who unfortunately has Spectrum Autism Disorder. His mom couldn't get her shit together enough and it was either DSS take him or my wife and I.

So I've got more than a ton on my plate right now, and I felt like I wasn't really doing what I needed to help the band with all the new material they have. Which in case you haven't heard, is absolutely crushing. You will all be impressed with the new material they've been working on, it's the same Leukorrhea sound, just kicked up multiple notches. I really wish I had the time to be a part of this new record, but I can't.
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toggletoggle post by DrewBlood@Work at Oct 1,2008 7:00pm
jeez, i'm sorry to hear that but i wish you the best of luck to you and your family

toggletoggle post by timma at Oct 1,2008 8:15pm
Man...they're dropping like flies!

Seriously though...good luck man.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 1,2008 8:18pm
that sucks.

toggletoggle post by IllinoisEnemaBradness at Oct 1,2008 8:19pm
i don't know you or your band, but you sir are a man amongst men, good luck

toggletoggle post by samYam at Oct 1,2008 8:26pm
thanks guys!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Oct 1,2008 8:57pm
brad is right but it still sucks.

toggletoggle post by SkinSandwich at Oct 1,2008 9:06pm
tough decision. My son has autism and his cunt mother ditched him years ago. Raising him by myself. It takes all of my time and every last ounce of energy, but is worth it. Good luck, and good for you and your wife stepping up to the plate.

toggletoggle post by tynsle  at Oct 3,2008 7:37am
sorry to hear this
will the band be getting a 'refill' for your place? or just call it quits?

i wish you all the best!

toggletoggle post by Mess at Oct 3,2008 7:57am
yeah, that sucks you got a GREAT job and had to quit a band *sarcasm*
but i did enjoy Leukorrhea. good luck out there.

toggletoggle post by RustyPS  at Oct 3,2008 8:26am
IllinoisEnemaBradness said[orig][quote]
i don't know you or your band, but you sir are a man amongst men, good luck

toggletoggle post by samYam at Oct 3,2008 4:18pm
I believe they will be trying to fill the spot, they have a whole album written so it would be a shame if they don't (and the tunes kick some serious ass).

Thanks everyone for the words of encouragement!

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Oct 3,2008 9:22pm
good luck with your dad and nephew and enjoy the new job

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