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returntothepit >> discuss >> WORCESTER SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2008 by the_reverend on Jun 27,2008 4:33pm
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Jun 27, 2008 the Palladium (Worcester, MA)
aborted - 2008-06-27
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born_of_osiris - 2008-06-27
Born Of Osiris(77)
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cryptopsy - 2008-06-27
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despised_icon - 2008-06-27
Despised Icon(159)
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kataklysm - 2008-06-27
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psycroptic - 2008-06-27
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randomshots - 2008-06-27
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the_black_dahlia_murder - 2008-06-27
The Black Dahlia Murder(142)
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the_faceless - 2008-06-27
The Faceless(113)
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vader - 2008-06-27
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whitechapel - 2008-06-27
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 4:33pm
white chapel: 4-4:25
psycroptis: 4:40-5:05
born of osiris: 5:20-5:45
aborted: 6-6:30
despised icon: 6:40-7:10
faceless, the: 7:25-7:55
cryptopsy: 8:10-8:40
vader: 8:55-9:25
kataklysm: 9:40-10:10
black dahlia murder, the: 10:30-11:30

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 5:06pm
Whitechapel: they has some problems with the bass or something right off the bat. Once they figured that deal out, they got back into the bree of things. For 4pm on a friday, the crowd was amazingly full for them. I had rushed in at the last minute, late as the day is long.

psycroptic: if I had to rate the awesomeness of the band based solely on hair. That singer would drag them down to a sub par rating in my made up system. Now if they had the guitars turned up just a touch more it would have rated height just based on the fact that they slayed. On of those bands that can just sit on the merrits of really good musicianship.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 5:44pm
born of osiris: they were pretty good. They had more energy the last time I saw them, but the crowd surfed a bunch. I still haven't heard cds or anything. they seemed to race off the stage and give aborted a little more set up time.

toggletoggle post by uOpt at Jun 27,2008 5:48pm
Sorry, what day is this?

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 5:49pm
it's happening right now. aborted is about to go on

toggletoggle post by uOpt at Jun 27,2008 5:54pm
Oh. I guess I slept through this one :-(


toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 6:24pm
aborted: since the last time I saw them, this is basically a brand new band. I think every member changed except the singer and a guitarist. The singer of whitechapel came out and sang their last song with them. The earlier they played was goremagedon.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 7:14pm
despised icon: it seemed that aborted hurried off the stage too, giving DI a lot more time to get ready on the stage. With the addition of max on bass permanently, their claimes of being from montreal are slipping. I really can wait for the next CD they are working on. Despisediconatory. The crowd was pretty non-stop for the entire set. Well, that's not completely true, but true enough. Twice they deluged over the barricade to the complete dismay of the bouncers. The sound here is excellent today. Not painfully loud at all. Basically every member on stage had an "oh, hi" moment when they saw me. They sent a song out to scott lee and then alex gave the crowd a glowing endorsement to go to rttp. In my head a cheer went up like I just made the winning touchdown at the superbowl. I was on the phone with presedent bill clinton at the time. Ok,so there was only a little cheer. They pretty much killed it. 1/2 way through the show and their set was headline worth.

toggletoggle post by Joshtruction   at Jun 27,2008 7:37pm
I had a feeling they were going to be one of the best bands of the night.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 27,2008 8:50pm
faceless, the: they were actually better than the nile tour. The singer looked totally different, right? The drummer was awesome.
Sidenote: I walked outside and told the guitarist how much better they were this time around and he said it's probably cause their old singer is back. I win!

cryptopsy: As terrible and shitty I thought they were going to be... They were were excellent. They came out to a sample of some computer nerd talking about how cryptopsy ruined death metal. Immediately noticed that there was no keyboard player present and the only change in the line up from the last show was the singer. No deathcore, no giant janco pants. No hats with fake dreds on them. Nothing to do with clowns. I really had expect a completely different band with eyeliner, swooped hair, "homosexual" pants, and just flo on the drums. Yeah, the new singer going to take some getting used to and the new CD is garbage, but feeling the drums for slit your guts, cold hate, and phobophobia ruled.

Never underestimate the power of free things. I pulled together a bunch of stickers and went outside to give them to some peeps. Pause for a second and im passing them out to all these people in the front who "love return to the pit". Only to then ask "so is there any place I can find these pictures?" ha!

toggletoggle post by BSV at Jun 27,2008 10:06pm
i'm home now, i fucking hate the heat and drinking just makes it worse. cryptopsy was a pleasent surprise.

toggletoggle post by blue  at Jun 28,2008 12:53am
got there just in time for psycroptic, thank god. they played songs from all albums, even 'isle of disenchantment'!

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 28,2008 2:19am
finally home, working on pictures.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 28,2008 2:29am
the pictures of the crowd are like the "where's elliot".
I could give you a hint about who he is.

toggletoggle post by blue  at Jun 28,2008 2:32am

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 28,2008 3:02am
I would agree with you, but out of the whole audience, he's the only one staring at me doing a cat claw or something. I love seeing him at shows.

toggletoggle post by AfterWorldObliteration   at Jun 28,2008 10:55am

Look at elliot in this.

toggletoggle post by archaeon at Jun 28,2008 11:13am

toggletoggle post by RevoBass at Jun 28,2008 1:19pm
Hahahaa that picture of Eliot is so fucking funny

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jun 28,2008 1:24pm
that's what I said! He's the diversity

toggletoggle post by Dave_Maggot   at Jun 28,2008 1:29pm

toggletoggle post by Joshtruction   at Jun 28,2008 2:59pm
thats a you gonna get raped picture if I ever seen one!

toggletoggle post by Snake Plisskin at Jun 28,2008 6:52pm

toggletoggle post by Joshtruction   at Jun 28,2008 6:54pm
Hey, is that Snake Plisskin?!?!

toggletoggle post by blue  at Jun 28,2008 9:00pm
hah, the relevance to this is .....?

toggletoggle post by metalandy31 at Jun 29,2008 4:20pm
i feel bad for whoever plays after despised icon. they just destroy everytime they play.

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