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returntothepit >> discuss >> Kid I went to school with goes psycho, tries to jump out plane by i_am_lazy on Jul 22,2008 1:21am
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toggletoggle post by i_am_lazy at Jul 22,2008 1:21am

Plane streaker is Hudson jock
By Laura Crimaldi
Sunday, July 20, 2008 - Updated 1d 11h ago
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The distraught passenger who was subdued by New England Revolution executives after he allegedly stripped naked and tried to open an emergency door Friday on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles is a Hudson resident and former high school football standout, the Herald has learned.

A top state law enforcement official confirmed to the Herald yesterday that Justin L. Sones, 22, was at the center of the bizzare drama that forced American Airlines [AMR] Flight 725 to divert to Oklahoma City.

Sones, who was not publicly identified by federal investigators or Oklahoma City police, remained in an undisclosed crisis center in the Oklahoma City area last night, said Special Agent Gary R. Johnson, a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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“We certainly had the choice to arrest him and take him into custody and put him in jail. For his own sake and his own safety, we felt that this was the best course of action,” said Johnson.

Oklahoma City police took custody of Sones when he arrived at the airport after he was taken down by Revolution general manager Craig Tornberg, goalie coach Gwynne Williams, Vice President for Player Personnel Mike Burns and a non-Revolution-affiliated passenger.

Sones will be held at the mental-health facility for at least 72 hours while FBI investigators decide whether to charge him with a crime, Johnson said.

The drama unfolded around 2 p.m. Friday as the Revs traveled to the West Coast for a game today against Chivas USA as part of the SuperLiga tournament.

In Hudson, Sones played varsity football for the Hawks, snagging the Jason Gould Memorial Football Scholarship upon his graduation in 2004, according to local newspaper coverage.

After a Herald reporter visited Sones’ Hudson home yesterday, his brother, Brandon, telephoned to ask the media to stay away. He said he could not comment on his brother’s situation without consulting with his parents.

A law enforcement source said Sones has had run-ins with Hudson police in the past. In August 2006, he was allegedly belligerent during an arrest booking on charges of operating under the influence of liquor and driving to endanger, the source said.

Informed of his former player’s in-flight troubles, Hudson football coach Dan McAnespie said he did not know what would prompt the outburst from Sones. “He was a nice kid as far as I knew,” said McAnespie. “It’s kind of a shame that something like that happened.”
Dave Wedge contributed to this report.

toggletoggle post by xmikex at Jul 22,2008 8:18am
God forbid we lose the New England Revolution.

toggletoggle post by c.DeAd at Jul 22,2008 11:40am
You best not hope he be your cousin or YOU RAT FUCK might have something to say about that!

toggletoggle post by dreadkill  at Jul 22,2008 11:44am
i read about this the other day. what a crazy dude.

toggletoggle post by xanonymousx at Jul 22,2008 11:51am
So is this dude on the Rev's or what?

toggletoggle post by aril at Jul 22,2008 12:05pm
scan your yearbook with this kid in it

toggletoggle post by i_am_lazy at Jul 26,2008 1:45am
If I can hunt down my yearbook...and a scanner...haha.

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