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returntothepit >> discuss >> Fuck yeah! New band artwork appreciation thread by goatcatalyst on Jul 26,2008 4:21am
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toggletoggle post by goatcatalyst   at Jul 26,2008 4:21am
I dunno if you other band dudes can relate, but does anyone else get really fucking siked on new artwork?

Christophe Spazjdel just did this bad motherfucker up for us and I've never been so stoked (fuck you, I had a subscription to Thrasher when I was 9) on a piece of artwork for any of my bands ever.

I think it really embodies the aesthetic we're going for.

Any of you guys get fired up over particular pieces of artwork for your bands?

toggletoggle post by Kadooganglia at Jul 26,2008 10:44am
I practically shat all over myself when I first saw all the stuff Livoti did for Abhorred, so I definitely see where you're comin from.

toggletoggle post by GodlessRob at Jul 26,2008 10:49am
Yea, I agree. Getting new band artwork, especially if it is everything you envisioned is awesome. Brandon (Bass - Descent) does all the artwork for the band and the t-shirt design is beyond fucking killer. It's everything I have ever wanted in a shirt!

toggletoggle post by Corpus_Colostomy at Jul 26,2008 10:54am
when there is congruous interplay bewteen your music and your aesthetic, you make the message of 'Milton's humanist' all the more pervasive. WIN.

toggletoggle post by GodlessRob at Jul 26,2008 10:54am
BTW goat, that artwork is killer. I really like it alot.

toggletoggle post by Martins   at Jul 26,2008 12:20pm
That logo is disgusting. I like that a lot. Is it going to stay in the pencil shade or is it getting all digitizizizied?

And fuck yes I love getting new artwork.

MFR did some fine work on our cover, I must say.

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