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returntothepit >> discuss >> Soilwork, Throwdown, War of Ages, Hypersolid tonight upstairs at the palladium by the_reverend on Mar 15,2008 1:36pm
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Mar 15, 2008 the Palladium (Worcester, MA)
hypersolid - 2008-03-15
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randomshots - 2008-03-15
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soilwork - 2008-03-15
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throwdown - 2008-03-15
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war_of_ages - 2008-03-15
War of Ages(143)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 15,2008 1:36pm
7pm doors... for soiling work... oh how the mighty have fallen.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 15,2008 4:01pm
ha! I'm leaving for this in an hour or so.

toggletoggle post by W3 nli at Mar 15,2008 4:19pm
the_reverend said[orig][quote]
ha! I'm leaving for this in an hour or so.

im sorry

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 15,2008 8:14pm
hypersolid: always an interesting band to see live even if I don't care for everything the play on stage. They disappear for a few years from the shows that I go to and then pop back up with some newer songs. The singer still sounds like nevermore which add to the progressiveness of a loot of them. I think they got a newer guitarist... And possibly a few less breakdowns.

toggletoggle post by Hungtableed at Mar 15,2008 8:22pm
Old Soilwork is fucking awesome. Anything after A Predator's Portrait (which pales in comparison to Steelbath Suicide and The Chainheart Machine) sucks fat sweaty dick.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 15,2008 8:57pm
yeah, but nbc is my radio hit favorite.

toggletoggle post by Hungtableed at Mar 15,2008 9:04pm
NBC had a few tolerable songs, but when it came down to it I have to admit that I was really just trying to like it.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 15,2008 10:08pm
the problem with it is that those vocals are to catchy. it's one of those CDs like presidents of the united states of america (or other late-90's one hit wonders) that you get the songs struck in your head after one listen too. no metalhead short of a metal version of rain man hears whisper supremacy once/for the first time and gets it stuck in their head, but the first time you heard NBC, you undoubtedly could rock out most of the lyrics on your second listen.

War of Ages: they were excellent. Basically the whole reason that I wanted to go. I missed their small show in danville due to drinking imported mexican water called "la revengo de mexico". Im sure the danville was better. The crowd was young and into it, but not the thugged out kick-flippers and moshit dojoers who would have flooded the stage in NH. Before starting one of their last songs, they did the typical "believe in jesus" thing, but jesus... If I had the same experiences that they did in thosoe brief bios the singer gave... Maybe I would be a good christian soul too. And I probably wouldn't have just taken our lord and saviours name in vain. seeing them live was very much worth it. their new songs incorporate even more metal, but don't go over noodley tech like every other band out there.

soilwork: I was really surprised. For a band that has released 3 albums of nu-metal, competing with in flames on who will sell out faster, they don't play the songs the way they are laid down on the CDs. All of the newer track that they played sounded like they would fit some place wedged between predator's and NBC. The last time I shot them was at the tsongas arena or something big like that. The time before that was either the palladium downstairs or greatwoods. The was an amazing age difference in the crowd. This is the sort of line up where a 15 yo comes for throwdown and their 40yo parent comes for soilwork. That's goo for the parents who always hate driving/picking up the kiddies. Now they got something to do! They didn't played anything pre-NBC... Wow.. That's shocking. Unless it was when I was out of the room. No needle feast or shadowchild. That was a let down. The also only played 2 songs froom NBC.

toggletoggle post by yummy at Mar 15,2008 10:24pm
"I was really surprised. They didn't played anything pre-NBC... Wow.. That's shocking."
I didn't find NBC catchy. NBC was the let down. First 2 times I saw them they were good. Every time after has got progressively worse than the first.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Mar 16,2008 1:14am

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