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returntothepit >> discuss >> Local band Appreciation - x with honor x by the_reverend on Jan 12,2004 12:35pm
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   le Reporte - With Honor [officially approved] [views 60792]


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Pictures 1108 pictures available -
January 12,2008 the Palladium (Worcester, MA)
September 10,2005 the Palladium - secondstage (Worcester, Ma)
April 22,2005 the Palladium - second stage (Worcester, Ma)
March 05,2005 ICC Church (Allston, Ma)
July 23,2004 Hellfest - Dinosaur Stage (Elizabeth, NJ)
April 30,2004 the Palladium - second stage (Worcester, MA)
February 17,2004 Axis (Boston, Ma)
January 03,2004 The Palladium (Worcester, MA)
December 31,2003 Club Therapy (Olnyville, RI)
December 20,2003 The Rochambeau Club (Biddeford, Maine)
November 12,2003 the Bombshelter (Manchester, NH)
July 27,2003 The Palladium (Worcester, MA)
July 20,2003 Fat Cat's (Springfield, Ma)
July 08,2003 ICC Church (Allston, Ma)
May 28,2003 VFW (Kingston, NH)
May 16,2003 The Palladium - second stage (Worcester, MA)
December 13,2002 American Legion (Orange, CT)
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toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 12,2004 12:35pm
ok, I've been slacking on this.
today's band: with honor
I know they are getting huge and all, but I figure I will give them this honor cause they deserver it.

Back in late 2002, I saw a band doing one of their first show in the american legion on Orange CT.

In my opinion, they were waaaaaaaaaay hyped as ex-just about every band in CT since they really sounded like none of those bands. But I didn't really get a good feeling for their music, I'm guessing the sound system there didn't do them much honor since in later shows, they were simply on point with their whole set.
Anyhow, kids moshed it up for them back then (and they still continue today).

a few months later, I aw them at the NEHMF, on a excellent sounding system. it was great. they came off so positive and everyone was just having a good time. Even better was the palladium team neele benifest were they were put up on the main stage of the palladium. I thought they weren't going to be able to pull it off, seeing as it's hard for bands that rely on getting the audience involved to be 15 feet away from them and still include them. I had seen the red chord fail at this a while before (man-o-war show), but with honor pulled it off and played excellently.

it was around this time that they released their 4-song ep on stillborn records (CT). This cd was great, an awesome introduction for people to their music.
they played a bunch of shows around this time that I cought (ICC, fat cats, bombshelter, etc... )

each one getting better and better. They were, at this point, working on their first full length to record it in sept 2003. they took a month off to get the record down.

but it wasn't too long before they were back out again, tour with tons of amazing bands.

playing many of the new sonds that they recorded for the new cd. I think a lot of the "finger in the air" sing-alongers need to get the new cd. I see them all piling up and singing along with the tracks on the cd-ep, but not really knowing the new songs yet.

2004 definitely holds a lot for their band, after ~1 year in existence as a whole, they will see their new CD (Heart Means Everything on Stillborn records) doing well, plus almost non-stop touring with bands like Most Precious blood, sworn enemy, as i lay dying, himsa, shai halud, and probably a spots at NEMHF 2004. Anything else, well.. I guess we'll wait and see.

toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Jan 12,2004 1:17pm
I was never impressed with this band. It just seems to me like generic youth crew-ish hardcore with half assed metalcore breakdowns like they were trying to cash in on the whole youth crew trend but were too afraid to stray from cheap breakdowns.

and i'm being polite.

toggletoggle post by umm_ok at Jan 12,2004 1:32pm
I dunno but this is an appreciation thread, so only reply if you like them IMHO, no offense.

toggletoggle post by derekx at Jan 12,2004 2:14pm
they are tight, energetic, and hold two of the raddest guitarist i have seen locally for their age. and they are edge. i back them fully. great people too. their resoning for starting this band is aweosme too. i suggest everybody check out their website and read the band bio.


toggletoggle post by XmikeX at Jan 12,2004 2:49pm
umm_ok said:
I dunno but this is an appreciation thread, so only reply if you like them IMHO, no offense.

this is still a messageboard. messageboards exist only for shittalking. this band is doing awesome for themselves right now and im thrilled to see a local band making it. but i just don't get this band. and if i didn't say something dumb....well then who would?

a real american hero,

toggletoggle post by heartless   at Jan 12,2004 2:55pm
and lets not forgot the three bands With Honor arose from:

Life in your War (ehhh), A Heart Fades Forever (wasnt too hot with the vocals), and Hamartia (i liked)

you think if none of the band members came from past bands that had semi-big appearences in the local scene, with honor would be noticed, recognized, and cherished as quickly?

i dunno it just doesnt seem as amazing as everyone makes it out to be, but that's my opinion. decent band, but i cant speak on behalf of everyone else.

toggletoggle post by the_reverend   at Jan 12,2004 4:14pm
anyone can bitch about a band if they don't like them.
mike uses that right all the time and usually brings up tons of valid points. I knew when I made this that he would reply with that.
and given the lip his paid some other bands, his review above is very generous.
Know he'll like the one tomorrow... feel the foreshadowing....

I think w/h are excelent live, such a fun band with a great atmosphere to them. they play youth-crew-ish posi-hardcore which isn't the most tech thing, but it's not suppose to be, it's suppose to be fun. hell, it's hard to constantly jump up and down in the air while playing technical stuff.

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